JUUCY Model X 1600 Puffs Flavor Selection

JUUCY Model X 1600 Puffs Flavor Selection

The disposable vape devices have gained huge popularity thanks to their ease of usage, zero maintenance requirements, and compact design. Still, the main factors that determine whether their ranking in the fierce disposables market is the tech specifications and of course, the flavor selection. 

JUUCY seemed to know this very well and produced a device that comes with incredible and exciting flavors alongside a solid battery that ensures over 1600 puffs. Even though the JUUCY Model X has a built-in 950mah battery, it is still lightweight, compact, and easy to carry around wherever you go. 

The design is clean, simple yet visually appealing, and the mouthpiece is comfortable just like the device’s body fits the hand pretty nicely. The airflow is ideal for MTL vaping and dense clouds but is still beginner-friendly as the puffs don’t have that overwhelming intensity. 

As JUUCY Model X mainly focuses on the flavors, the manufacturers invested a lot of time to test each one individually and the results are just amazing. There are 19 different flavor variants, and we can’t wait to tell you more about them. If you are interested to read an honest expert’s review on the given topic before you order this vaporizer from an online vape shop, we suggest you stay with us throughout the following text. 

JUUCY Model X Tank Capacity and E-Liquid Quality

Before we dive deep into the delicious world of JUUCY’s brand-new disposable vape flavors, let us tell you more about the mechanism and equipment that supports its distribution. 

The tank itself is well-developed and securely positioned between the battery and the mouthpiece, so you can forget about messy leaks and nasty stains. Its capacity is 6ml, and the nicotine strength found in the nic salts is 5% (50mg). 

The e-liquid quality is exceptional which ensures a clean and concrete flavor that will remain intense until the device’s battery is completely dead. All you have to do then is select another JUUCY Model X and prepare yourself for an enjoyable vaping adventure that can last for almost a week. 

JUUCY Model X Minty Flavors

Even if you are not a huge fan of minty editions, JUUCY Model X offers quite different menthol notes that might change your mind. Clear, for example, offers a mildly refreshing taste that is not solely satisfying but also has a purpose to clear out your airways at every inhale. 

Doublemint is one of those flavors that make you come back more. This is a real classic adored by the many vapers around the world, and thanks to its sweet note that subtly arises at the beginning of the draw, you can expect to experience something like chewing a bubble gum. 

Exceptional and Well-Balanced Minty and Fruity Combinations

Frozen Grape is possibly one of our favorite JUUCY Model x 1600 puffs thanks to the perfectly balanced blend of mouthwatering ripened grapes and mint. Lush Ice hits hard with the chilling menthol but is subtly tamed by the sweet watermelon at the end. 

Mintberry is another exciting blend for those who enjoy that irresistible berry taste nicely wrapped up in the fresh minty coating. Frozen Peach and Frozen Banana come with the fusion that will awaken all your senses, and if you had bad experiences with the fruity tastes that were a bit dull and unconvincing, you can be sure that this disposable promises a different experience. 

Rich Only Fruity JUUCY Model X Flavors

Melonberry is one of their best-sellers thanks to the precise and easy distinction between these two fruity tastes that you get at each puff. The balance is incredible, and you truly taste both flavors at the same time. 

Kiwiberry offers a similar experience but with the slightly sour note that Kiwi comes with. Banana Berry is perfect for all-day vaping as it provides a mildly sweet and matte banana taste enriched with the energetic berry-like rush. On the other hand, you’ll find a real explosion of berry tastes in their Cherry Berry

If you like apple juice, you’ll love Big Apple as it comes with the completely same satisfying taste just without any calories. It is as good as it gets! For those who love chewy and sugary treats, JUUCY Fruit is a perfect selection, and if you like exotic fruit blends that will make you crave for more, Fiji Fruit will do the job. 

Surprising Blends That Will Leave You in Awe

One of the most exciting blends that we were truly suspicious about before taking a draw is Mintobacco. In reality and when developed by a team of skilled professionals, these two seemingly incompatible flavors function in complete harmony. We will finish with the sensual and provocative Mangorita which is a bold blend of refreshing Margarita and juicy and creamy Mango notes that satisfy even the most demanding taste buds.   

We did our best to provide a close description of JUUCY Model X 1660 puffs flavors, but we encourage you to try your favorite ones as we are sure you’ll not regret it. We at Ap Vape Shop offer all of the aforementioned flavors and guarantee that each device you buy is original and fresh. 

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