Hyde IQ 5000 Puff Disposable Vape Device Review

Hyde IQ 5000 Puff Disposable Vape Device Review

Your current vape device is ready to go to retirement, and you are looking for a new one to keep you company? Well, as always, you have come to the right place. It is our job to keep you informed about all the latest products stepping out on the market and share with you only the creme de la creme.

So, for today’s text, we are thrilled to tell you a bit more about the device we are sure you will fall in love with. We are talking about the newest Hyde IQ 5000 puff disposable vape device, which has become the new favorite of so many vapers in such a short time.

Not only that it has some outstanding specifications we have never seen before, but it also offers an exquisite selection of flavors we are you will enjoy. So, make sure to read every single line, and find out why we strongly believe that this disposable vaping device is something you have to test out ASAP!


What A Fantastic Design!

We can lie and say that it doesn’t matter what a disposable vaping device looks like because it is not gonna stay with us forever. But, let's be honest. That is not really the case! We all want to have a nice-looking gadget by our side, because it will be with us anywhere we go.

So, with great pleasure, we have to say that when it comes to Hyde IQ 5000, we were pleasantly surprised by its innovative design. This square-shaped light weighted item comes in various gradient color options that we like. The best part of it is its super narrow and elongated mouthpiece, which makes inhalation extremely easy.

It will fit any pocket or purse flawlessly, and thanks to that, you will be able to have a puff or two any time you want.


An Extremely Useful Battery Indicator 

Unlike some other similar devices that are popping out on the market all the time, one of the things that makes the Hyde IQ 5000 different is the fact that it comes with a battery indicator. And for each vaper that is more than useful, because you will never run out of battery, and not being able to satisfy your cravings.

The revolutionary battery indicator light will let you know the battery status and inform you when is the time to put a Type C cable into action. Bear in mind that cable is not going to be included in the packaging, so feel free to use the one you already have at home.


Another Light, Another Benefit 

But, there is another super useful light that we are so thrilled about. It is the smart light that will help keep up with the e-liquid level, which is very impressive.

If the light is green you are left between 30% and 100% of e juice. The orange light indicates that the percentage is lower, between 16% and 30%. And finally, the awful red light is here to inform you that the e-liquid level is between 1% and 16%. This is very helpful because you will be able to stay away from the harsh burnt hits that none of us like. Also, know that Hyde IQ comes with an 8 ml pre-filled tank, so you don’t have to worry about creating any mess and having to deal with the demanding process of filling the tank.

Another super feature is the presence of mesh coils, which will make this device super long-lasting and better tasting. When you combine all the already mentioned features, you are left with an incredible disposable vape that for sure is ready to beat its competition because it is one of the best-selling items out there.


So Many Luscious Puffs

Don’t worry, we haven’t to forget to tell you how many puffs you will be rewarded with. But, as the name suggests, thanks to this brand new Hyde device, you will get approximately 5000 puffs, which is pretty impressive.

You can enjoy them for days and be sure that each puff will taste the same. You also don’t have to worry about experiencing any throat irritation, because it comes with 5%/50mg of tobacco-free nicotine, which is a great dose for both beginners and long-running vapers.

But that is not all. Hyde IQ 5000 has an adjustable airflow function that allows customizing the draw but also enhances the flavors of high-quality juice. So, get ready for an unforgettable vaping experience you will remember forever.


Did Someone Say Flavors?

In recent days, the manufacturers are really trying to step up their game when it comes to flavor selections, and Hyde is no different. They understand the importance of a variety of choices, so when buying this item, you can choose between 20 aromas, which is for sure an amazing number.

Today, we are going to name just of our personal favorites that make our taste buds cry with joy.

So, we will start with a few options we believe are just what you need for long summer days. These are Watermelon Chew, Peach Blueberry, Raspberry Watermelon, and Apple Peach Watermelon. The taste of each is out of this world, you just have to pick the one that is your cup of tea.

Surely, no selection is great without some super cool mint choices, and the ones we like the best are Menthol, Frozen Banana, and Blue Razz Ice. They will leave you with a super refreshing aftertaste and each new puff is going to feel like a breeze of fresh air.

If you want to be surprised and taste some one-of-a-kind aromas, don’t miss Mystery Mix and see what is the secret behind it. Overall, there is an aroma for everyone, so it won't be difficult to find the one that suits you the best, and add it to your cart.


Whenever you are ready to order your copy of Hyde IQ 5000 and see firsthand why it is so highly praised, head over to the best online shop ApVapeShop and make a purchase. You will get an original and high-quality device and continue your vaping journey completely safely.
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