Myle Nano Disposable Vape - Reviews and Guide

Myle Nano Disposable Vape - Reviews and Guide

Whether you just embarked on your vaping journey or have been vaping for quite some time, Myle will not disappoint you. Even though it is one of the fastest-growing nicotine delivery systems, Myle never compromises on its products’ quality and has a team of dedicated experts who work tirelessly to improve its technology and design with each new edition. 

When it comes to their latest Male Nano disposable series, we can say with confidence that they have already established a high place in the fierce disposables market. Incredibly thin, light, and beautifully designed, yet intense and powerful when it comes to flavor experience, Myle Nano disposables simply have it all. Have we mentioned the incredibly affordable price that these disposable devices come with? 

Selecting the right disposable vape can seem like an impossible mission considering the number of high-end products available, so we made sure to make the whole process easier for you and tell you all about the new Myle Nano disposables. Feel free to give our Ap Vape Shop experts a call now if you need first-hand information now as we are always glad to help our customers get exactly what they want. 

Myle Nano Disposable Vape Appearance and Functionality

The first thing you notice about these vapes is how they fit nicely into your hand. Round-shaped, thin, and matte-finished, they are easy to handle and almost impossible to drop. The overall upscale and modern look is both attractive and subtle, so Myle once more did a great job when it comes to design. 

Smaller than the majestic Myle Evo but larger than legendary Myle Minis, it will fit perfectly into any pocket or purse, and still not draw any attention which is usually desired by most adult vapers. 

Easy to use and with zero up-keep requirements, Myle Nano is ready for vaping from the moment you unwrap it. It is draw-activated and provides more than 600 puffs per device, so it serves as a fine alternative for tobacco. If you are ready to get rid of the nasty habit, we are more than sure that these delicious disposables could help. 

Waterproof Tank and Well-Developed Anti-Leak Technology

Myle’s devices come with a low defect rate thanks to the waterproof tank which is completely sealed to the device’s body. You can forget about messy leaks that surely don’t bring in the best vaping experience. 

The Myle Nano comes with the pre-filled 2.5ml pod, and comfortable and narrow mouthpiece which allows you to take both strong and soft draws and get the amazing flavor you came for in both cases. The device is non-rechargeable, and you can simply throw it away once the battery is dead. 

Are Myle Nano Disposables Recyclable?

This is the main concern of the environmentally-conscious vapers who adore disposables, and it is a problem that needs to be addressed by everyone. Still, Myle is one of those globally recognized manufacturers who truly want to unburden our natural resources as much as possible and let you enjoy the whole experience guilt-free.

All the plastic parts are completely reusable which means that their manufacturing process doesn’t require new finite resources from our Planet Earth. All you need to do is place an empty device in the special recycling bag which is then sent to Myle's facility for further treatment. 

Get Ready for the Bold and Satisfying Flavors

Great flavor blends and their quality have always been one of the strongest points of any Myle’s device, and they certainly didn’t change the good practice with their latest Nano disposable series. 

You can choose from 12 different variants that include tobacco, icy and fruity flavors, and of course, their truly exciting minty and fruity mixes. Each device is matte-black but comes with a colored ring between the upper and lower part of the device. Its color nuances match the particular flavor – blue for the icy ones, brownish for the tobacco and the rest simply corresponds to the fruit color. 

Let’s mention some that blew us away – Los Ice for those who appreciate a real extravagant minty flavor, Prime Pear for the vapers who like the warm and subtle taste of the fully ripened pears, Raspberry Ice for an utterly fresh yet concrete berry-like taste, and possibly our favorite, White Grape which you simply need to try to understand why it is so unique and alluring. 

How To Be Certain That You’ve Purchased an Authentic Myle Nano Disposable Vape?

First, every Myle product package has an ‘’anti-counterfeit’’ label which clearly indicates that you’ve got the real thing. Secondly, make sure to buy Myle’s product at the certified vape shops exclusively, and avoid being frustrated over an unsatisfactory device and wasted money.

We at Ap Vape Shop guarantee that you’ll get the best deal and an original vaping device that you are seeking, so feel free to visit our store today and get your Myle Nano in the shortest time possible.
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