Heylo 800 Puff Zero Nicotine Disposable Vape Review

Heylo 800 Puff Zero Nicotine Disposable Vape Review

We can all feel nice weather sneaking up on us, and that can mean only one thing! New disposable devices are coming up our way! This is the season of new releases, and some of them make us very excited. Without any doubt, one of the devices we cannot wait to try out is the Heylo 800 puff zero nicotine disposable vape, which has come out fresh from the oven of one of the most reputable brands on the market.

What makes Heylo so special is the fact that their devices employ premium ingredients in the production of their highly sought-after nicotine-free disposables. So, in case you are on the hunt for a product that will deliver some outstanding puffs but without a nicotine intake, look no further. This disposable is everything you need and more!

We are sure that you would like to find out more about this item, and that is why we have prepared an in-depth review you will find very useful. So, don’t go anywhere, and get ready to find out what makes Heylo 800 puff one of the most-wanted products on the market right now.


New Way Of Vaping 


The majority of disposables available for purchase are made using nicotine, and until recently, finding an alternative wasn’t very easy. Sure, we all want to experience a nicotine kick from time to time, but what comes when we want to stay away from this substance once and for all? Do we need to say goodbye to vaping forever?

Thanks to Heylo, that doesn’t have to be the case. With their new release, we can have a completely guilt-free vaping experience and still satisfy our craving for some delicious hits any time we want. The new era of the way we vape has finally begun, and we are here for it!

After years of experimentation and adopting a new comprehensive flavor methodology, Heyla was created in Los Angeles. These disposable vaping devices are capable of holding up to 800 puffs and are specifically designed to heat botanical extracts at the optimal temperature for a superior vaping experience. With various blends to choose from, this disposable is incredibly user-friendly. Simply remove it from the packaging, inhale for two seconds, and enjoy. This item provides a better alternative to help individuals break free from their old nicotine addiction.

Heylo employs 10% guarana extract, derived from a plant indigenous to the Amazon basin in Brazil, as a substitute for nicotine. So, if you want to improve the way you vape, you need to try out this gadget.


Super Compact Device  


If you're searching for a convenient and delightful vaping adventure, Heyla 800 puff is an excellent choice. Its compact and sleek design allows for easy portability, and its disposable feature means you don't have to worry about refilling it. You can simply dispose of it when it's empty and easily replace it with a new one. Whether you're new to vaping or an experienced user, this is an ideal option to consider.

The compact size of this device enables effortless portability in your pocket or purse, enabling you to enjoy divine hits anywhere. Its appealing design is complemented by exceptional performance, making it an ideal fusion of aesthetics and functionality.


Unmatched All-Day Vaping Experience With Exceptional Features


For those seeking a device that delivers full-day vaping without compromising flavor potency or causing throat discomfort, Heylo 800 puff is an excellent option. It is made using a 560mAh built-in battery that doesn’t require any charging. So, there is nothing to stress about when using this disposable. 

It stores 3,2ml of high-quality zero-nicotine vape juice. Therefore, as soon as you use every single drop, and enjoy every single hit, you can move on to another disposable, and with each new purchase, you can try out a new aroma. 


Premium Selection of Flavors 


Speaking of aromas, we need to inform you that when ordering your Heylo device, you will have the privilege of choosing from 9 unique ones, designed to meet the needs of even the most demanding vapers.

Of course, we had to try them all, and we have to grade all of them with a straight A. We are sure that no matter what your preferences are, you will be able to find at least one flavor that will excite your taste buds with each draw.

The first option available for you is called Black Cherry, and it is exceptional. It is a rich and indulgent blend of sweet and slightly tangy cherry notes. It offers a smooth and satisfying vaping journey with a subtle undertone of earthy tones. The flavor profile is well-balanced, not too overpowering, and leaves a pleasant aftertaste in the mouth.

Another of our favorite fruit-based choice is Mango Lime. It is a super refreshing and exotic combination that combines the sweet and juicy taste of ripe mangoes with a zesty lime flavor. It offers a perfect balance of tropical sweetness and citrusy tartness that invigorates the taste buds. If this is not for you, opt for Coconut Lime. 

But, if you want something additionally refreshing, you need to test out Watermelon Mint. The sweetness of the watermelon is balanced by the coolness of the mint, creating an appealing aroma. Peppermint is the ultimate choice for people who want to stay cool from the first to the last inhale, and we really enjoy using it. Lychee Aloe Mint is also at your disposal.

If you want to get out of your comfort zone and give a puff to a completely original aroma, Yuzu Mandarin and Blackberry Hibiscus are a way to go. 

As always, ApVapeShop offers exclusive devices that are rare finds. Heylo 800 puff disposable vape device will change the way you vape forever, and we are sure that once you experience the first puff, you will always like to have this disposable as a part of your collection. So, go ahead, make your order today, and step into the new and improved world of vaping!
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