Juice Head E-Liquids – Flavor Selection

Juice Head E-Liquids – Flavor Selection

Whenever someone asks us what e-liquids, we can recommend for them, we say those designed and produced by Juice Head. For a very long time, we have been using their devices as well, and we can say with great certainty that everything they create is top-quality.

Today, we will go through their amazing e-juices selection, and because we have tried each aroma, we can say that each one of them is worth your attention. They come in various nicotine level options, so whether you are looking for something to provide you slight or harsh hit, Juice Head has got you covered.

Their flavor collection is designed to meet the needs of vapers with various likings, so rest assured you will, without any doubt, be able to find the one that is just your cup of tea. Or maybe you are ready to get out of your comfort zone and test out the flavor you have never tried before.


Nicotine Level that Suits You the Best 

Just as we have briefly mentioned, when buying Juice Head, you can opt for one out of three nicotine level options. For your disposal are 3mg, 6mg, and most importantly there is a 0mg option.

So, even if you want to continue vaping but without nicotine intake, which is very impressive, Juice Head e-liquids are just what you need. Reducing the nicotine intake is always recommended and thanks to these liquids that has never been easier.

There are a few more things you should know about the vaping juices in question. The first one is that each flavor comes in a 100ml chubby unicorn bottle, whose design we love a lot. On the packaging, you will see the name of the flavor and the nicotine level you have selected.

It is also important to know that the bottle has a child-resistant cap, which makes it very safe, and mess-free. These e-liquids are made in the USA and manufactured by the famous and trustworthy Streamline Vape Co.

Therefore, you can rest assured you will be awarded e-liquid of the highest quality, made using only the finest ingredients. Now all you need to do is to pick an aroma that excites you the most and make your order.

Without any further ado, let's get into the flavor selection, and tell you what makes them so special and loved by so many vapers around the country.


Stunning Fruit Options That Will Leave You Wanting for More 

If there is one thing we are 100% sure of, is that each vaper has tried some of the fruit options at least once and that many of them are buying fruit-based aromas over and over again. Juice Head knows that the best and that is why they delivered some stunning options we couldn’t say no to.

The first is called Pineapple Grapefruit, and yes, it tastes as good as it sounds. This marvelous blend combines fresh pineapple and juicy grapefruit, ready to provide an extra refreshment. This exotic flavor is summer-perfect and with each puff, you will travel straight to the ocean and feel relaxed.

Strawberry Kiwi! Yes, you read that right! Someone has combined two of everyone's favorite fruits and given us the flavor of our dreams. This Juice Head flavor will take you on a true adventure, thanks to plump kiwi and fresh strawberry. This pairing is one of the most popular ones, and once you try it out, you will be able to comprehend why.

Blueberry Lemon is designed especially for vapers who look for a mix of super fresh juicy blueberries and ripe citrus lemons. Expect to be blown away with this aroma, because it is for sure like nothing we have tried before.

You are still not into any of the offered flavors? Well, what about Peach Pear? There is something very special about this aroma, and we fell in love with it after the first inhale. It is super succulent, and it provides true vaping enjoyment.

Don’t let your taste buds wait any longer and treat them with one of the most unique aromas we have come across recently, Watermelon Lime. Initially, we weren't sure what it is going to taste like, but in the end, we couldn’t stop vaping. It is for sure a mouthwatering aroma, and we know we will use it over and over again. This fruit combo is all we have ever wanted, and we have to say thanks to Juice Head for making it happen.


It is Freeze-Ing Here!

Nope, there is nothing to worry about, because freeze aromas are on your way. We know it is warm and that you need something to cool you off, so why not turn to e-liquids for help?

Juice Head has several options for you, and we are ready to tell you all about them. So, let's begin with Strawberry Kiwi Freeze, a flawless fruit mixture spiced up with icy menthol. It will leave you with a superb aftertaste, and you will never have a dry mouth, which is something that many vapers desire.

Blueberry Lemon Freeze is also available to keep you cool and provide a classical aroma and a menthol twist we all appreciate very much. Embrace this breezy aroma, and set on the vaping adventure of your life.

Sure, the Peach Pear Freeze option is waiting for you to take you to an exotic island where you can enjoy every single inhale and exhale. Cool menthol is just what you need, and when it is combined with quality fruit, it is a win-win situation.

For anyone on the hunt for the citrus base but still the cooling one, the Waterlemon Lime Freeze aroma just screams your name, so don’t miss on it by any chance. Finally, Pineapple Grapefruit Freeze is here to help you create the most luscious clouds and enjoy vaping for days.


Whenever you are ready to order any of these flavors, make sure to visit ApVapeShop, an online certified vape shop. Here, you will find only original products, so rest assured you will be securing yourself only the finest e-liquids on the market.
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