How to Charge Your E-Cig Battery Fast?

How to Charge Your E-Cig Battery Fast?

If you have been vaping at least for a day, then you may have heard about the existence of vape batteries, one of the key features of each vaping device. They are one of those parts that make your vaping experience as tasteful as possible, so it is easy to conclude that without a properly working battery, you will be in great trouble.

Your puffs will not be satisfactory, and that is something we all want to avoid for sure. That is why you must know something more about vape batteries, why they are as important as they are, what is their main role, but also how to charge them fast at any moment.

As always, we will try to keep this lesson quite simple, so anyone can understand it. Our goal is to educate you about everything vape related, and for today's class, we have prepared a thorough lecture about vape batteries and their charging. So, let's jump straight into it because we are looking forward to sharing our knowledge with you.


What Are E-Cig Batteries?

Even some more experienced vapers don’t know the answer to this question, because some people just buy a device not thinking about it in more detail. Yet, we believe that everyone has to have at least basic knowledge because that can help you bring your vaping game to a completely new and improved level.

That is just one of the reasons why you need to know what vape batteries are. Simply put it, e-cig batteries are part of your devices they cannot live without. They will power the coil that will after that heat your e-liquid in order to turn it into vapor we can use. With the majority of more simple e-cigarettes, such as vape pens, vaping batteries have the automatic operation, which makes the entire process extremely simple. Yet, some more complicated vape devices, such as mods, have manual options which will allow you to customize your vaping more to your liking.

But, with automatically operated batteries, all you have to do is inhale, and a sensor will detect the rush of air, and your battery will be instantly activated, and you will be awarded some nice hits. Gadgets with these types of batteries are easy to use, and that is why they are always the best choice for people who don’t have a lot of experience with this activity. Also, the use of these products resembles most use of regular cigarettes, so in case you have just quit smoking, it would be very convenient to transfer to e-cigarettes, which will definitely help you leave the harmful habit in the past forever.


How to Charge My Vape Device?

Depending on the device you use, the way you charge it may differ. You may need to use different types of charging cables, so make sure to read your manual instruction very carefully. Also, some devices come with charging cables, while others don’t. In that case, you may need to use the charger you already have at home, but once again we remind you to check the specifications thoroughly, and not damage your e-cig during the process of charging.

That is how you will prolong the life of your battery, protect it from overheating, and avoid any potentially hazardous situation. Another piece of advice we have for you is not to use your phone chargers for your vape items, since they are meant to charge more powerful devices, and that is why they will give more electricity than your e-cig battery actually needs.

You can charge your e-cig battery in a few simple-to-follow steps. The first thing you need to do is to connect the cable to the plug, insert it into the power outlet located on the wall, and find the power input on your e-cig. The majority of them have led screens that will show you if the battery is being charged. Don’t forget to unplug your device once it is fully charged, because it can be harmful to it to be attached to the power without any need.


Can I Speed Up the Charging Process?

Because you use your e-cig almost all the time, it is completely logical that its battery will drain fast. Still, there are some tips and tricks you need to know, in order to prolong the life of your battery, and not have to worry about recharging it all the time.

If your device has manual options, make sure to turn it off any time you don’t use it. That is the best way to save your battery, and make sure it won't die when you least expect it. Besides that, you should never let your battery run off completely. It can ruin it along the way, and that is exactly what we try to avoid. Make sure to start charging it when there's a still little power left inside it. But, make sure not to charge it way too often, because that can also have a negative effect on it.

If your battery allows that, make sure to keep it clean. This is a very easy, but very effective way to keep your battery in life for as long as possible. If possible, try to keep your device away from direct sunlight and high temperature, since this can cause the battery to wear out faster.

The good news is that some newer devices have overcharge protection, which can be very useful, so it may not be a bad idea to opt for these types of products the next time you are buying a new e-cigarette.

Again, depending on the device you use, you may need less or more time to fully recharge the battery. In case you are a fan of pens or smaller mods, and those are your gadgets of choice, you may need between one and two hours for charging, while with some stronger devices, charging lasts between two and four hours.

So, the next time you start charging your battery make sure to follow all of these steps, which will keep your battery safe, and better working, and the charging process will be overall faster and the life of your e-cig will be long-lasting.

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