Guide to Smok RPM 5 80W Pod System Starter Kit

Guide to Smok RPM 5 80W Pod System Starter Kit

A vape pod mod starter kit is a type of electronic cigarette that is designed to be compact and portable. It typically consists of a small device that contains a rechargeable battery and a replaceable cartridge filled with e-liquid. The product heats the e-juice, turning it into a vapor that the user can inhale. They are popular because they are easy to use and require very little maintenance, which is what the majority of vapers want from their puff maker.

If you're in the market for a new, high-quality pod system starter kit, you should definitely consider the Smok RPM 5 80W. It has quickly become a popular choice among vapers due to its impressive performance and sleek design. It is a top-of-the-line starter kit that is sure to meet the needs of even the most discerning vapers. With its wide range of features, it's a great choice for anyone looking to upgrade their vaping experience and find out why this product is among the best-selling ones at the moment.

In the following text, we will explain the innovative specifications of this kit and why it is essential for you to try it out. It is truly game-changing and it will be a valuable companion on your vaping journey.


Impeccable Design You Will Adore 


In terms of design, the Smok RPM 5 80W pod system starter kit is definitely a head-turner. It's available in a range of stylish finishes, including black leather, prism rainbow, and matte gun metal, which is our personal favorite. No matter which one you choose, you can trust that you'll be getting a high-quality, visually appealing device that can keep you company at all times.

One of the benefits of this product is that it is super simple to learn how to use it. It is a great choice even for those who have never used a similar gadget before. It is also a good option for people who want to stop smoking but still want to consume nicotine regularly and enjoy some well-balanced hits from time to time. But, it is suitable for experienced vapers as well. This member of the Smok family is made with high-quality materials and is perfect for vaping on the go. It is created using zinc-alloy chassis construction, so even if you accidentally drop it, it won't break.


Game-Changing Specifications 


One of the standout features of the Smok RPM 5 80W is its large, 2000mAh battery. This allows for constant vaping without the need for frequent charging. But, when the time for charging comes, you can do that by using the USB type-C cable that is included in the packaging. Make sure to use this one all the time, since some others can damage the battery. The device also has a power output range of 5W to 80W, giving you plenty of control over the way you vape. Two adjustment buttons are also featured to help you have a unique and customized experience. But, the button you will use the most is an intuitive firing button that is created to activate the gear and initiate the heating of the coil, and it is designed to be easy to use and responsive. It is an important feature of many devices because it allows consumers to easily and accurately control the gadget.

This product also boasts a wide range of safety features, including low voltage protection, short circuit protection, and 8s cut-off protection. They will ensure that you can vape with peace of mind, knowing that your device is secure to use and carry around. On the TFT display screen, you can see all the information about the way you vape, which is very helpful.  

When it comes to the pods, you need to know that the one included in this item can store 6.5ml of e-juice. So, you can pick the liquid you like best, and have some high-quality and delicious puffs at all times. Pods are refillable and whenever it is time to change them and use a new one, you can find top-notch replacement pods only at ApVapeShop. The pod has a magnetic attachment, making it effortless to refill when it becomes empty. Simply pour a few drops, and you are all good to go.


Premium Coils for Best-Tasting Puffs 


Great vaping doesn’t exist without even greater coils. They are a crucial element in a device, and their quality is essential for satisfactory vapor production. The Smok RPM 5 80W is equipped with advanced mesh coils that provide excellent vapor and full flavor. They have a larger surface area than traditional coils, which allows them to heat more evenly and consistently. This results in better flavor and vapor production. In addition, mesh coils tend to have a longer lifespan than traditional ones because they are less prone to burning out. They also have a lower resistance, which allows for a more efficient transfer of power and results in stronger inhalation.

It is very important to change your coils regularly, so it is always the best idea to have a few waiting to be put into action. Therefore, make sure to buy replacement coils that come in the pack of 5 on time, and always have some when you need them the most.


Make Your Order Today 


It is essential to get your vaping devices and e-juices from reputable, certified online stores to ensure you are getting high-quality, genuine products. ApVapeShop is a reliable option that offers a wide selection of products, so anytime you are ready to try out the newest Smok RPM 5 80W pod system starter kit, make sure to visit this store and see everything it has to offer.

You will receive your order on short notice, and inside the packaging, you will find 1 RPM device, 1 RPM 5 pod, 1 0.15ohm RPM 3 mesh coil, 1 0.23ohm RPM 3 mesh coil, 1 type-C charging cable, and a user manual where you can find all the additional information you may require. 

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