How to Clean and Maintain Your Juul Pods?

How to Clean and Maintain Your Juul Pods?

Even though Juul has made some of the most popular and high-quality vaping devices, they still need to be cleaned and maintained regularly to function properly. Juul pod systems are rechargeable and reusable, so to keep them healthy and fully operative for as long as possible, there are few easy steps to follow. 

First of all, let us explain why you should clean and maintain your Juul pods in the first place. Like with any other pod, the leaks may occur from time to time. As you may assume, once the liquid reaches the battery, multiple potential issues from simple to the most severe can easily happen at that point. Another reason includes the fact that dirt and dust particles can be magnetically drawn to the charging port which is located in the pod bottom. And let’s face it, piled-up debris didn’t bring anything good to anyone yet. Therefore, the easiest way to avoid any damages is to clean your Juuls pod regularly. 

Still, many users are confused about whether to use water or some special cleaning agent and how to even reach all the spots that require some special treatment. Stay with us for a step-by-step guide and learn this necessary routine once for all.

The Most Common Way – Dry Cleaning 

If your Juul pod is relatively new, even if you neglected it for some time, the dry cleaning will do the work. To perform this type of cleaning, all you need is a paper towel, cotton swabs, and some tweezers-like tool. 

First, you need to remove the tip of the pod and wipe up any remaining liquid that could be found in the pod slot. Then, there comes the part when you need to get rid of the build-up grime and dirt. Sometimes, you can easily see it just where the metal body meets the rubber, and even if you think there is none, you will be surprised once you’re done. You can easily clean this area with tweezers or some other narrow tool. 

The next procedure might be the most important one since it’s not rare that the Juuls pods functionality depends on it. You’ve probably noticed the small metal pins right underneath the pod, and their main role is to allow the juice to smoothly flow into the battery mechanism. It happens that excessive juice is absorbed around the pins which may cause some problems. This is where you will use the regular cotton swabs and clean the pins from any liquid

Well, that’s about it when it comes to dry cleaning and it certainly doesn’t require much time nor patience. Regardless of if you have the Juul basic kit or Juul starter kit that includes 2 pods, the cleaning procedure is the same with the usual period of 30 days between. 

Optional Alcohol Cleaning For The Experienced Users

If you didn’t perform the dry cleaning method for some time now, you may need a more thorough alcohol cleaning. To avoid any minor risks that this process carries, you should follow our advice in order to avoid any inconveniences. 

After removing the e-liquid if present, you should lightly soak a paper towel or a cotton swab in alcohol. Keep in mind that the material should be just slightly damp instead of fully soaked. Now, when cleaning the metal pins, you should avoid pressing them and instead, simply clean gently around them to collect the crammed dirt.


You don’t want to damage the device with the alcohol leaking to its internal parts, so be patient and keep it gentle when performing alcohol cleaning. Moreover, keep the Juul pod inverted during this step, so the alcohol won't move towards the slot, but the other way. In the end, you can use a paper towel to absorb anything that’s left inside the pod. 

The last step is to check whether there is any dirt in the magnetic charging area. You can quickly and softly wipe it until you notice that the dirt is gone, and the battery looks all shiny and clean. 

By Regular Juul Pod Maintenance, You Will Prolong its Longevity

It’s simple as this – keep your Juul pods clean, and you will get the most of it. You can’t really expect to have a perfectly functional device if you are not taking some care of it. And you should agree that these pods don’t require so much work. 

So, to resume – regularly performed dry cleaning will enhance your Juul vaping experience, keep in mind that alcohol cleaning must be performed with the utmost care, and always make sure that you got your new Juuls pod from a reputable and reliable dealer. Therefore, check our AP Vape Shop Juul offer here, and be awarded with continuous sales, best e-liquids, and authentic vaping products. Also, we are proud of our free same-day shipping and amazing 24/7 customer support agents that really care about our customers and are here for anything you may need.
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