Juul Vape - Review and Guide

Juul Vape - Review and Guide

Switching from smoking to vaping doesn’t have to be a frustrating process if you choose the right vape kit. The people who are already using vaping products know there is a plethora of choices and customizations that will make this entire experience even better. On the other side, first-time users can get confused and those countless complexities can turn them off. 

No matter if you are an experienced consumer of vaping products, or this is something new for you, we will give our best to objectively and honestly review one of the most popular products in this category - the JUUL vape. 

One of the first things you will notice when you hold this device is the fact that it is incredibly light since it weighs only 14g. It has a modern design and comes in different colors. The JUUL vape was launched in 2015, and very quickly it became one of the most popular vaping products not only in the USA but in many other countries. 

What is JUUL Vaporizer?

This is a closed vaping system, which means that you can only use e-juices and tanks produced by the company. Since many other vaping products are open ones, JUUL Vape stands out from the crowd. To stay competitive, the company gave their best to provide enough options to keep their customers satisfied and attract new ones, so you can choose between different flavors and nicotine strength. 

To be able to purchase it, you have to be a minimum of 21 years old. It is very simple to use since there are no buttons, switches, or unnecessary settings. Its dimensions are compact and the pod contains about 07.mL of liquid, which is enough for approximately 200 puffs. 

According to the information that this brand provided, your JUUL device can be fully charged within an hour with a USB port and it includes a 200W battery. The cartridge for the JUUL vape contains salt-based nicotine e-liquid formula, and the company claims that their products are created under strict quality control measures so they represent excellent choices for all smokers who want to get away from harmful tobacco. 

Pros and Cons of JUUL Vape

One of the biggest advantages of JUUL Vape devices is good battery life. In case that you need a few quick hits, you can charge it for 60 seconds from a dead battery, which makes this vaporizer even better.

It also has automatic temperature control so you can be sure there will be no burned hits which can be the case with some other vape devices. Even if you are a passionate tobacco smoker, you can be sure that JUUL Vape will satisfy all your needs since it offers a 5% option which provides 59 mg/ml per pod, which is equivalent to 41.3 mg of nicotine. To tell the long story short - with a 5% pod you will get the same amount of nicotine like you have bought two packs of standard tobacco cigarettes. Other advantages are the small size of the device, so you can pack it in your pocket or vape discreetly, as well as incredible ease of use. 

When it comes to cons, we can say there are only a few of them. One is that you can only use JUUL pods, as we mentioned before, and the other is the fact there are only two nicotine strengths - 3% and 5% ones. Also, some people miss the fruit flavors JUUL removed in October 2019, so today you can choose between Virginia Tobacco, Menthol, and Classic Tobacco only. 

How To Use JUUL Vape?

This device has a two-part design with the battery and the JUUL pod. To start using it, you simply have to click the pod into the battery. The ergonomic design allows you to hold it between the fingers like a regular cigarette.

Your JUUL vaporizer will light up as soon as you insert a pod into the battery and take the first pull because it includes LED lights. They are also very helpful when you need to check the battery life. The green color means that your device is fully charged, yellow - half full, and if it lights red you are almost out of battery. 

Are You Ready To Buy a JUUL Vape?

We hope that this article helped you decide whether JUUL Vape is something that will fit your vaporizing needs or not. In case that you are thinking about getting one, you can order it online, from the comfort of your home or any other place. 

AP Vape Shop has been selling premium vape products for many years, and we guarantee fast delivery and honest pricing. Take a look at the JUUL Vape selection we offer, and get in touch with us at any time in case you need more information or help to finish your order.
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