Myle Clip vs. Myle Mini 2–Which Disposable to Choose?

Myle Clip vs. Myle Mini 2–Which Disposable to Choose?

There are so many disposable vape devices, and users, especially new ones, are having a hard time choosing the one that is perfect for them. In case you are among them and you are not sure which device to buy, we are here to tell you some inside information about two devices loved by so many vape fans.

We are talking about Myle Clip and Myle Mini 2, and today we will tell you everything you need to know about them. Both of them are amazing, but there are a few differences you should consider.

No matter which device you decide to choose at the end, we are sure you will not go wrong. Myle Clip and Myle Mini 2 are high-quality products that will provide a great vaping experience for everyone in need of a new device.


How Many Puffs Will You Get With Each Device?


When talking about disposable devices, there is one question that every user asks first. How many puffs will I get? So, let us start by giving you an answer to that because we know that this information is crucial.

Firstly, let's talk about Myle Clip. This disposable device will provide you with around 2000 delicious puffs because it comes with a stronger battery than Myle Mini 2 which will reward you with approximately 240 puffs.

The difference in the number of puffs is very noticeable, and that is why Myle Clip is a bit more expensive. So, choose wisely, and select the device you think offers better value for money.


Elegant Design


Moving on to design. We know that many users value the look of their vape devices very much, so we will tell you something more about the aesthetics of these two products.

When it comes to Myle Clip, we have to mention that this device is bulkier than its opponent which is a lot smaller and easier to carry around. Myle Clip comes in four different colors, which depend on the flavor of the device. It has a retractable mouthpiece, so if that is something that is important for you, then you should go ahead and give this device a go.

Both of these Myle vapor’s devices have cube-shaped mouthpieces that will suit your lips perfectly, and make your vaping experience very pleasant. Also, each device is sealed, so it is impossible for a product to leak.


What About E-Liquide?


Because Myle Clip is a bigger device, it comes with a larger tank, and it comes with a 6.0mL built-in pod. On the other side, we have Myle Mini 2 which has a prefilled 1mL tank. Again, the difference is noticeable, but based on your needs and likings, you will be able to choose a device that suits you better

Myle Clip and Myle Mini 2 provide 50mg of salt nicotine, so you will get a great nicotine buzz with every puff. These devices are an ideal choice for both beginner and long-running vapers, they are easy to use and they provide the same taste intensity, from first to last puff.


Easy to Use Devices


Another important piece of information we have to discuss is charging, so here is what you need to know. Myle Clip is a rechargeable device, and when you buy this product, you will receive a Micro-USB charger in your package. This allows you to use every last drop of liquid, which is of course a big advantage.

Myle Mini 2 doesn't require charging, and you can use it and enjoy your puffs as soon as you receive it. So, again, Myle has a device for everyone, just pick the one you like more.


An Outstanding Range of Flavors

We cannot finish this text before mentioning something we know you are curious about. Surely, we are talking about flavor options, and you will be glad to know that Myle Clip is available in 4 amazing flavors, and Myle Mini 2 comes in 10 pleasing flavors.

In case you decide to purchase Myle Clip, you can choose between Grape Ice, Red Apple, Iced Blueberry, and Iced Mint.

If you opt for Myle Mine 2, these are your flavor options. Peach, Iced Watermelon, Iced Mint, Iced Apple Mango, Menthol, Mango, Iced Mango, Pink Lemonade, Red Apple, and finally Iced Quadberry. These are all classic flavors that everyone loves, and without any doubt, you will find a flavor you will enjoy.


Hopefully, we have provided you with all the information about Myle Clip and Myle Mini 2, and that now it is easier to pick the right one for you. Of course, in case you have some more questions about both products, or you need help with making your choice, you can get in touch with Ap Vape Shop’s representatives because they will be able to answer all your questions.


It is our duty to remind you how important it is to buy products from certified vaping stores, so you can be 100% sure you will get an original and top-quality product. So, head over to our online vape shop, where you can find vaporizers you will like.

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