Key Tips to Extend Your Vape’s Battery Life

Key Tips to Extend Your Vape’s Battery Life

Vaping is becoming a part of the everyday lifestyle of so many people who are turning to it in order to leave the bad habit of smoking in the past. Luckily, there are so many different products on the market, so even if catering to your needs is not always easy, we are sure that you will be able to find a device you will love and use all the time.

Of course, just like any other gadgets we use, vaping device demands just a little bit of our attention in order to last longer and perform better. There are a few useful tricks you should know because they will help you extend, among others, your vape’s battery life.

Today we will tell you a few of them, and each one is quite simple yet very handy. So, if you have noticed that your battery runs off faster than usual, stay with us until the end. Thanks to these tips, your battery will last longer, and you will be able to use your vaping device the best way possible, which is certainly everyone's goal. 

Turn Off Your Vape Device After Using It


Even though what we are about to tell you sounds very logical, we are sure that many people forget to do this all the time. So, our first valuable tip would be-turn off your device after using it. Although many people have a habit of turning any device off when they are done using it, others are careless when it comes to this. When it is on, your device will still use a certain amount of power you want to save. So, this comes as a no-brainer. When your vape pod is turned off, it will save, and therefore extend, the life of your battery.

Regular Use Of Your Battery is a Must 


Just like batteries in any other device, those found in vaping devices are meant to be used all the time. That is why, our second tip is to try to use your vaping device and at the same time, its battery, every day. This is how it will keep on performing in the best way possible. If the battery is not being used, it will start degrading faster than you think. The more regularly you use it, the better will work. So, don’t just throw your device into a drawer and forget about it. Show it some love every day, because that is the only way to use the product’s full capacity.

Say ‘NO’ to Overcharging


Not all the time can we agree that more is better. That is the case when we are talking about charging batteries. So, it is not a good idea to keep your vaping device on the charger when the battery is already full. You are not doing your pod a favor by doing that; you are actually doing it more harm than good. Each battery has a limited capacity, so once is fully charged, that’s it! Step away from the charger and save your battery on a long run!

Stop Draining Your Battery 


Here's another great tip you should always bear in mind. Start charging your battery before it is absolutely dead. It is easier and better to start with charging before the battery runs off completely. By doing this simple thing, you will assure your device to overall work better and you will be able to use it longer. So, make sure to check your battery level from time to time, and know when it's time to give it an additional boost of power.


Clean Battery-Longer Life


Many people are not even aware that they should keep their batteries clean all the time, but luckily we are here to share all of our knowledge with you. Because vaping devices are usually very compact, and people put them anywhere, in pockets, purses, dirty tables, it comes as no surprise that they are not as clean as they should be the majority of the time. That is why it is crucial to try to make them spotless. By doing that, you are saving your battery as well because it is getting pretty dirty during the day of constant use. Once the battery gets filthy, its connection to the vaporizer becomes weaker, and enjoying delicious puff is getting more and more difficult. Also, if and when the battery gets moist, there is a big chance of it being ruined, so pay extra attention to where you put your precious device.


Don’t Let It Get Cold 


If you want to extend your vape battery life, keep it away from cold! Nobody likes being frozen to death, and batteries are no exception. So, in order to keep them warm even when it is cold outside, it is a good idea to put your device into a protective pouch. This will save your battery life, but also help you keep your pods clean throughout the day.


Don’t Mix Up Your Chargers


Our final words of wisdom are to always make sure you are using the proper charger. Not all chargers can be used for all devices, and the wrong one can destroy your battery completely. So, always use the cable you have received with the device, and read all the instructions carefully. That is how your battery will have a long and quality life, without a need to be replaced any time soon.


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