Key Features of Myle Vape Devices

Key Features of Myle Vape Devices

Made primarily to help tobacco smokers find the same utterly satisfying experience in the healthier variant, Myle did a great favor to many of us. Since they produce one of the fastest-growing nicotine delivery systems in the world, the team behind Myle’s innovative and premium-quality devices worked hard to create and incorporate great features into each product. 

The elegant and luxurious design, simplicity of usage, and scientifically designed e-liquid formulas are just some of the things that Myle has to offer to its numerous followers, but there is much more. No matter if you are into disposables or prefer regular rechargeable vape devices, Myle made sure to indulge everyone’s preferences and deliver an unforgettable vaping experience. 

So, what is it that makes Myle vapes so popular and irresistible? Stay with us and learn all about it. 

Beautiful Design

Even though appearance is not the most important feature of vaping devices, we can’t move on without praising Myle’s unique device design. Italian-inspired feel with soft edges and an elegant matte finish will enhance the whole experience, while the ergonomic design is ensuring a comfortable grip. 

They stayed faithful to its initial appearance and included it in all versions of Myle Vape V1 to V4 series, alongside the mini and regular disposables. After all, why change something good? 

An Original Pod System that Comes with a Durable Device

The magnetic pods come in pre-filled or refillable options which are then securely attached to the battery device. The main reason why Myle vapes are so convenient to use is that they have a built-in battery and magnetic charger, so all you need to do is change or refill pods. 

Myle V series has a 0.9mL sealed pod with stainless-steel connector pins. This is how closed circuits or any other potential hazards are skillfully avoided and your device is ready to serve you for a long time. This is also supported by anti-leak design in their later V series.

The magnetic system which is included on both pods and batteries enables simple pod insertion into the device and more importantly, secure and stable pod positioning. 

The device itself has a long-lasting battery that allows you to take approximately 300 puffs (280mAh battery). The micro USB port is well-hidden and it is advisable to use only the Myle original USB charger which comes with the purchased device. 

Unique Myle Pods Collection

Myle vape is an exceptional device itself and coming up with the distinctive flavors to follow up wasn’t an easy task for Myle team. However, they did a great job once more.

They did their best to please everyone, so no matter if you like the fruity taste, concrete tobacco, or powerful mint, you’ll find the beloved flavor among Myle’s original pods. Mighty Mint and Cubano have been evergreens from the moment they reached the global market, and Pick lemonade and Iced Lychee are still the hottest fruity sales. 

There are 4 pods included in a single pack where each provides around 240 puffs. You can choose between 16 exciting flavors well-sealed in the waterproof foil pack. The thing which we find especially convenient is that pods come with both 20 and 50mg of nicotine volume, which is a great advantage for vaping beginners or people who prefer a softer nicotine kick. 

Myle Vape Disposables – As Simplified as Possible Yet Incredibly Potent

Their first Myle Mini disposable series was a great success. They come in 20 amazing flavors, fit any pocket, and promise more than 320 puffs per device with 50mg of nicotine strength. The built-in pod has a 1.2mL e-liquid capacity and the device itself feels great in hand and on the lips. 

Their next edition Myle Mini 2 comes with slightly diminished tech specs and fewer flavor options, but it contains natural nicotine salts rather than free-based which introduce a new level of intensity and satisfying throat hit. You simply need to try them and feel the difference

Finally, Myle vape decided to break down the competition with their latest Myle Evo disposable vape device, and here is why. Firstly, the tank capacity is 7.5mL which is enough to get you through the whole week with a single Myle vape. Secondly, the 400mAh battery will make sure to enable that, and in the end, liquid isolation technology will take care that there are zero leaks included. Incredible, right?

Myle Takes Care of the Environment

Male vape has a certain life cycle that ends in trash. They are well-familiar with that fact and wish to prevent further pollution by recycling the used disposables and creating new ones with the same resources. Currently, each disposable contains 67% of recyclable materials, so it is already good practice. 

we at Ap Vape have tremendous respect for Myle’s work, so you can be sure that our offer contains only genuine Myle vape devices. Moreover, we are a reliable and supporting supplier, so fill in the wholesale registration form and elevate your business in no time. 

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