Myle Micro Bar Disposable vs. Myle Mini

Myle Micro Bar Disposable vs. Myle Mini

Myle is one of those manufacturers that we enjoy writing about since their creativity, hard work, and genuine wish to indulge their followers are an endless source of inspiration. 

Their disposable series has been one of the most popular in the market for some time now, and there are multiple valid reasons for that. Besides durability, low-defect rate, fresh design, and juicy flavors, Myle introduces small yet crucial modifications with each new edition which then upgrades the device and makes it attractive to a large audience. Whether it is a larger tank or a distinctively shaped mouthpiece, they always execute each change impeccably which ensures them the respect and trust of millions of vapers around the globe. 

If you are an enthusiastic vaper, there is a great chance you’ve already tried Myle Mini and were blown away instantly. Yet this time, we wanted to make a comparison between the good-old Myle Mini and the new Myle Micro which is one of the most anticipated disposables this year. If you liked Minis, we are more than sure that you’ll love Micro since it comes with a few upgrades that could improve the vaping experience for certain vapers. So, if you are ready to come with us on an exciting and delicious journey where you’ll get to learn some facts and possibly decide which one is the best choice for you, let’s go!

Same On the Outside, Different on the Inside 

Both Mini and Micro have a sleek, elegant, and minimalistic design that promises a secure grip thanks to their ergonomic traits. The device’s color varies from taste to taste, and Micro comes with a matte finish which gives it an extra touch of attractiveness. 

The mouthpieces are basically the same with the Mini’s being more rounded towards the top, and the Micro seems to have a cut that makes the mouthpiece’s edges more cubic-shaped. Still, the difference is only minor, and the quality of the draw remains the same with both devices – tight, silent, and pleasurable. 

While the Mini doesn't come with any print, Micro has Myle logo at the bottom and Micro Bar sign in the lovely tear-shape which is surely a nice touch. Micro still looks as discreet as possible, just like Mini, so they are both perfect options for serious adult vapers who appreciate a subtle and private vaping experience. 

Even though Mini is significantly smaller than other disposables, Micro is still one the smallest disposables you can find on the market today. 

Micro Is Not So Micro When It Comes to Battery and Tank Capacity 

Even though Myle went with the title Micro for their new device, when it comes to its power and durability, it is everything but that. 

If we compare the number of puffs that you get with Micro and Mini, you’ll be amazed to find out that Micro comes with 1500 puffs per disposable while Mini is limited to 320 or a bit more. This is a huge difference and an evident plus for the Micro since we all love to get as many puffs as possible from a single device. Of course, the tanks' capacities fit the number of puffs, so with Micro, you have 3 ml, and with Mini 1.2 ml. 

Still, both devices come with the highest-quality coils which ensure consistent and stable flavor delivery, prolong the device’s life, and spare you from the burnt and dull taste. With both devices, you’ll have an intense and clean flavor just with a different number of puffs.

Most will go for the Micro since it comes with more puffs, yet Mini is a perfect choice for a beginner who wants to try various vapes until sticking to the one that suits him or her the best. Also, if you are a recreational vaper, you’ll possibly go for the options with fewer puffs as well. 

TFN with Micro, and Regular Nick Salts with Mini – What’s the Difference?

If you’ve been following the development of the vaping industry, you’ve probably noticed that most disposables come with TFN or Tobacco-free Nicotine nowadays. Even though the regular nicotine salts are still present and safe to use as that was always the case, TFN is the purest form of the salts which promises cleaner flavor thanks to the odorless liquid which is the basis of it.

Micro comes with 5% of TFN while Mini comes with 5% of regular nic salts which means that you’ll be able to satisfy the cravings with both devices equally, yet with Micro, you’ll get a bit more of a flavor’s intensity and nuances. 

Both Devices Are Good Options for Vaping Beginners and Veterans

Both Micro and Mini are portable, small, and don’t require any charging, maintenance, or refill which makes them ideal for those who are constantly on the go or don’t want to invest any time or energy into taking care of their vapes. Therefore, both devices are a perfect fit for any sort of vaper since they promise great flavor delivery, and durability, and are above all simple to use. 

The Flavor Options

Even though both Myle Mini and Myle Micro come with the same number of flavors, Micro offers more authentic and thrilling blends.

Mini is well-known for its evergreen editions like Iced Quad-Berry, Tobacco Gold, Peach, Pink Lemonade, and many more, yet Micro will make you overly intrigued with all-new Sweet Churro, Strawberry Slushy, Bano (classic tobacco), Primer Pear, and others. As you can see, the huge flavor palette of both devices gives everyone a chance to find the adequate edition among the offer, so all you need to do is check them both and see for yourself which one suits you the best.

We advise you to do so at the certified shops only to avoid buying fakes, and our ApVapeShop offers only original Myle products that come with a great price, fast delivery, and are always fresh and ready for usage as soon as unpacked. Feel free to contact us anytime in case you need more information or place your order now and see for yourself why we are adult’s America’s nr.1 nicotine vape shop!

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