Juice Head 5000 Puff Disposable Vape Device Characteristics

Juice Head 5000 Puff Disposable Vape Device Characteristics

When we mention Juice Head, it surely rings a bell whether you’ve entered the vaping world recently or you’ve been in it for quite some time. They are primarily famous for producing premium-quality e-liquids which are adored by the vapers, but they decided to make a smart business move and present us with their disposable series. 

The first edition gained huge popularity quickly thanks to its sturdy and reliable built, attractive design, and original Juice Head flavors. Now, the second one which we are going to cover today is an upgraded version of it, in every possible way. 

We are always excited to provide you with an honest review of great disposable devices, and Juice Head 5000 puff disposable vape certainly deserves to be put in the spotlight and thoroughly analyzed. So, if you are ready to treat yourself with an ultimately innovative and powerful vaping device that will answer your high demands, you can purchase it now at our certified Ap Vape shop. In case you wish to stay with us and dive deep into its characteristics, let’s go!

Built and Tech Specs

If compared to its younger relative, the all-new Juice Head is more robust but still lightweight and easy to carry around. The grip is secure thanks to the rounded device’s body, and even though it comes in various vivid colors, the matte finish gives it a necessary touch of elegance that adult vapers are looking for. 

It comes with an internal 650mAh battery that is fully rechargeable in less than an hour, and the good news is that the type-C charger comes with the packaging which is rarely a case. Still, this is the precise reason why we all love and respect Juice Head since they know that these little things matter. 

The device is draw activated and there are no buttons included. Once the 14ml e-liquid tank is empty, you can simply throw it away in the trash and treat yourself with another amazing disposable. As its name suggests, this device will provide you with over 5000 puffs which makes it one of the longest-lasting disposable devices on the market right now. Depending on your vaping routine, it can last up to a week and even more. 

Now, this is truly an amazing achievement for the Juice Head, especially if we consider the fact that this is only their second edition. The future of the vaping industry surely looks promising with manufacturers like these, that’s a fact. 

Anti-Leak Technology and Tobacco Free Nicotine

If we consider that one of the strongest assets of Juice Head 5000 puffs disposable device is durability, having a well-developed anti-leak technology within the device is a necessity. This is precisely what Juice Head did, so you don’t have to worry whether there will be nasty spills and faulty devices that can ruin the whole experience. 

Now, you’ve probably noticed how the TFN, or Tobacco Free Nicotine became the first choice for many vaping manufacturers, and we will now explain why that’s a good move. 

When nicotine is extracted from the plants, no matter how sophisticated the process is, it is never entirely pure. Now, the synthetic one which has all the same characteristics as the natural one is entirely pure, completely odorless, and without flavor. Besides being safer, these traits make it an ideal basis for the given flavor where you can taste each taste to the maximum. 

Considering the fact that Juice Head invests in flavors greatly, going for a TFN tobacco was the best thing they could do. And now, we are moving to the part that most of you were looking forward to the most – the fascinating Juice Head’s 5000 puffs flavor selection!

More Than 17 Amazing Flavors

Original Juice Head liquids are one of the most delicious you can taste since they include premium ingredients and are made with ultimate precision in a well-controlled environment.


After all, Juice Head has been ruling the vaping market for quite some time, and one of the main reasons for that is flavor quality consistency. With their all-new disposable, they introduced us to over 17 different editions of exciting and traditional fruity blends that we all love. There are also a few straightforward minty flavors for those who wish to stay refreshed during the day. 

If you like rich and delightful tropical flavors, the bold blend of juicy Pineapple Lemon and Lime will surely keep you in a good mood for a long time. Pineapple Grapefruit is a perfect mix of sweet, sour, and bitter which works in the perfect harmony at each draw. Juice Head did an extraordinary job with peach flavor since it is always full and succulent, so we strongly suggest you give Strawberry Peach and Peach Pear a try. 

Watermelon Lime will certainly dominate the market in the upcoming summer season since the combination of zesty lime and refreshing watermelon will keep you cool, while the Watermelon Strawberry has that familiar berry taste mixed with a tender watermelon flavor. 

There are more than 10 available editions that you try, and even though it is difficult to put a certain flavor’s traits into words, we hope we helped you in any way. Still, whichever you choose, you can expect a full, rich, and intense flavor that will make your vaping routine as enjoyable as it gets. If you are looking for an efficient tool to kick that tobacco smoking habit for all, these incredible flavors will surely help you in your mission. 

To be sure that you bought an original, it is highly advisable to purchase Juicy Head 5000 puffs disposable vape devices at the certified online stores exclusively. We at Ap Vape Shop guarantee the authenticity of each product that we keep in the stock, so you rest assured that the product you ordered and paid for will be the one that we delivered. 

In case you have some questions for us, our customer support agents are standing at your service 2477 and will gladly provide any information you require.

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