Nebula Asteroid 1800 Puff Disposable Vape Device Review

Nebula Asteroid 1800 Puff Disposable Vape Device Review

If there is one thing we are 100% sure of, is that devices designed and produced by Vape Nebula have never disappointed us. So, when we heard that they were coming out with a new disposable, we had to be among the first people to try it out and found what was the quality of it. And, luckily, we have to say that we ended up loving their newest creation.

It is called Nebula Asteroid and it provides smoothness and vibrancy like no other device. We like everything about it, from the way it looks to the stunning range of luscious flavors you can choose from.

Whether you are just starting your vaping journey, or you have been enjoying some incredible puffs for a very long time, we truly believe that you have to try out this innovation. It will take your vaping experience to a completely new level and give your taste buds a well-deserved thrill.

In case you are curious to find out in-depth what makes Nebula Asteroid 1800 Puffs stand out from its competition, then just keep on reading. We will tell you everything we know about it and hopefully encourage you to test it out as soon as possible.


Strong Batery - Long Life


Sure, we know that the point of disposable devices is to get rid of them as soon as your battery runs off and simply move on to another device. But, even with disposables, no one likes to waste precious e-liquid and not get the best out of it. Thankfully, this member of the Nebula family is powered by an internal 850 mAh battery, which means you will be able to enjoy your device for days.

Of course, the battery doesn’t require any charging, so as soon as you receive the wanted item to your doorstep, you can simply unwrap it, and start using it.

Another fantastic fact is that this product is created with the help of anti-leaking technology. That means, that you can carry it with you anywhere you go stress-free. Forget about creating the mess, because, with this disposable by your side, that is never going to happen.


Pre-Filled Tank For Easy Vaping Experience


Are you tired of refilling your vaping devices all the time? Well, if you are, then disposable devices are just what you need, and the one we are talking about today is for sure one of the best ones.

You will get your Nebula Asteroid with an already pre-filled 6ml tank. That amount will provide approximately 1800 tasty puffs you can consume whenever you want. It contains 50mg/5% salt nicotine of the highest quality. So, rest assured you won't experience any throat irritation, and that every inhale will be the same intensity.


Super Sleek and Sophisticated Design


Because we take our disposables with us anywhere we go, we have to admit that we care about their design. When it comes to Nebula Asteroid 1800 Puffs, we need to say that we fell in love with it the first time we saw it. This type of style is our favorite. It is very simple but at the same time very effective.

It comes in various vibrant colors, and on it, you can see the stunning company’s logo. Its rubber, metallic cylinder design makes it fit the palm of your hand impeccably, and the narrow mouthpiece will make each inhale extra smooth.

There are no unnecessary buttons you have to deal with, so when it comes to using simplicity, this is as simple as it can get. All you have to do is choose the flavor you like the best, and you are good to go.


Exceptional Range of Unique Flavors


Speaking of flavors, we surely mustn’t leave without sharing our thoughts about them. The first thing you have to know is that when adding this product to your cart you can choose between 15 marvelous flavors that are created to cater to the needs of even the most demanding vapers.

For all of those who are fans of fruity tastes, there are a few options at their disposal. For sure, one of the best ones is Tropical Fruit, which will satisfy anyone’s taste buds. Also, Strawberry Watermelon, Kiwi Strawberry, and Strawberry Banana are here for you, so if you love these basic but delicious combinations, make sure to order them. We have also tried out Pineapple, Banana Ice, and Blue Raz, which is a mixture of blueberries and raspberries, and we have to admit that we have thoroughly enjoyed all of them.

In case you have a sweet tooth, and you want your puffs to be extra sugary, then we cannot recommend Rainbow Candy enough. The name says it all, and this skittle candy mix is for sure one of the best ones we have ever tried. But that is not all. Cotton Candy is yet another option we are sure you will adore.

With summer approaching it is always a great idea to opt for a flavor that has a hint of menthol so it can provide you with some refreshing aftertaste. That is why, Lush Ice, Iced Mint, Grape Ice, Blueberry Mint, and Banana Ice are waiting for you.

If you love what bubble gum tastes like, the flavors creator made sure to produce a flavor for all of you, and it is called simply Bubble Gum.

Finally, we have to give a special shout-out to one of our all-time favorite flavors, Pina Colada, an ideal blend of pineapple and coconut. Not every manufacturer knows how to do this flavor a justice, but one more time, Nebula has proved why it is one of the highly praised brands on the market.


So, if we have intrigued you and you want to find out firsthand why this disposable is among the best-sellers, head over to ApVapeShop and buy your copy as soon as possible. This is the best online shop we have ever come across, so rest assured you will be getting the original product of the highest quality for the best price possible.
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