Introduction to Powerful Heylo Disposable Vape

Introduction to Powerful Heylo Disposable Vape

There are many studies so far that have shown that regular tobacco cigarettes contain around 7,000 chemicals, many of which are toxic. This fact made lots of us wish to quit smoking, but it is easier said than done. There are many products on the market for bringing a nicotine addiction to an end, yet none of them seems to have enough success in this steaming battle. 

But do not despair, as we might have something that can be a great smoking alternative. Let us present to you probably the healthiest choice in the vaping industry - Heylo disposable vape. Its plant-powered, au naturel flavor is made with vegan formulas and organic ingredients. It is completely inspired by nature, and the best thing is that it contains 0% of nicotine! 

Therefore, in the following lines, we will discover more information about this powerful vaping device. 

Why is Heylo Disposable Vape the Best Smoking Alternative?

First and foremost, Heylo disposable vape is a safer smoking solution than other vaporizers because it is completely nicotine-free. Instead of nicotine, it contains 10% of guava as a replacement. This vape gadget promotes an active and healthy lifestyle. Nevertheless, you will be impressed that you can enjoy the same effect as the one you get with nicotine concentration.


Nature gave us guava - a mighty Brazilian plant native to the Amazon basin, so vape experts decided to use it wisely and make it a crucial part of the Heylo vape device. Thanks to them, we can indulge in vaping without feeling guilt. When using Heylo vape, the effect of smoking is the same, there is a thick smoke cloud when exhaling, but there is no annoying cough.

Enjoy Rich Flavors 

It is hard to recommend only one taste because each one of Heylo products has a delicious aroma. In the wide spectrum of flavors, you can choose among multiple types of fruits such as Black Cherry or sweet Strawberry Lavender. If you are in the mood for refreshment, the ideal would be Watermelon Mint (it tastes like watermelon flavored chewing gum), or you can taste summer with Coconut Lime. For more unique flavors, check out the AP Vape Shop store or website and find the right one for you. 

Heylo Disposable is Practical to Use

All Heylo products require no maintenance, charging, and refiling, so you will be spared messy refills. When your Heylo’s juice and/or battery run out, simply purchase a replacement. Every Heylo pack comes pre-filled with 5%(50mg) e-juice, which is enough to keep you satisfied for the entire day. It is very easy to use and practical to store. 

Wherever you need to go, you can pack your little portable vaping device and have it on hand at any time. Here are more features - The package includes 1 Heylo device, which gets active as soon as you take the first draw. It has a 560 mAh battery and 3.2 ml of e-liquid capacity. And last but not least, Heylo provides up to 800 puffs.

Elegant Design

When you take a first look at the Heylo vape device, its sleek and modern design cannot go unnoticed. Of course, that is not the most important feature in the vaping industry, but since this gadget enables a supreme vaping experience, we must mention its sophisticated design. 

It comes in different rich colors depending on which taste it offers. Each Heylo vaporizer has a nice matte finish and a simple but effective surface. You can put your vape pen in a pocket or purse, and you are ready to go. 

If you want to quit smoking, either prefer using vaporizers or maybe want to try out something new, Heylo Disposable is the perfect product for you. It gives the same vaping enjoyment, but it is absolutely without nicotine. When you purchase products of this kind, you should make sure to buy from a trusted seller. That way, it is a guarantee that you will get the original product that will live up to the expectations. 

Whether you decide to order online or to visit a store, AP Vape Shop’s kind staff will be at your disposal. They will be happy to fill you in with all the information on products and to help you to find an adequate vaporizer for you. 

Also, bear in mind when ordering vaping products online that delivery restrictions may apply depending on the country you live in. If you are hesitant whether a package can be delivered to your address, you can consult the list of restricted countries on the website or contact us by phone or live chat and expect a swift response.

When you confirm that delivery is available in your country, you can order your package, and it will be delivered as soon as possible.

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