Is Vape Pod System a Good Choice for Beginners?

Is Vape Pod System a Good Choice for Beginners?

Even though the vaping industry is relatively new, its development is exceptionally fast. As the demands of the ever-growing vaping community are getting higher by day, the manufacturers must come up with satisfactory answers. The extensive engineering research and skill combined with the advanced technology resulted in one of the greatest achievements in the vaping world – a vape pod system. 

This portable, user-friendly, and affordable device is especially favored by new vapers. It ensures them an easy transition from tobacco to vaping thanks to the similarity and enjoyment that the process itself brings. Even though vaping mods are equally responsible for the ultimate vaping experience as are the pods, the complexity of their setting options can easily push back the vaping newbies. This is where the pod system jumps in and leaves no room for confusion and frustration with its incredibly simple instruction manual. 

How Does the Vape Pod System Operate?

POD stands for ‘’ultra-portable systems’’ and its built and design are similar to a vape pen or mod. Pod’s advantage over the vape pen is that it has a stronger battery (between 370mAh to 1500mAh) and therefore prolonged life. On the other hand, pods are considerably smaller than the mods and pens which justifies the ‘’portability’’ part. 

Each pod includes all the essential components for the undisturbed vaping experience – the cartridge with the coil, a wick, and e-juice or nicotine salts. The procedure remains the same as with pen or mod – the e-liquid housed in the pod is heated, vaporized, and delivered to you via an incorporated mouthpiece. 

Even though the pod doesn’t have as much juice capacity as the mod (up to 4.5ml of e-liquid), the process of pod change is clean, fast, and super-easy. You simply remove the empty one from the device and plug in the fresh one. 

Get to Know the Pod Types for An Easier Selection 

Even though basic vape pod systems are more than enough for a great start, pod technology evolved and produced more sophisticated and complex devices – pod mod systems and advanced pod systems. Both variants have more features and provide a higher degree of customization, but with the add-ons comes the higher price. 

On the other hand, basic pod system development delivered two separate types which are both attractive for beginners – opened and closed pod systems. As the name suggests, opened vape pods include manual refilling and pod switching which allows you to choose the nicotine strength and e-liquid you prefer. They require some maintenance like cartridge and coil replacement alongside occasional cleaning. Even though this might be fun for some, it is actually proven that for many it represents a stumbling block. 

If you fit the category, we have great news for you. Closed pod systems or disposable vaping pods are the latest inventions that require zero maintenance and upkeep. In other words, as soon the device is empty, you can throw it in the trash and reach for another one. 

Revolution In the Vaping World – Disposable Vape Pods

Disposables are one of the best ways to get introduced to vaping. The device itself is pre-filled with the nic salts which have a higher concentration of nicotine, so you can relax knowing that the cravings will be satisfied. On the other hand, each pod has an incorporated pre-charged battery which will keep the device going as long as possible. As soon as you remove the packaging, you take a draw and begin your vaping adventure. To avoid the initial frustration of you finding the adequate solution in the oversaturated market, we made sure to present you with the selection of premium devices that you can’t go wrong with.


Air Bar Lux – a strong battery of 500mAh will allow you up to 1000 draws while the increased airflow will ensure softer inhalation and a non-irritated throat. We are pretty sure you’ll find the taste you love among more than 30 different options.

Puff Bar Disposable Vape – these are a must-try and have been the hottest seller for quite some time. Intense and delicious flavors like Banana ICE or Caffe Latte, nicotine concentrations of both 20 mg and 50 mg, and pleasing appearance will most definitely do the job. They promise 300+ puffs per device. 

Pop Disposable Vape Device– possibly one of the most affordable disposables o+right one, these colorful and powerful-flavored pods will fit any pocket or purse. Perfect for busy bees. 

Heylo Vape – these are quite a unique pick since they don’t contain nicotine but the 10% guarana extract as the alternative. They support an active and healthy lifestyle. 

VGOD Stig – discrete and the smallest one on the list, VGOD Stig will let you take more than 270 draws of the incredibly hooking flavor. 

We at AP vape shop take well care of all our customers, but we must admit that beginners have special treatment. Give us a call and ask our vaping experts as many questions as you want, and we will make sure to give an adequate answer and help you enter smoothly into the vaping community. 
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