Monster Vape Labs E-Liquids - Which One to Choose?

Monster Vape Labs E-Liquids - Which One to Choose?

One of the few good news from last year was that the Monster Vape is back which came as a real Nice surprise for all those who love their unique e-liquids, and we certainly fit the category. 

They came in pretty strong and bold by producing e-liquids with non-tobacco-derived nicotine (tobacco-free nicotine) which brought them instant recognition as their e-liquids are tastier than ever. Even though this synthetic form of nicotine is entirely made in their ISO and GMP certified 47,000 square ft. manufacturing facility, it represents its purest form, and it is completely odorless and tasteless. These properties make this sort of nicotine an ideal basis for the given flavors which are now richer, fuller, and much more intense. 

Still, there is a single problem that most of the vapers who love Monster Vape labs e-liquids could face from time to time – which one to choose once the bottle Is empty? Jokes aside, the guys who stand behind this company gave their best to help the vapers decide by putting their e-liquids in 9 different flavor style options - from the cream team, over the fruity and icy editions, to the tobacco ones. We are pretty confident that you will find the flavor you prefer in their rich palette, but it could be a bit overwhelming for a beginner or even an experienced vaper to decide when faced with multiple exciting flavor options. 

As always, our ApVapeShop team comes to the rescue with great advice and thorough explanations on the flavor options, so if you wish to learn more about the Monster Vape labs' original e-liquids, this is the place to be. Therefore, stay with us and prepare for a delicious vaping journey!

MVL Classic Series That We All Missed

Nothing is ordinary about Monster Vape, and this is their biggest advantage. From original designs and stories that come behind every edition, to exciting and surprising flavor combinations that you’ll never forget, this is the company that paves its way to success with confidence. 

Their classic editions include some of the most popular e-liquids ever – Minister of Mango, Mr. Tropical, or The Alchemist. The first offers a real authentic ripe mango flavor, the second is a blend of zesty lemon and various tropical fruits, while the last, the most mysterious one, is a medley of ripe red berry flavor and intense menthol. There are 5 more thrilling flavors, and they all come in both salt nic and short fill variants for those who wish to add nicotine themselves.

From Creamy, Over Fruity, To Intense Tobacco – There Is a Treat for Everyone

Now, we will take some time to cover some of the most memorable flavors from all 9 categories. The first one, Cream Team, includes 3 different options where each comes with a rich and sweet creamy flavor with slight differences in nuance. Buttercream is the sweetest one, Cinnaroll comes with a touch of sensual cinnamon, and the Neapolitan is a mix of chocolate, strawberry, and vanilla. It is the closest e-liquid flavor to original Italian ice cream you’ll ever find!

Custard and Custard Shoppe offer a similar rich cream flavor which is mixed with blackberry, banana, strawberry, or vanilla. Now, the frozen fruit category comes with 7 amazing options – from the berry-like blast that you’ll get from Mixed Berry Ice, over the smoothie delight that comes with Strawberry Banana, to sweet-sour delight which you can expect from Strawberry Kiwi Pomegranate. 

If you are a fan of clean fruity flavor blends, Monster vape Labs prepared 6 different options for you. From Mixed Berry which is definitely one of the most intense and succulent e-liquids from their offer, over exotic Mango Peach Guava and Passionfruit Orange Guava, to gentle and not overly sweet evergreen Strawberry Banana. For those who like icy e-liquids that promise a real cool blast with each draw, there are 3 options. Mangerine Guava, Melon Colada, and Strawmelon Apple Ice. So, Mangerine is nothing else than Tangerine with Mint, Melon Colada is a tropical fruit blend with crisp melon and menthol, while the flavor combination that stands behind Strawmelon includes strawberry, melon, apple, and of course, mint. We know that our taste buds are pretty interested to try them all, how about yours? 

The jam category is the flagship of Monster Vape Labs as it includes 14 different options! From their hottest selling Banana Jam, over the zesty and refreshing Lemon Jam, to their unforgettable Peanut Butter (PB) flavor series that comes with either banana, grape, or strawberry. The lemonade category will surely dominate the market in the upcoming summer season. There are 8 different flavors including a single fruit aroma combined with lemonade – simple and clear, just like their flavors from this category. 

Monster Vape Labs’ Trademark Flavors – Milk and Tobacco Category

If you are looking for an effective solution to quit smoking, vaping is one of the safest and most delicious alternatives you can find. Still, most smokers are used to the tobacco flavor, so the manufacturers needed to produce high-quality tobacco e-liquids to indulge their customers' wishes. The Monster Vape did a great job by treating us with 8 different options – from Rich, over Smooth, to Bold and Menthol Tobacco. It is truly difficult to single out just one as each promises an utterly satisfying vaping experience. 

Still, their MILK edition includes their most recognizable e-liquids tested and approved by millions of vapers all around the U.S. Milk Berry Crunch comes with multiple berry flavors enriched with the gentle milky notes and a touch of crunchy cookies at the end of the draw. Milk Cinnamon is as straightforward as it sounds – the pure mix of aromatic cinnamon and rich, creamy milk taste. It simply doesn’t get better than that! And finally, Milk Fruity will get you back to those blissful times in childhood when you ate fruity cereals for breakfast and then ran to school to have some fun. 

At our Ap Vape Shop, each Monster Vape Labs e-liquid comes in a 100ml unicorn bottle with nicotine strengths from 0,3 and 6mg. We offer the best deals and guarantee the products' authenticity and rapid delivery to your doorstep. In case you wish to speak to our customer representatives directly, feel free to give us a call anytime since we are standing at your service 24/7!

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