Juice Head Bars 3000 Puffs Disposable - a Premium Disposable Vape

Juice Head Bars 3000 Puffs Disposable - a Premium Disposable Vape

Juice Head has been blessing their worldwide users with delicious and unique e-liquids for years now, and now they decided to take a spectacularly wise move and produce their original disposable vape device. 

The first things that come to our minds when thinking of Juice Head e-liquids’ appearance are their distinctive vivid colors and fresh design, and they luckily maintained the same style for the disposables. Even though the devices came out just recently, it already became a hot-seller, and there are many reasons for that besides the fact that Juice Head is a well-known and reputable vaping products manufacturer. 

If you wish to learn more about it, we suggest you stay with us as we are going to dive deep into the Juice Head disposable vape’s features, specifics, and flavor options. Our ApVapeShop experts are standing at your disposal if you wish to speak to them directly and get useful first-hand information, and in case you want to get your original Juice Head Bars 3000 puffs disposable vape right away, you can do so in just a few steps. 

Unique Yet Compact Design

Juice Head remained faithful to their initial distinctive design yet made sure to maintain the minimalistic approach when manufacturing their disposable which is good news for vaping veterans who prefer somewhat discreet vapes. Even though the colors are bright, the device itself doesn’t contain any buttons while the metallic finish gives it that fine and comfortable grip and modern appearance. 

Still, the device is slightly bigger than the similar ones, but there are two main reasons for that which we will cover later. On the other hand, this robustness is a bit refreshing if you ask us since most of the disposables are having utterly modest dimensions. After all, the matter of size being important or not is an individual thing, but we must agree that Juice Head Bars look attractive. 

The Disposable with The Rechargeable Battery? Yes, it does exist!

We are always excited to present you with a rechargeable battery disposable device since it is not only budget-friendly but also ecologically conscious which is always a good thing. 

Another great thing is that the Micro-USB charger comes in the packaging, which is rarely the case, and if you consider that the price for this disposable goes under $15, this is pretty amazing. The charging port is well-hidden at the bottom of the device, and the charging time is approximately 45 minutes. 

The pre-filled tank contains an incredible 8mg of e-liquid which is enough to provide over 3000 puffs making this disposable vape one of the longest-lasting in the market, and the built-in battery comes with 650mAh. Since the device is draw-activated, all you need to do to begin a delicious vaping journey is take a puff, and the rest is on Juice Head. 

Thanks to the premium-quality mesh coils, you’ll be able to enjoy massive clouds and rich flavor from the start until the finish of the tank, and if you are worried about the burnt taste, you can rest assured that it will be excluded from the whole experience. 

Juice Head Bars 3000 Puffs Come with Tobacco Free Nicotine 

You’ve probably noticed that TFN became hugely popular over the last year. In a matter of fact, you could be vaping a device with the TFN right now and still don’t know what exactly it is that you inhale. This is why we will clarify everything for you now so you can enjoy your vaping routine carefree.

TFN is entirely produced in a lab which is the primary reason why it is referred to as synthetic nicotine, but it still has all the same properties as the liquid derived from a tobacco plant. The only exception is that it is completely pure which can’t be ever successfully achieved by organic tobacco processing, and the best thing is that the flavor is noticeably fuller with TFN e-liquid. It is completely odorless and doesn’t have any flavor which makes it an ideal basis for the given taste. 

Juice Head Bars disposable vapes come with e-liquid with 50mg nicotine which is more than enough to keep you satisfied and away from tobacco as long as you use them! 

Anti-Leak Technology

Having a disposable that comes with effective anti-leak technology ensures you a durable and safe vape that will not surprise you with nasty stains and spills. The battery is well-hidden and secured from the leaks which give Juice Head Bars disposable vape a well-deserved title of one of the disposables with the rarest defect rate. This is how you can rest assured that your money is well-spent and your vaping experience clean and enjoyable as much as possible. 

Juice Head Bars Flavor Palette Review – 9 Superb Editions

This is probably the most thrilling part that you’ve been waiting for, so without further ado, let us present you with the real fruity blasts that will awake your taste buds and indulge your nicotine cravings. 

Blueberry Lemon is first on our list since it is a true classic that will rule the summer season, no doubt about that. Rich berry-like flavor combined with fresh and zesty lemon will keep you fresh and on a good moon even on the hottest day. You can expect to have a similarly exciting experience with Raspberry Lemonade.

Double Apple is another crispy evergreen which is a blend of green and red apple flavors that everyone will adore, while their best-seller Peach Pear is perfect for all-day vaping as you can’t simply get enough of it, and the Mango Strawberry will keep you content with the rich and creamy mango flavor with the touch of irresistible and subtly sweet, ripened strawberry taste. Watermelon Lime brings the exotic note thanks to the vivid lime flavor while the delicate sweetness of watermelon will wait for you at the finish of each puff. 

It is truly difficult to precisely describe the mixture of sensations you’ll get when taking a draw from the original Juice Head Bars 3000 puffs disposable vape, so all we can do is suggest that you give them a try as soon as possible, and see for yourself why so many vapers have already done the same!
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