Lost Vape Orion Bar 7500 Puff Disposable Vape Device Characteristics

Lost Vape Orion Bar 7500 Puff Disposable Vape Device Characteristics

Lost Vape is a name you can hear often among vapers thanks to their technologically advanced devices that provide an ultimately adjustable vaping experience where you are fully in control. 

Their latest disposable vape Orion got its name from their successful pod vape Orion series which includes the Evolv DNA chipset. This precise chip offers a wide range of superb features like temperature and wattage control, coil resistance, power delivery, and many more. 

Since most of their mod and pod devices are made for well-versed vapers, they decided to treat us with an equally majestic device that is simple to use yet includes a lot of features that will bring up the vaping ride to the ultimate level. Since this arrival has been one of the most anticipated ones for this year, we truly can’t wait to share with you all about it. If you are ready to meet your new favorite disposable buddy that can keep you company for over a week, we advise you to stay with us as we will dive deep into its magical universe. 

Memorable Design That Lost Vape Is Famous For

If you look at Lost Vape’s mods and pods, it is clear that they have a great designers team. Lost Vape Orion Bar 7500 puff disposable vape looks like their Orion ART pod system series and the name suits it well – it is pure art. 

It comes with a hand-held box and clear transparent mold design, but the vivid, bold, and hard rockfish prints underneath give it that specific look that you’ll love. Once again, the colors vary depending on the flavor. The mouthpiece has rounded edges and is super thin which means it feels great on the lips. 

More than 7500 Puffs from A Single Disposable Device?

The competition in the vaping market is as fierce as ever, and one of the safest ways that will keep the manufacturer in the game is to ensure a great number of delicious puffs. Lost Vape managed to pave its way to the top rapidly since its Orion Bar disposable promises over 7500 puffs. 

Thanks to the built-in rechargeable 650Mah battery and huge 18 Ml pre-filled tank, you’ll be able to stay friends with Orion Bar for over a week, depending on your vaping style. This surely puts it in the category of one of the longest-lasting disposables on the market today. 

The mesh coil technology promises durability but also ensures that flavor delivery remains consistent. To put it simply – you’ll be able to enjoy each putt to the maximum, no matter if it’s the first or the last one. This surely justifies all the frenzy for the amazing Lost Vape Orion Bar 7500 puff disposable vape device

Once the battery is about to die, you can recharge it fully within 30 minutes via the USB type-c charging cable. 

Adjustable Airflow and Anti-Leak Technology - Durability and Comfortability

Anti-leak technology is not a new term with disposable vapes, yet the Lost Vape had to upgrade it so that it can support the power and durability of their new disposable. They did a great job, so you don’t ever have to worry about leaks and spills with the Orion Bar. 

Another great feature is the adjustable airflow control. It allows you to control how much air will enter the device, and therefore adjust your vaping preference. When the airflow is fully open, more air can pass over the coil and provide you with more clouds and gentler hits. Fully or partially closed airflow means that less air passes over the coil and gives you a more concrete flavor and a stronger throat hit. You can mix and match these two by simply sliding the button at the bottom of the device to the left or right. 

No matter which option you select, any throat irritation will be excluded. Lost Vape Bar Orion is a great option for beginners thanks to its ease of usage and all the exciting features, but most importantly, because of its flavors. This brings us to our next chapter!

More than 25 Flavor Options to Choose From

It is all big and majestic with the new Orion Bar, so we didn’t expect less from their flavor selection. 

Among the palette, you’ll find amazing fruity blends that even sound extremely tempting. For example, Pineapple Lemonade is a great recommendation that brings in the zesty lemon taste with a splash of sweet and luscious pineapple. Aloe Grape is another refreshing flavor that is mild and first but has a dynamic finish with the well-familiar grape aroma. 

Blueberry Raspberry is a real treat for millions of berry lovers who appreciate the vigorous taste that stays in their mouth after this one. Grape Energy has the powerful kick of an energy drink softened up by the subtle grape aroma at the end. Now, if you are a fan of super sweet flavors, Dragon Fruit Berry and Rainbow Drop promise exactly that. 

For those who like plain and concrete icy ones, Lush Ice is a must-try. Lost Vape did a great job balancing between the intense minty notes and frosty hits, so you can still vape all day long without being overwhelmed by the freshness of it. 

When it comes to minty and fruity blends, we loved Sour Apple Ice, Blue Razz Honeydew, and Double Apple Ice. Sour Apple Ice is a mix of sour apples and subtly sweet mint, while Blue Razz brings in the well-known raspberry flavor sweetened up the natural honey, and then cooled with the potent icy burst. Double Apple Ice is a perfect mix of red and green apples with a little splash of mint at the finish. 

Final Words - A Disposable That Deserves All the Attention

This disposable is truly a game changer that leveled up the standards, no doubt about it. Since it comes for a price of under 13$ at our ApVapeShop, you can simply buy a few most attractive editions and see for yourself what’s all the fuss about!
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