Mesh vs. Regular Coils – Differences and Similarities

Mesh vs. Regular Coils – Differences and Similarities

If you have been vaping for a while, then you have probably heard about coils, because they are inevitable parts of each vaping device. But how well do you know what coils actually are, and what is their main purpose? Also, you should know that there are more kinds of coils, and based on their features, you may prefer one to another.

Today we are going to bring you a text that talks about the differences and similarities between mesh and regular coils. This topic is brought up a lot, and we will give our best to tell you everything we know about it, and explain to you what to pay attention to when selecting your next vape gadget. There are so many coils on the market, and not knowing which one you need may be a huge problem.

It is always good to be well-informed and know more about how vaping works, so why not start that learning process with a few basic information about vape coils? So, without any further ado, let's find out what are mesh and regular coils and how to distinguish them.


Vape Coils? What Are Those?

Before we go any further, we have to cover the basics and tell you what vape coils are and why they are so important aspects of vaping. A coil is a heating element located inside your vape device. Usually, there is a curl of wire made out of kanthal that can withstand high temperatures, which is incredibly important during vaping.

This wire is located inside an absorbent material, in most cases that is cotton, which is stored inside the metal case which has wicking ports on the side. Even though they all do the same job, the variation of coils is pretty wide, and not all of them fit all products. So, it is key to know which one will suit your own device best.

The wicking material will soak up the e-juice and, using the heat from the battery, it will transform the liquid into vapor. So, as you can see, vaping is impossible without a coil, which makes them one of the most important components of puff production.


Regular Coils vs Mesh Coils 

As we have already previously mentioned, we are going to discuss what makes regular and mesh coils different, so why not start by quickly explaining what regular coils are? They have been part of the vaping industry for years and are used for many devices, which makes them pretty reliable. They are a single thread of wire coiled into a spring shape, and when vaping with this type of coils you will mostly use single or dual coils, but triple and quad-core coils are also available, and they provide the bigger surface that wicking material can burn. Also, they are usually used for mouth-to-lung vaping, better known simply as MTL, and they can be found in disposable vapes and vape pod systems.

Just like any other type of coils, regular ones come with a few advantages but a few disadvantages as well. The one downside is that they burn out faster, but also can be inconsistent. Sometimes they can be heavier on the battery, and produce less flavor than in comparison to mesh coils.

On the other hand, when using regular coils, e-liquid will last longer, it will produce warmer vape, and these types of coils are pretty easy to build and install. So, there are definitely a few perks that come with regular coils, but now let's find out why mesh coils have been taking over the market recently.

Both regular and mesh coils do the same job, and they perform the same way. But, the first big difference between these two is the type of material being used to make them. When it comes to mesh coils, they feature a larger surface area, because the larger area generally means bigger and better flavor, but also larger clouds. Unlike regular coils, the mesh ones are not in the shape of a spring. They are very thin sheets of wire that are bent over the wick. They heat up equally, and usually, they are more responsive than coils made regularly.

As we have mentioned thanks to the larger surface area, devices that use mesh coils will award you with super tasteful puffs and some very thick clouds that many vapers enjoy a lot. Also, another big benefit of mesh coils is that they will prolong the life of your device, making it super long-lasting. But that is not all. One of the roles of mesh coils is to eliminate the presence of dry hits, which is for sure something we can all appreciate a lot.

But, of course, even mesh coils have some bad sides of it. When compared to regular coils, these can be overly heavy on e-juice consumption, and because they are very fragile, they may be quite tricky to install properly. Also, many vapers believe that mesh coils can produce too much vapor, so if this is something you don’t personally like, then maybe you should stay away from them.

They are perfect for sub-ohm tanks and they are ideal for fast firing since they fire at a quicker rate. Because they are used with low wattage ranges, they can help with saving your battery life, and increase its life in general, which is for sure another big advantage.

So, we can say that one of the biggest differences between mesh and regular coils is actually the way they draw power from your devices, and with mesh coils, you will get smoother hits, while with regular the hit is a bit stronger, and that is why they are mostly used in more powerful devices that can store them.


Which one to Choose?

It is very difficult to simply say which type of coils is better and to recommend just one to you. It is best to take everything we have told you into consideration and decided whether you prefer mesh or regular coils. That is how it is going to be easier for you to find the best vaping device, and a huge selection of those is waiting for you at ApVapeShop.
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