Humble 3000 Puff vs. Juice Head Bars 3000 Puffs - Differences and Similarities

Humble 3000 Puff vs. Juice Head Bars 3000 Puffs - Differences and Similarities

Both Humble and Juice Head began as premium-quality e-liquid manufacturers that gained huge popularity and recognition over a brief time. Now, it was about time for them to present us with a disposable device that supports their unique styles and includes delicious e-liquids that we all love so much. This is precisely what happened, and the result is amazing.

If you like Humble’s and Juice Head’s e-liquids, it is a great chance that you’ll feel the same way about their disposable devices. They are both designed and produced with great attention to detail and with tech specifications that can support the flavor delivery entirely, but still with the general idea that disposable devices must remain portable, compact, and easy to use. 

If you ask us, both of them surely deserve a try, but we decided to make a comparison between Humble and Juice Head's all-new disposables and hopefully help you select the one that can meet your needs. In case you wish to speak to us directly, our vaping experts at ApVapeShop are standing at your service anytime, so feel free to give us a call and get the first-hand information you require. 

Humble and Juice Head’s Design 

Humble 3000 puffs has an attractive and modern appearance that is difficult to forget, but it is still adequate for any serious vaper who doesn’t like to draw too much attention. The same rule applies for Juice Head 3000 puffs – this somewhat robust device comes in vivid colors yet it has a minimalistic design and metallic finish which gives it that fine look. Humble comes with a matte finish and unique spray-like patterns on the black surface. 

Still, it is a matter of taste which one you’ll find more attractive, but the devices are both quite convenient to hold thanks to the cylindrical shape with Humble and rounded one with Juice Head disposable. 

Humble comes with a slightly larger mouthpiece while the Juice Head has a regular one that narrows down on the edges. However, its size difference is minor, and you’ll have a comfortable mouth grip with both of the devices. 

The Differences in Tech Specifications and Functionality

Humble comes with the 1000mAh built-in battery, while the JH has a 650mAh battery, but there is a significant difference between these two when it comes to the battery – JH comes with the rechargeable one which is one of its greatest assets. 

This is not only economically friendly but also environmentally conscious as you’ll keep the disposable device functional for longer. On the other hand, the e-liquid capacity with the JH is 8ml which is more than enough to serve for a couple of days. 

Still, let’s not forget that Humble is also equipped with a potent battery and 7ml e-liquid, so the number of puffs is pretty much the same with both devices, yet it all depends on your vaping habit. In case you are a recreational vaper who likes to make bigger pauses between the puffs then you can try rechargeable JH, and if you are an active vaper who enjoys an all-day routine, Humble might be the great solution for you. 

If we compare these two devices with similar disposables, we can conclude that they are both one of the longest-lasting in the market right now since you’ll get over 3000 puffs with each. 

Mesh Coils and 50mg TFN Come with Both Editions

It is a well-known fact that mesh coils ensure better flavor and a longer life span of the device. And why is that so? A Mesh coil is actually a strip of metal with holes that create a larger interface between coil and e-liquid. The main difference between the regular and mesh coil is that with the second option you’ll get dense clouds and full flavor even with the low wattage devices like disposables. So, instead of more twisted wires placed in the coil, you have a single ribbon of metal that absorbs the heat and oil better and faster making your vaping journey more convenient. 

Both Humble and Juice Head 3000 puffs disposable vapes come with mesh coils which is one of the main reasons why their flavors are so good, consistent, and intense. 

Now, another feature that supports the exceptional flavor delivery is TFN (Tobacco-free nicotine) e-liquid. Even though it is synthetic and entirely produced in the lab, TFN has the same properties as regular nic salt e-liquid just with the one main difference – it is as pure as it gets. Also, it is odorless and tasteless which makes it an ideal basis for the given flavor. Since both devices are equipped with mesh coils and TFN, you can expect to get full flavor from both of them. Now, we can move on to the flavor selection which is possibly the most exciting section for most,  so let’s give it a go. 

Flavor Selection of Humble and Juice Head Disposable Vapes

Humble 3000 puffs come with 7 unique flavors where each has an intriguing name, while Juice Head has 9 different editions with more straightforward titles. The thing that they have in common is that the fruity blends are predominant in both cases, so you can’t go wrong with either if you like juicy and rich fruity notes. 

Whether you like tropical fruity blasts (Fruit Punch with Humble or Watermelon Lime with JH) or you adore the rich taste of mango blends (Mean Mango with Humble or Mango Strawberry with JH), you’ll find what you like with both. If we have to single out the flavor from each side, it would be crispy and mouth-watering Double Apple for JH and Blue Slushee with Humble which is a real berry-like fantasy with a minty ending. 

Still, they both deserve a chance especially since they come with a price under $15 which is more than great if you consider how much puff and overall enjoyment you get from each. Make sure to purchase your disposable devices at certified vape shops exclusively and avoid being disappointed by a defective device!

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