Meet the SMOK NOVO 3 Portable Device Kit

Meet the SMOK NOVO 3 Portable Device Kit

As soon as the SMOK presented us with their Novo series, we knew that they were onto something good and we certainly weren’t wrong. From the revolutionary cobra skin color pattern that made the brand recognized globally, to the ergonomically designed mouthpiece for the most comfortable vaping experience, Novo stands for a truly luxuriously designed vape. 

Even though Novo 2 and Novo 3 are almost the same if you take a look at the specifications, Novo 3 has a much smoother draw that brings both nicotine salts and e-juice flavors to the next level alongside a perfected mouthpiece design for the most pleasurable vaping. SMOK NOVO 3 Portable Device Kit itself contains two upgraded 0.8ohm pods with a larger coil capacity. When it comes to the size, Novo 3 has the same dimensions as its previous version and the same applies to its weight which is only 43g. 

To get fully familiar with the Novo 3, we will cover all the SMOK NOVO 3 Portable Device Kit components and their traits, so you can get the most of this great product as soon as you start vaping.  

Design and Manufacturing Quality of SMOK Novo 3 Pod 

SMOK didn’t experiment much with the design for the new Novo 3, which is actually a good thing. It comes in 14 different versions where you can choose between 7 cobra and another 7 carbon fiber design patterns – so, no resin designs included. Novo 3 is one of the smallest and yet very powerful pods in the market with a height of just 88.3mm, a width of 24.5mm, and a thickness that’s not more than 14.5mm. These dimensions alongside the lightweight make Novo 3 perfect to carry around in a pocket even. 

Besides the ergonomically made mouthpiece, Novo 3 feels equally comfortable in hand due to the rounded and smooth edges. Between two pattern covers, the device has a plated material at the side which makes it even more exquisite and solid. The device itself doesn’t have any buttons since it’s only draw-activated, and you don’t have the obligation to turn it off either. So, you draw when you want to vape and charge it when the battery is low, and that’s about it. This makes Novo 3 ideal for beginners who are looking for a smooth and easy transition from tobacco to vape.


Technical Specifications That You Should Be Familiar With

Whenever you are buying a device that’s backed up with a battery, you want to know exactly how powerful it is. This small and portable pod comes with a 450mAh rechargeable battery which will allow you to enjoy vaping for multiple hours. Once the device needs a recharge, a LED light battery indicator will let you know about it – green is for 70% and up, orange (yellow) is 70 to 30%, and red is under 30%. You can easily recharge via a micro USB charger which is included in the portable kit.

With the Novo 3, SMOK enhanced the coil juice capacity to 2mL which makes the MTL vaping as pleasurable as possible. In addition to that, you have a viewing window on the pod, so you can always know how much juice or salt is left. Equipped with direct voltage output, Novo 3 will keep its highest performance up to the point where the battery is empty. 

Performance and Vaping Experience

You can use both nicotine salts and juices for vaping on Novo 3, but you can expect denser and tastier vape with the nic salts. Always make sure to buy with the certified dealer, so you don’t end up with a false or bad product. The pod fits the lips automatically and due to the tight draw, the throat hit feels great. SMOK is somewhat reputable for the leakage-free pods, so you can expect the same performance from Novo 3. No matter how many refills you make, these pods are made to provide the same potent hit without a single drop outside the tank. 

The airflow is upgraded compared to Novo 2, and it features new air-intake holes on both sides of the pod. The airflow moves to the bottom, through the coil right to the mouthpiece. That is how you’ll get the smoothest draw with a little force and no whistling effect. 

Therefore, if you are looking for a quiet and discreet vape to carry around with you wherever you go, then you should consider purchasing SMOK NOVO 3 Portable Kit. We at AP Vape Shop offer only certified products with a 1-year warranty for each hardware device. Moreover, we keep our prices reasonable, so you can get to try and experiment with different flavors and other vaping products. In case you need any information or advice, don’t hesitate to give us a call whenever you want, since we are here for you 24/7.
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