Hyde IQ 5000 Puff VS. Juice Head 5000 Puff

Hyde IQ 5000 Puff VS. Juice Head 5000 Puff

We hope you are ready for another battle of two spectacular devices because we are about to tell you an in-depth review of the brand new Hyde IQ 5000 Puffs and its opponent Juice Head 5000 Puff. Both of them are equally good, but of course, there are slight differences between them that we believe you should know about.

We know how tricky it may be to encounter the high-quality device you would like to buy over and over again, so every time we find one we cannot wait to tell you about them. Today, we can brag about two of them and help you elevate your vaping game to a completely new level.

So, in case you are on the hunt for a new disposable vaping device, make sure to keep track of everything we are about to tell you. After you are done with reading, you will have not one, but two perfect options you can choose from. So, let's begin. Here are the newest Hyde and Juice additions you will definitely want to test out and see why they are becoming the best-selling gadgets on the market.


Which Device Looks Better?

Why not start this review by comparing the looks of these two devices? In one corner, we have Hyde IQ 5000, whose box shape is something that will appeal to numerous users without any doubt. It comes in different gradient color options, but most importantly, it is super compact, and that is why it can do what every great disposable vaping device is supposed to; stay by your side at all times.

It is a draw-activated item, so on it, you won't find any unnecessary buttons that can make its use more complicated. When it comes to its mouthpiece, it is super narrow and simple to use. It will fit your lips perfectly and make inhalation effortless.

At the upper part of the gadget, you can spot the elegant Hyde sigh, which makes it even more unique and for sure worth having in your purse or pocket.

In the other corner, we are presented with Juice Head 5000 puffs, which looks equally sophisticated and eye-catching. It is also boxy looking, and it features no buttons, so in case you are a beginner, this device is also an amazing starting point.

Thanks to it, you will have a hassle-free vaping experience, and you will be able to enjoy some mouthwatering puffs any time you feel like it.

So, in this category, we have to give a point to both of them, because, let's be honest, they look amazing, and having them as your companion would be a great idea.


Comparison of the Batteries Included

Batteries are for sure one of the most important features of any vaping device, so we cannot say that a product is at the top level unless it has a strong battery that will make your device last for as long as possible.

Our first contender, Hyde IQ, comes with a rechargeable battery (but know that the charger isn't included when buying it), and that will allow you to use every single drop of e-liquids. But what is even cooler about this Hyde member is that it has an innovative battery indicator. That means that this little light will let you know what your battery status is and when is the time to bring it back to life.

Juice Head has an internal 650 mAh rechargeable battery that you can charge using a Type C cable that is included in the packaging. So, with both devices you will be able to charge batteries, the only difference is that with the Hyde it is going to be easier to know when is the right time to do that.


Another Special Light!

We have to mention that Hyde IQ 5000 has another amazing feature that completely blew our minds away. On the device, you will find another tiny light indicator whose role is to show you how much e-juice is left. If the light is green, the liquid level is between 30% and 100%. If it turns orange, then the level is between 16% and 30%, and finally, the red is the most annoying one because it shows that you are left between 1% and 16% of luscious e-juice.

Sadly, Juice Head doesn’t have this option, so you will not know when your liquid is about to run off.

Based on the devices’ names, it is clear that both of them will provide you with approximately 5000 high-quality puffs you can enjoy any time you want. This number is pretty impressive for a disposable, and it makes these two items stand out from their competition.


Nicotine Levels for Everyone’s Taste

Whenever you are buying a new disposable vaping device, make sure to pay close attention to the nicotine level, and see whether the offered one is something that matches your taste perfectly.

If you decide to choose Hyde IQ 5000, you will get a device that has 5% of tobacco-free nicotine, which is an ideal dose for many vapers. With Juice Head 5000, the percentage is the same, and you can expect to have the same intensity puffs from the beginning till the end, without experiencing any throat irritation.

When it comes to tank capacity, there is a slight, but noticeable difference. Hyde IQ is packed with a pre-filled 8ml tank, while Juice Head offers a bigger 14ml tank. So, do the math, see which one has a better value for money, and click add to cart button.

What is great about both of them is that they come in a wide range of flavors, and when buying them, we can select between numerous delicious aromas. Hyde IQ offers 20 of them, while when ordering Juice Head, we have 17 equally good options. Among them, you will for sure find the one that thrills your taste buds the most and continue your vaping adventure, enjoying it to the fullest.


Of course, as always, each device we are talking about is available for you at ApVapeShop, so whenever you are ready to make a purchase, visit this online shop and treat yourself to a genuine device.
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