Myle Clip Flavor Options

Myle Clip Flavor Options

Even if the device features some amazing specifications, we can not call it exceptional unless it offers an awesome range of flavors. Honestly, it can be quite challenging to find a disposable that ticks both boxes, but because we try new devices all the time, we have a few gadgets in mind.

Today, we would like to present to you the newest best-seller, Myle Clip disposable vape, which has already become a staple in many vapers’ collections. After being praised by so many vapers, we had to try it out and find out whether it was really as good as everyone was talking about. Luckily, it is truly an A+ device, so we can strongly recommend it to anyone who wants a unique vaping experience.

Myle Clip is available in 4 different flavors, but don’t let that number fool you. You may think that is not a huge range, and with that, we have to agree. But, what is extremely important, is that all 4 aromas taste amazing and that their quality is undeniable. Once you try one, you will 100% want to try the rest of them as well. We are about to tell you more about the aromas you can add to your cart once visiting ApVapeShop, so you can know what to expect from each one of them.


Eye-Catching Design for Superb Vaping Experience 


Before we move on to flavor selection, we believe it would be a good idea to tell you a bit more about the device itself, so you can see whether its features are something you are interested in.

When it comes to Myle Clip, we just have to start with its appearance, because it is truly remarkable. Its box-shaped design is specially crafted by Mylevapor, and we think that it would appeal to the majority of vapers. It is extremely sleek and easy to hold, and the narrow mouthpiece will fit your lips perfectly. But, what we like the most is the fact that the mouthpiece is hidden, and in order for it to pop out, you just have to click on the button on the side of the device. That is how this part will always be clean and ready to use.

But that is not all. Myle Clip is waterproof and sealed, so leaking won't be an issue ever again. You can just put it inside your bag or pocket and take it out whenever you crave some luscious puffs.


Use all The Puffs!


Nowadays, it is imperative for the device to come with a rechargeable battery, because that is how you can take advantage of every single puff. Myle Clip is made using that type of battery, so when it runs off you can quickly charge it using a micro USB cable that is included in the package, which is always a huge plus.

That is how you can enjoy 2000 puffs that are stocked into this disposable, which is pre-filled with 50mg of salt nicotine, and it includes a 6 ml tank filled with high-quality e-liquid.


Easy-to-Use Vape Disposable 


If you have never vaped before, and you are not sure whether this device is for you, we are here to give you green light. Myle Clip is one of those devices you can use as soon as you receive it. Just inhale your first puff and set off on a delicious journey.

As we have already mentioned, there is only one button to deal with, but we are sure that using it won't be a problem. In either case, it is there to make your vaping better and keep the dirt away from the mouthpiece.


Perfect Fruit Blend You Will Love!


So, let us introduce you to the fruit option that Myle Clip offers. Even though it is just one, it tastes just like a piece of heaven.

The first aroma we tried out of the entire collection was Red Apple, even though many other brands offer this aroma, this one is hands down one of the best we have ever tried. If you want to taste true apple flavor, which is very crisp and bold, with each inhale, then nothing can beat this aroma. It is refreshing and tangy at the same time, and you will have a sensation as if you are sitting in a garden surrounded by the smell of succulent apples.

This aroma is designed to meet the needs of even the most demanding vapers, who are always choosing some basic aromas, but they only want to give a chance to those that are among the best ones on the market. And this one is for sure on the very top!


It Is Always a Good Time for Ice Aromas 


Ice aromas are great options all year round. Therefore, even if the summer is almost finished, you can always pick some freezing aromas and award yourself with an ideal aftertaste. There are 3 spectacular icy aromas you can choose from when buying Myle Clip, and we are determined to use them all for months to come. That’s how great they are!

Grape Ice is there to satisfy the needs of anyone whose favorite fruit is grape, but who wants it mixed with a pinch of mint. With this aroma by your side, you will experience a strong, fruity flavor with each hit, and menthol will be there to cool down your taste buds after each puff.

If you are a more blueberry type of vaper, then you have to go for Iced Blueberry and taste super sweet fruit infused with menthol. This blend will rejuvenate all your senses, and it is one of those aromas you will always want to have as part of your collection.

The final aroma is Iced Mint, the ultimate menthol aroma that will leave you craving puffs all day long. This smooth mixture will give a true icy blast that can instantly improve your vaping.


If any of these aromas speak to you, make sure to grab them as soon as possible. You can do that easily. All you have to do is visit ApVapeShop and choose the aroma you prefer, and very fast you will receive your own Myle Clip disposable device. 
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