Pod Juice Hyde IQ 5000 Puff Disposable Review and Guide

Pod Juice Hyde IQ 5000 Puff Disposable Review and Guide

Vaping has taken off in a big way, and one of the quickest ways to try out new spectacular flavors is by using disposable vapes that come in many different options. Hyde is a brand that specializes in designing some spectacular products, and their Hyde IQ 5000 Puff disposable is currently one of the best options on the market. We wanted to review this product, because we found it, without any doubt, worth all your attention. In this review, we'll go over its features and how it performs when used.

Not only that Pod Juice Hyde IQ 5000 disposable vape device has some spectacular features, but it also has a flavor selection to please even the most discerning individual who enjoys their vaping session regularly. So, if you are looking for a new disposable, and you are not sure which one to buy next, this one definitely has to be on your radar.

It will take your vaping experience to a new and improved level, and with it, by your side, you will be able to enjoy thousands upon thousands of delicious puffs any time you like. So, here it is! Our newest vape obsession, Pod Juice Hyde IQ 5000, you can purchase as soon as you are done reading this text!


Meet the Smartest Disposable Device on the Market

Sure, you have heard about smartphones, but what about smart disposable vaping devices? Did you even know that is the thing? Well, believe it or not, it is! When it comes to vaping, things are constantly developing, and that is why we are finally introduced to the Pod Juice Hyde IQ 5000, one of the first smart disposables, designed using the most innovative and advanced features you have ever seen!

First of all, you will notice the adjustable airflow that will help you customize the draw, which is super useful, especially for anyone who is just starting to vape and doesn’t want to start their journey with some strong hits. But that is not all. This option will allow you to enhance the flavor of the e-juice. So, with this product by your side, you can completely customize the way you vape, which makes it stand out from its competition. Not many devices can allow you to do this, so make sure to try it as soon as possible.

But that is not the end of game-changing features. We all know how frustrating it can be to never know how much e-liquid we are left with, and because of that, we can run out of puffs when we need them the most. Luckily, with this vaping device, that is never going to happen!

The smart light indicators will show you how much e juice is left, so you won't ever be unpleasantly surprised. If the light is green, there is between 30% and 100% of precious juice. When you see that the light goes orange, the level is between 16% and 30%. And the red one is the worst! It shows that you are left with only 1%-16% of juice, and that is time to start considering getting a new device.

Surely, this light is extremely useful, but it is not the only one that will make your vaping easier. On the devices you can notice the innovative battery indicator light as well, so you can know the battery level, and when is the time to recharge it. Just know that the charger is not included, but because we are sure that you have one at home already, that won't be a deal breaker.


Pre-Filled Tank for Hassle-Free Experience 

Using this vaping device is super easy, so even if you have never used this type of device before, there is nothing to stress about. When you receive it, all you have to do is to unwrap it from the package, inhale your first puff, and see why this gadget is among the most talked about nowadays.

Because it is already pre-filled, you don’t have to think about creating a huge mess when dealing with liquid. Inside the product, there is an 8ml tank that will award you with approximately 5000 luscious puffs made for your uttermost enjoyment.

Another cool thing is that this item features mesh coils. That means you will never experience burned hits, and puffs will be extremely tasty. Also, coils will prolong the device’s life, which is always a great thing.


Portable Vape Device Perfect for On-the-Go Use

Surely, a disposable needs to be portable, so we can have it in our pocket or bags at all times, and have a puff or two whenever we feel like it.

This one is a box-shaped, lightweight, and compact product that will fit the palm of your hand impeccably. Also, it has an extra narrow mouthpiece that will make vaping even more pleasant. It comes in various color combinations that are very sophisticated.

On the device itself, you can see the brand’s logo, and on the bottom left corner, you can spot two indicator lights we have already talked about. So, it is super sleek and elegant, and we are sure you will like having it by your side at all times.

When it comes to flavors, the selection of those is pretty decent, but most importantly, each aroma is of high quality, and it will meet the needs of even the most demanding vapers.

When making a purchase, you can choose between Jewel Mint Ice, Bomb Berry Popsicle Ice, Blue Razz Peach Bears Ice, Dragon-Berry Cotton Clouds, Strawberry Limeade Ice, Miami Berry, Kiwi Apple Pom-Berry Ice, and finally, there is an aroma called Killa Confetti. We liked them all and now is up to you to pick the one that sounds the most interesting.


All aromas are available at the finest online vape store, ApVapeShop. So, as soon as you are ready to order Pod Juice Hyde IQ 5000 disposable vape device and treat yourself with the top-notch device, make sure to visit it, and get the original device.
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