Nebula Asteroid 1800 Puff Disposable - Flavor Selection

Nebula Asteroid 1800 Puff Disposable - Flavor Selection

Nebula disposables promise a memorable experience from the moment you unpack them to the ultimate puff. 

With their latest Asteroid edition, they’ve managed to create a powerful and technologically impeccable device that comes with incredible flavors that will suit everyone’s likes. Equipped with the 850mAh internal battery and tank of 6ml e-liquid capacity, this disposable can last up to a week. It comes with the well-developed anti-leak technology that keeps the device functional and safe to use, and its compact and sleek design is perfect for those who are constantly on the go. 

However, Nebula Asteroid’s greatest asset is the exciting flavor palette with 15 different editions. We tried them all and it is quite difficult to select just a few of them to write about, so we decided to cover the whole flavor selection and provide you with a detailed review on each. If you are looking for disposables that will keep you fresh and your taste buds satisfied over the summer season, we are sure that the all-new Nebula will find its place in your disposables collection. Therefore, stay with us, and let’s dive deep into the delicious world of premium-quality Nebula Asteroid 1800 puff disposable vape flavors that come with 5% of nicotine. 

Pure Fruity Delights

It is quite rare that disposable comes with a single tropical fruit flavor, but we must admit that Nebula did a great job with their Pineapple disposable edition. The sweet kick that comes at first is not too overwhelming leaving the room for a clean pineapple taste to rule each puff. 

Now, their original strawberry flavor is simply something else since it's not overly sweet but rather enriched with that unique, sensual berry flavor that we all like. Strawberry Watermelon is one of the best combinations for the upcoming summer season as it is both refreshing and succulent at the same time. Strawberry Banana is slightly more intense with the matte banana flavor, and it resembles a fine smoothie. What we’ve noticed is that the banana flavor is a bit more vivid rather than strong which we experience with the taste of ripened banana, so you’ll be pleasantly surprised with this one as well. 

Kiwi Strawberry is the ultimately tangy and mildly sugary delight perfect for all-day vaping. Even though the flavor is intense and rich, it is not too overpowering which makes it ideal for beginners who wish to kick off the tobacco smoking habit once and for all. The flavor is completely satisfying and energizing thanks to the zesty kiwi and luscious strawberry.

Tropical Fruit is a perfect mix of the most delicious tropical fruit - mangos, guava, lychee, and passionfruit, so you can expect a real explosion of sensual flavors with each puff. Since Nebula Asteroid disposable vape comes with super-quality coils and slim airflow, you’ll get a chance to experience the intensity of each to the maximum – from the first to the last one. 

And finally, here is a cherry on top – their ever-green Blue Razz disposable vape. The combination of delicate blueberries and tarty raspberries is simply mouthwatering, and the best way to see what's the hype about is to simply purchase your pair today at our certified ApVapeShop, and never worry whether you’ve bought an original. We guarantee the authenticity of each product we keep in our large stock and promise rapid and accurate delivery. Check out our offer and see for yourself why we are adult America’s #1 nicotine vape shop!

Fruity And Icy Mixes

To successfully combine fresh mint with the rich fruity flavor requires careful flavor selection, testing, and manufacturing technology, yet Nebula did it all and presented us with 4 amazing flavors that we simply can’t get enough of. 

Grape Ice is probably one of their hottest selling disposables since it promises a wild ride from the first draw. The lush and subtly sweet taste of ripe grapes remains in the spotlight even after they are gently wrapped up by the hint of fresh inhale. This edition will not bore you even after a whole week of constant vaping, we are pretty confident to claim that since thousands of vapers have already done the same.


Blueberry Mint promises a similar experience just with a lower intensity of icy hint. It is more of a clean blueberry taste that comes with the soft minty kick at the end of the draw, perfect for those who like just a little bit of freshness in the fruity flavor.  

Banana Ice is the flavor that you simply need to try to understand why we like it so much. The banana flavor is brighter than with the other disposable vapes which helps the menthol kick fit just nicely at the beginning of the draw. This disposable is fresh and exciting as it gets, but you’ll still be able to taste the concrete banana flavor at each draw. 

Finally, Lush Ice is a mix of yummy watermelon and clean and intense icy punch made for those who appreciate minty flavor enriched with the gentle fruity hint. 

Absolute Ice and More!

Now, if you wish to experience a full-on icy kick that refreshes your mouth for as long as there is a battery or e-liquid in the disposable, you must try their extraordinary Iced Mint! Intense and bracing at each puff, this disposable will keep you awake and energized for a whole day. Even though the flavor is potent, it is still well-balanced and doesn’t even slightly irritate the throat and make you cough. 

We are almost finished with the Nebula Asteroid 1800 puff disposable flavor palette review as there are only 4 variants left to cover. The utterly sweet Bubble Gum and Cotton Candy disposables will do the magic for those who like to refresh their childhood memories. If you like Skittles, you’ll surely love Rainbow Candy as it resembles the popular candies incredibly. 

Finally, exotic Pina Colada will make you feel like you are on the beach even when commuting to work thanks to the sweet taste of rum mixed with the creamy coconut and gentle vanilla notes that come at the end of the puff. 

Even though it is quite difficult to explain how something tastes, we did our best! Hopefully, we helped you decide which Nebula Asteroid 1800 puff disposable vape might be ideal for you, but considering their price that goes under $15, you can always buy a few different editions and select the favorite one based on the experience.

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