How to Use Uwell Caliburn G Pod System?

How to Use Uwell Caliburn G Pod System?

The Caliburn G pod system is one of the most popular vaporizers of the Uwell brand, It is light-weight, compact, and made of quality materials, so it is obvious why vapers love it that much. Another thing that is considered as one of the advantages of this pod system is that it is an excellent choice for people who are constantly on the go because it is very pocket-friendly.

Since this is not a one-time use vaporizer, the way you activate it and maintain it is quite different than what disposable vapes require. In case that you haven’t been using the Uwell Caliburn G pod system or this type of vape in general, this article will help you better understand how to use and maintain it. 

Getting Started

So, you have received your Caliburn G pod system and it is time to activate it. All you have to do is to press the fire button five times rapidly to power the vape on or off. There is a LED light on the bottom that will glow to signalize that desired action is conducted.

While the device is active, the LED indicator shows the charge level. When your battery energy is above 60%, the light will remain green. Blue color signalizes that the battery life is between 30% and 60%. When the LED indicator becomes red, it is time to charge your device. Still, you can use it as long as the red light flashes 10 times in a row, because after that your Caliburn G pod system will shut down. 

The Charging Process

The package you receive will include a cable that you should use to charge your Uwell Caliburn G pod system via USB. If you are not sure whether you have plugged the cable properly, you should just check the light at the bottom. If it flashes slowly, that is the sign that your device is charging. When it becomes sufficiently charged, the LED indicator will stay green, and then you can unplug your vape from the charger. 

This vape device has the function of fast charging. Thanks to that, you will have a fully charged vape in about 45 minutes. 

How to Fill Your Uwell Caliburn G With E-Liquid?

You will be able to check the level of the e-juice through the window, and when you ran out of it you will need to re-fill your vape. You have probably heard that if you don’t do this properly, there may be spills and mess, but if you follow the guidelines we provide, you will have no problem at all. All you have to do is to pull the top cap off, and you will find the coil at the bottom of the pod. Then, you can sip the e-juice you prefer until it pod is filled. After that, you should simply put the cap back on, wait for five minutes to prime the coil, and then you can start vaping. 

Replacing the Caliburn G Coils

When you pull the top cap off, you will see the coil on the bottom of the pod. The coils are designed to slot in and out easily, so you shouldn’t have any problem with it. You don’t have to worry whether you placed the coil properly because you will hear the click sound and it will be standing securely in the place. Once you put the new coil in, you just have to place the top cap back on, wait for the coil to prime for about 5 minutes, and enjoy. 

Advantages of Uwell Caliburn G Pod System

This is an excellent choice for vapers who enjoy a strong throat hit. This device has a larger mouthpiece, so it may take time for the user to get used to it. It has two airflow options - tight MTL and loose MTL. The coil life is good, and the replicable coils are more affordable than the pods. 

The Uwell Caliburn G pod system is very easy to use, so you shouldn’t have any troubles with it. We hope that the information we provided above will help you better understand how it works and that it will make the maintenance of your vape much easier. 

In case that you still don’t have the powerful Caliburn G vape, we suggest you visit the AP Vape Shop. We offer original products, and you can find everything, from the pod system itself to replacement coils and a wide range of e-liquids. Once your order is completed, we will send the package to your address as soon as possible. In case that your order is over $100, we offer free shipping. You will receive the tracking number, so you can check the status of your shipment at any time. 

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