Hyde Edge 1500 Puffs - The Top Choice of Many Vapers

Hyde Edge 1500 Puffs - The Top Choice of Many Vapers

Hyde is one of those vaping manufacturers that never fail to impress their followers, and with the new Hype Edge, they surely managed to raise the bar. Their new disposable edition is stronger, more attractive when it comes to design, and comes with additional flavors that are one of the most unique we’ve ever tried. 

On the other hand, the new disposable device remained compact, portable, and easy to use, so you’ll get a chance to enjoy the usual disposables’ experience boosted with a few improvements that certainly bring in a little more excitement. 

Hyde has always been recognized as a vaping manufacturer that wishes to maintain originality in its distribution cycle, and we at Ap Vape Shop are always glad to promote their products as we are the ones who support this way of doing business. Therefore, if you want to read an honest review about the new Hyde Edge 1500 puffs disposable vape, we suggest you stay with us as our store’s vaping experts are always ready to share one. 

Unusual Design That Provides a Genuinely Comfortable Vaping

Even though the petite size is a desirable and popular trait when it comes to disposables, you’ve probably noticed that it often happens that the grip on such a device is slightly insecure and uncomfortable. 

Since the Hyde Edge is a disposable that could last for days, one of its best attributes is the device’s build that enables us to hold it tightly without worrying that we’ll drop it. Its cubed shape that has smooth edges and rubber finish will prevent the slip and provide an utterly soft and convenient feeling when in our hand. 

The color combinations are eye-pleasing and stylish, even though they are quite vivid and hard not to be noticed. Also, it is difficult not to say a few words on their packaging since it is done with great care and precision, so the device is fully safe for long-distance deliveries as well. 

An Updated Airflow and A Different-Looking Mouthpiece

As we said, Hyde loves to experiment with the devices’ appearance and functionality to some extent, so it is not unusual that their disposables look slightly different than the others. 

The first thing to notice when unpacking the device is the strange-looking mouthpiece. It is thicker, squarer and wider, but still fits the mouth perfectly where you don’t even have to pucker up all the way when you take that delicious draw. This is great to avoid getting more wrinkles, don’t you think? Jokes aside, you’ll love it when you try it, no doubt about that.


Hyde also upgraded their airflow technology which resulted in a much smoother and consistent inhale. Still, the kick you get is as powerful and gentle on the throat as it gets. This is what makes Hyde Edge 1500 puffs a perfect choice for vaping beginners who wish to satisfy the cravings without having a bothersome throat irritation and cough.


Stronger Battery and a Larger Tank for a Prolonged Vaping Experience

If you don’t have the slightest idea what stands behind the 1100mAh battery strength, then things become clearer when we translate it to the number of puffs which surpasses 1500. Now, if you are a or were a tobacco smoker who consumed approximately a pack a day, new Hyde edge is equally almost nice of those. This means that you can stretch out a single device’s life for over a week. Pretty economic and much healthier option, we are sure about that. 

The tank’s capacity is 6ml, and the nicotine strength in the nic slats is 5% (50mg). Since the flavor is one of the strongest assets that Hyde Edge comes with, the e-liquid is made of premium ingredients only, and this is quite apparent for those who already tried the new Hyde Edge. 

Incredibly Rich Flavor Palette of 24+ Different Options

Finally, we came to the most exciting part that all of you wish to hear more about – Hyde’s famous and renowned flavor selection.

We seem to never get enough of the one and only Cola Ice that evokes those sweet childhood memories with its nostalgic taste. A similar experience comes with the Neon Rain which comes with an utterly sweet candy-like flavor. 

For those who love a clear, consistent, and fresh menthol taste, Spearmint is certainly a good choice, while Minty O’s offers a similar hit with a subtly sweet finish. Power is the closest thing to drinking the Monster energy drink, while Energize is almost the same just with more gentle notes. 

Hyde is a master of fruity blends, and this is something that, luckily, didn’t change with their new Edge edition. Strawberry Kiwi, Peach Mango Watermelon, or Aloe Grape – whichever you select, you’ll be amazed by the overpowering rich and luscious flavors that intersect in the perfect harmony for your pleasure only. 

By now, you are probably ready to give Hyde Edge 1500 puffs a try, and we at the Ap Vape Shop are standing at your service. Order your original Hyde products now, and get them delivered to your doorstep in the shortest time possible.
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