Myle Mini or Myle Mini 2 - Which One to Choose?

Myle Mini or Myle Mini 2 - Which One to Choose?

Whichever disposable device you choose in the end, you can’t go wrong with Myle. Recognized globally for their unique, innovative, and affordable vaping products, Myle went a step further when designing and creating their disposables series. 

Besides the extraordinary design that enriches both Myle Mini and Myle Mini 2 editions, these all-in-one disposables promise an ultimately pleasurable vaping journey. Compact, easy to use, and equipped with the innovative anti-leak pod system, Myle’s disposables are equally suitable for complete beginners and long-running vapers. 

Still, if you want to be sure that you’ve made the right choice when purchasing your next pack of disposables or going for the wholesale option, we suggest you stay with us as we are going to cover all the key features and differences between Myle Mini and Myle Mini 2. 

Which One Will Ensure You More Puffs?

This might be the ultimate reason you choose one over another, so we’ll start with comparing the tech specifications of these two editions. 

Myle Mini comes with a stronger battery that will allow you to take over 320 satisfying draws, while the Myle Mini 2 series have to offer around 240 of those. Still, their prices match with what you’ll get as Myle Mini is double the price in comparison with the Mile Mini 2. At least, that’s the fair deal you’ll come across at our certified ApVapeShop, so feel free to take a look at it any time.  

The Key Differences in Appearance and Built

If you are looking for a considerably small disposable vape, Myle Mini is only 3 inches long, and therefore, one of the tiniest on the market right now. Myle Mini 2 is slightly larger and more robust, but it is also equally compact and will fit any pocket or purse. 

Still, the main differences in this matter could be found in the design itself. Mile Mini doesn’t have visible borders between the parts, while Myle Mini 2 has a separating line between the mouthpiece and the device’s body, just like their Myle Vape V1 has. It also looks sleeker and more sophisticated when compared to the Myle Mini which has an exceptionally simple design. 

The mouthpieces are both comfortable, yet with Myle Mini it is round while the other has a cube shape and it’s slightly flatter. It only depends on what suits your lips better, but as far as we are concerned, there isn’t much difference in the overall feeling. Still, the translucent sealed pod that comes with the Myle Mini 2 is convenient for those who want to be always familiar with the e-liquid status. 

E-liquid Capacity and Quality

Since it offers more puffs, Myle Mini’s liquids capacity is slightly larger, too. It comes with a pod that contains 1.2ml of pre-filled e-liquid while the other edition’s pod stores 1ml of it. 

Both Myle’s disposables contain 50mg of nicotine in each pod, but there is one key difference when it comes to the type of e-liquid placed in them. Myle Mini 2 offers natural nicotine salts instead of free-base nicotine formula, so if you are chasing for a harder nicotine buzz embraced with the smooth throat hit, these disposables are a good solution for you. 

To avoid any confusion, that doesn’t mean that Myle Mini will cause any sort of throat irritation, exactly the opposite. Since it offers a prolonged vaping experience, you’ll be able to enjoy each draw to the maximum thanks to the process that turns nicotine into a freebase and allows it to be more bioavailable for your lungs, brain, and central nervous system. This means that both Myle Mini and Myle Mini 2 are built to satisfy your cravings fully yet in different ways.

And Now, The Flavors!

Like the reduced number of puffs might be a deal breaker for many, flavor versatility plays a huge role when deciding, too. 

Myle Mini comes with a flavor palette that consists of 20 different flavors, while Myle Mini 2 has 10 of them. The second edition offers mostly fruity and icy-fruity combinations like Mango and Iced Mango, Peach, Iced Watermelon, etc. With Myle Mini, you have fruity blends (Strawberry banana, Raspberry Watermelon, Mixed Berries), single fruit flavors like with Myle Mini 2 (Red Apple, Peach), and Icy and fruity mixes, too. 

However, Myle Mini also offers incredibly rich and potent Tobacco flavors – Sweet Tobacco, Tobacco Gold, and Tobacco Red, which is a huge plus for those who want to enjoy the taste of premium tobacco without the tar, bad smell, and health hazard.

Hopefully, we helped you even a little bit to decide over these two amazing disposables, but feel free to get in touch with our ApVapeShop customer service whenever you want for any additional information. Whether you want to purchase Myle Mini or Myle Mini 2, we keep them in our stock regularly and guarantee that you'll be supplied with the fresh and original products, every time.

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