Myle Vape - Review and Guide

Myle Vape - Review and Guide

If you are looking to purchase a new vaping device, you have probably heard about the Myle Vape. This Italian-made and designed vaping kit became very popular since it offers a built-in battery and magnetic charging base, plus you can choose one of the 9 pre-filled flavors at a 20mg nicotine salt e-liquid.

Flavors like Cubano, Lush Ice, and Pound Cake make Myle Vape unique, but that is not everything that this device has to offer. In this detailed review and guide, you will be able to learn more about its preferences and decide whether it is something that will fit your vaping needs or not. 

What Makes Myle Vape Special?

Besides the above-mentioned flavors, other things make Myle Vape stand out among many other vaping devices. Myle offers pods that cost less and contain more e-liquid than the products of some other brands. This means that Myle Vape requires less long-term costs. 

Another thing that may have caught your attention is Myle's sleek and modern design. Since it has slightly curved edges, you will realize that it feels nicer in hand than some other vaping devices. When inserting or removing pods, you can hear the click, and many people said it makes that entire process more fun. It also has excellent airflow characteristics, so you can expect a responsive puff sensor and easy draw.

Myle Vape has nice LEDs, so it is very easy to check the remaining battery life. Also, there is a magnetic charging base we already mentioned, so you can simply connect your charger with your laptop and drop in the Myle battery. The magnet will ensure that it will remain in place during the charging process. 

How to Refill Myle Pods?

We already mentioned that Myle Vape is a cost-effective device, and one thing that makes it so affordable is the fact that you can refill your pods. You can simply buy a bottle of e-liquid you prefer and simply fill the empty pods several times before you throw them. 

Here is how the refill process looks like:

  • The first step of the process is to remove the empty pod from the Myle device and then pry the plastic cap from the bottom of it away

  • You will then need to remove the rubber gasket sealing the pod

  • Add the e-liquid to the pod and be careful to stop once it is nearly full because if there is no room left, the pod will overflow when you put the gasket back in.

  • The last step of the process is to replace the pod's gasket and cap

It is important to say that the performance with refilled pods will never be the same as what you would get with the new pod. Because of that, we suggest you refill your pods occasionally, before the flavor changes for the worse. Also, the refilled pods might leak from time to time which is rarely the case with the new ones. 

One Year Warranty

The Myle vaping devices include a one-year warranty, so even if some issues occur within the first year of your purchase, you can relax knowing that it will be repaired swiftly and charge-free. Of course, you will be eligible for the warranty only for problems that are not caused by misuse or modification. 

The Convenience of Pre-Filled Flavoured Pods

In case you are looking for a simple and hassle-free vaping experience, we suggest you take a look at the Myle Mini Disposable devices. Every box comes with two disposable devices of capacity 1.2 mL which are fully charged and provides about 320 puffs per pod, and 5% nicotine by volume. 

This is a very practical choice for people who are looking for a premium quality vaping experience on the go, and since there are nine available flavors you will be able to select the one that suits your taste best.

Myle Vape Device V1

In case that you want a vaping device that has a dependable battery that will not dry out in the middle of the day, we suggest you take a look at Myle Vape Device V1. It includes a 240mAh battery which can be easily charged via USB, so you can be sure that it will last longer, and fully charged in no time whenever you need it. 

It has an automatic nicotine delivery system, so there are no complicated settings or unnecessary buttons or switches to turn. All you have to do is to connect the Myle pod you prefer and enjoy the fulfilling flavor. 

There is also a Myle Basic Kit V4 which can be filled in with 5% or 2% nicotine pods, and also uses a non-leaking technology. You can count on this device to provide you about 240 puffs per one charge, and the device itself comes in different colors, so you can select the one that fits your style perfectly.
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