HEYLO Disposable Vape - All the Power of This Nicotine Free E-Cigarette

HEYLO Disposable Vape - All the Power of This Nicotine Free E-Cigarette

If you are fighting a nicotine addiction and come out as a winner, you did an incredible job. The task itself is not easy and requires perpetual discipline and focus, but there are certain routines that may help you. 


One of those is HEYLO disposable vape with 0% nicotine. Tobacco smoking includes the set of actions that your body remembers so well that it begins to do it automatically. Each draw is perceived as a reward for your brain, so once you stop providing it with it, frustration is inevitable. With HEYLO’s nicotine-free disposables you get the same pleasurable experience but without smell, ash, tar, and most importantly, an addictive cycle that seems to control you. In other words, you are in charge, and taking that draw was solely your decision.


Besides the fact that this can be a truly empowering moment, it is also amazingly delicious! HEYLO disposable vapes are widely recognized for their intense and full flavor which is enhanced by a guarana extract. Without the alkaloidal additive that nicotine naturally contains, the taste itself is in the spotlight and therefore much cleaner and concrete. If you consider cutting nicotine out of your life, we will present you with legitimate reasons to start your journey with a nicotine-free HEYLO disposable vape. 


Natural Ingredients for The Refined Vaping Experience


You always wanted to try a plant-powered and vegan formula disposable vape? HEYLO made it happen. How did they do it?


It all started with selecting one of the most beneficial plants for the base of the e-liquid – guarana. Born in Amazonia and used for hundreds of years for various medical purposes, this mighty berry’s seed extract is the main component of each HEYLO’s disposable vape. It helps stimulate circulation, maintain overall gut health, reduce stress, and can boost your energy level throughout the day. Guarana is a friendly plant, to say at least. 


So, what HEYLO did is pre-filling each vape with 3.2ml of guarana extract which is then carefully blended with other regular vaping ingredients – vegetable glycerin, propylene glycol, flavors, fruits, and other plants’ extract. The result is a vegan-friendly, gluten and nicotine-free portable vape that supports your healthy and active lifestyle.


HEYLO Disposable Vape Appearance and Performances


The device itself is super lightweight and compact, so you can easily carry it wherever you go, just like with any other disposable. Small, sleek, and with a slightly narrowing mouthpiece to fit your lips perfectly, HEYLO took care to provide a simple and fine vaping experience for you. The matte finish and non-slippery plastic coverage will keep the device in your palm without a strong grip. 


If you are concerned about whether you’ll get all the puffs you need, you don’t have to worry since you’ll get approximately 800 of those with a single vape. The device is supported by a 560mAh pre-charged battery which will keep the dense vapor and intense flavor until the pod is empty. All you have to do next is pick another exciting flavor, take a draw and enjoy. 


Does Nicotine Removal Enhance or Decrease the Flavor?


Possibly one of the main concerns of those who want to switch to nicotine-free disposables is the potency of flavor and the draw kick. Since the HEYLO took us all to the unique and revolutionary vaping adventure, they developed special technology which heats the blend at a specific and stable temperature to avoid compromising the taste. Instead, the flavor is even more enhanced thanks to the additive-free ingredients where each of them can freely travel through your mouth. 


A lot of people say that they are able to finally feel the taste once they quit smoking, and you’ll definitely get the same sensation with these HEYLO disposable vapes. Even though we are all constantly seeking that throat kick, remember how unpleasant the coughs can be when you take an utterly strong draw? Well, nicotine-free disposable vapes will spare from that too. Nicotine is somewhat responsible for throat irritation, so removing it from the vape juice will let you take that powerful sip carefreely. 


Finally, The HEYLO’s Exquisite Flavor Palette 


We’ll give our best to describe the actual taste of HEYLO’s nicotine-free disposable vapes, but we strongly suggest you try all of them by yourself and see what’s all the fuss about. 


There are 7 different original flavors and the best one to start with is Watermelon+Mint. Juicy and refreshing with the minty non-overwhelming aftertaste has been their hottest sale for some time now. Delicate Strawberry+Lavender will soothe you instantly, while the intense Blackberry+Hibiscus is going to wake you up with a vivid aroma. The last pick which can’t be overseen is certainly Yuzu+Mandarin which is perfect for the summer with its electrifying citrus burst. 

We at AP vape shop guarantee the authenticity of all of our HEYLO products, offer the best prices in the market and promise a fast delivery. Furthermore, you can give us a call today for more information and valuable vaping suggestions.

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