Guide to Vaporesso Gen 80s Mod Starter Kit

Guide to Vaporesso Gen 80s Mod Starter Kit

More than 2 million people vape only in the USA, and each one of them is constantly looking for a new spectacular device that will award them with a first-class vaping experience. Because so many products are being released almost daily, it can be very challenging to find a device that can meet all your needs and that will provide some tasteful vapor. Some of them are really great while so many are on the bad side. And because we don’t want you to waste your money on some not-so-great products, we are always giving our best to find some superb vape gadgets and present them to you.

One of them is without any doubt one of the newest Vaporesso family members, Gen 80s mod starter kit, that we have been testing for a while. And now, we can claim that it is a device that you need to try out. It performs well, it looks even better, and so far, we cannot say any bad things about it.

So, today we are here to give you a detailed guide to this puff producer, and if you ended up liking what you read, we strongly advise you to visit ApVapeShop and buy it. That is how you will be able to find out firsthand why this item is one of the best-selling ones on the market, and see why so many vapers are loving it.


Unique and Appealing Design 

If you are tired of seeing the same design over and over again, and you are ready to spend your money on a device that has quite a unique appearance, then this starter kit is all you need. It is made to fit the palm of your hand impeccably, and thanks to the round mouthpiece, enjoying some well-balanced hits will be very easy.

It is made out of a strong zinc alloy, which makes it very durable. So, even if you drop it accidentally, that won't be a problem. Most importantly, the Vaporesso Gen 80s mod starter kit is portable, so you can have it by your side at all times. We are not huge fans of bulky devices that take out a lot of space, but luckily this product you can simply put into your bag or pocket and satisfy your nicotine craving whenever you want.

When making your order you can choose between 6 elegant colors, so no matter what your likings are, you will definitely find the one that suits your style perfectly. Available colors are aurora green, sunset glow, midnight blue, dark black, light silver, and matte gray. Each one is eye-catching, and it would be a true pleasure to have this device by your side.


Customize the Way You Vape 

Vaporesso Gen 80s vape mod starter kit has some of the best specifications we have come across recently, and thanks to them, you can have a completely customized vaping experience. So, in case you have been using maybe only disposables until now, and you are ready to step up your vaping game, this device is perfect for you.

It is made using an innovative turbo airflow and liquid self-cleaning system, which will help you make as much vapor as you prefer. Also, it delivers plenty of performance, and the output range is between 5 and 80W, while the resistance range is between 0.03 and 5.0ohm.

On the device, you will find two adjustment buttons and one mode button. They are very easy to use, so even though you have never used this type of gadget before, you will not have a problem getting used to it for sure. There is also a TFT color display screen, which will make your vaping easier, and on it, you will see all the information you need.

Of course, this starter kit has a rechargeable battery, so anytime you see that the battery is slowly dying, make sure to use a type-C USB charging cable and bring it back to life. Bear in mind that the charger is included in the packaging, so make sure to always use it. In case you use some other charger, you can damage your device since not all cables will fit all devices.

We need to say that the battery that is being featured is a high-amp 18650 one, but it is not included in the packaging. Luckily, you can easily buy it and continue with your one-of-a-kind vaping journey.

The Best Tank on the Market 

We are fully aware that tanks are one of the most important components of each vaping device, and that is why are impressed to see that this one had one of the best tanks we have ever seen. It has a threaded 510 connection, and a 24.5mm diameter.

Its capacity is 5ml, so inside you can store your favorite e-liquid and thrill your taste buds with high-quality puffs all day long. The tank has stainless steel construction, which makes it very resistant, and it features a sliding top fill system as well.

Overall, all these specifications will make your vaping incredible, and we are sure that once you try out this device, you will not have a need to replace it anytime soon. Thanks to superb coils, it will last for a very long time, and you will taste some flavorful puffs whose intensity will always be the same.


Superb Offer 

When you order the Vaporesso Gen 80s vape mod starter kit, you will receive everything you need for a great vaping adventure. In the package, you will receive a Gen 80s mod, 5ml ITank, 0.2ohm GTi mesh coil, 0.4 GTi mesh coil, one extra glass tube, 3 0-ring, type-C charging cable, user manual, and also a warranty card.

In order to make sure you are buying only high-quality and original devices, you need to choose a certificate vape store as your reliable ally. Our favorite vape store is ApVapeShop, so whenever you are ready to add this item to your cart, go ahead and visit it. There you can find only devices of popular brands, but also many replacement parts you may need along the way.
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