Navigating the Vape Jungle: Devices to Keep an Eye On

Navigating the Vape Jungle: Devices to Keep an Eye On

For more than two decades, we have had the privilege to watch the vaping market grow. That is why we have been introduced to new devices at all times, and as such things tend to happen, not all of them are equally great. The vaping industry has truly become a real jungle, and navigating it may be more complicated than it seems. 

On one side we have brands that have proven their quality, and on the other, we have some new and emerging ones that we also like to give a chance and try out what they came up with. And during that never-ending journey, our taste buds sometimes suffer. Since we know how awful it may be to taste some bad puffs, we have come to a list of devices you cannot go wrong with.

Each one of them is designed to provide premium vaping sessions and rest assured that with them by your side you will vape like a pro. If you wonder how we know that, well the answer is simple. We have tried them all, and now we can finally talk about them!

Adjust Air Flow to Your Likings 

Each vaper has unique habits, and nowadays it is crucial to opt for devices that offer customization. One size fits all doesn’t apply to vape devices, and it is essential to use the one that can help us enjoy puffs just the way we like. That is why it is always a safe choice to spend your money on products that offer adjustable airflow control, and one of the best ones on the market of this kind is undeniably the CZAR CZ9000 Puff.

This device is portable, and due to its shape, it will fit the palm of your hand perfectly. You can easily have it by your side at all times, and savor some draws whenever the cravings emerge. It is pre-filled with 17mL of high-quality e-juice, and its nicotine dose is 5%, which is perfect for both those who are just setting off on their adventure, and also for those who have been vaping for quite some time. 

Two Modes for Great Enjoyment 

Another thing we have seen recently is that more and more brands are going the extra mile to thrill us with innovative features that can truly bring our vaping game to a completely new level. These days, devices are mostly made incorporating smart screens, which can help us to always keep track of the way we vape. 

Mr Fog Switch SW15000 is one of those exceptional devices we think everyone should try out. Believe us, after the very first hit, you will understand why so many people keep on repurchasing it. It has two light indicators. The very first one is designed to provide us with information about battery level, so we can always know when is the right moment to put a USB Type-C charger into action. The second one tells us about e-juice level, so we can know when the 12mL tank is coming to an end. This is how we would never have to worry about staying without some precious juice when we need it the most. We would know exactly when is the right time to visit ApVapeShop and buy a new puff maker. When using this disposable, you can switch between two modes, eco and boost one, and vape just the way you like. 

Mighty Device Designed by a Celebrity 


Another that we have been witnessing is the creation of vape devices by celebrities. Some of them are just a marketing stunt, while the others are actually of the highest quality. So, in case you desire to taste how vapes made by famous people taste, we advise starting with Tyson 2.0 Vape Iron Mike 15000. And yes you guessed it, it is created by the one and only Mike Tyson, the boxing legend, and this device will punch you straight to the face by how good it is.

The first thing you will notice is its remarkable design. This disposable is fully black, which makes it look very powerful. There is even a face of Mike Tyson on it! It is very easy to use, all you need to do is unwrap it when you receive it, take the first hit, and you are ready to go.

What we love the most about it, is its range of aromas. There are 20 unique ones, and all of them taste amazingly. Our absolute favorite one is Frozen Peach, and we think it is ideal for everyday use. At the same time, it is slightly sweet, with a dash of menthol, and we are sure your taste buds will love it. 

Advanced Coils = Premium Vaping

We all know that coils are one of the most important components of each vaping device since their quality will determine the quality of puffs as well. When coils are bad, there is a high possibility we will encounter those dreadfully burnt puffs that can destroy our vaping sessions completely.

That is why it is imperative to always choose devices that boost only advanced coils, such as Yovo Ultra 18000 Puffs. You will experience supreme flavor and incredible vapor production. Each puff you take would be equally tasty, and delightful. It is made using anti-leak technology, so you can take it with you anywhere you go, and not stress over spilling and making a mess. This disposable will treat you to a hassle-free vaping experience, and we know that once you try it out, you would like to go back to it over and over again. And every time you do that, you can opt for a new aroma. There are a lot of them at your disposal, so finding a few you really love is a piece of cake. If you don’t know where to start, we advise adding Grape Gami to your cart. It is phenomenal!

Now, the time has come to choose wisely, visit ApVapeShop, expect to receive a genuine device at your doorstep, and get ready to vape like never before! 

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