Pod Pocket 7500 Puff Disposable Vape - Flavor Selection

Pod Pocket 7500 Puff Disposable Vape - Flavor Selection

Disposable vapes are currently the most popular type of vaping device that you can find on the market, and there are multiple reasons for that.

They are easy to use, come pre-filled, are cheap, and come in many forms and variants, so you can surely find the best possible option among the vast offer. Above all, they don’t require any maintenance and are lightweight and portable. Equally adored by beginners and vaping veterans, disposable vapes can cater to all your needs and keep you satisfied for a long time depending on the device’s battery and tank.

However, not all disposables fit into the top-quality category, and this is the prime reason why we are here. It is our duty to inform you about the new arrivals that are made by the finest vaping manufacturers who are fearlessly fighting to stay at the top of the competition. One of those is certainly a world-renowned e-liquid manufacturer Pod Juice which decided to put all its skill, effort, and delicious e-juices and produce one and only Pod Pocket 7500 puff disposable vape.

Knowing that their original e-liquids are some of the highest-quality juices you can find, it is no wonder that their disposable is already one of the hottest-selling vapes. In the following lines, we will present you with their unique flavor options and give honest recommendations on the flavors we found most alluring.

A Few Words About the Device

Besides the fact that it looks beautiful, this disposable feels great in hand thanks to the rubber finish and smooth edges. It will treat you with over 7500 intense puffs thanks to the integrated rechargeable 650mAh battery and 14mL pre-filled tank. The battery indicator is placed on the left side at the device’s bottom, and once the light is red, it is time for a quick recharge.

Thanks to the mesh coils, you’ll be able to enjoy each puff to the maximum and have a fully functional device until there is no more juice in the tank. Then you can pick another device, pull that draw, and that’s about it. It comes with anti-leak technology, so you never have to worry about nasty leaks. Finally, you can buy Pod Pocket 7500 Puff disposable vape for under $15 which is quite cheap if we consider all the good stuff that comes with it.

Jewel Tobacco – An Epic Flavor That Can Help Quitting Cigarettes

If you are one of the many who wish to stop smoking and are on the lookout for the next best yet much safer option, this flavor might be the solution you were waiting for. Jewel Tobacco is one of the evergreens from the Juice Pod e-liquids collection, and we are thrilled that now it can be found in their new disposable.

It comes with a well-familiar rich and smooth tobacco flavor enriched with delicate Virginia Tobacco notes. Finally, the aftertaste has a satisfying oaky finish with just a little bit of sweetness for added pleasure. This edition is the only one that comes with the tobacco, yet it is more than enough to help you kick off the nasty habit and forget about the smell, ash, and tar once and for all.

The Queen of All the Berries & Co

There is no doubt that berry flavors are amongst the most preferred by many vapers, and Pod Juice did a great job when producing them.

Strawberry Watermelon is an interesting combination – refreshing watermelon comes at the top of the puff, while the pulpy and attractive strawberry wraps it up soon after. Strawberry Mango is surely a must-try since mango is always a great option for the summer season. Juice Pod’s skill and knowledge are easily visible in this example as they’ve managed to blend these two flavors so that you can taste each equally. Strawberry Kiwi Ice is a well-familiar smoothy-like fruity blend that comes with an icy finish that is not too overpowering.

Now, Strawberry Rollup is specially designed for those who crave sugar yet don’t want to pile up extra calories. A famous cookie that comes in the calorie form yet with the same delicious taste – surely one of our favorite picks.

Blue Razz Ice is an evergreen taste among vapers which is ideal for those who like it when mint and fruit function in perfect harmony. You can expect a powerful blueberry kick at the beginning followed by a sweet and refreshing mint. Another great thing about this disposable is that it is not overly sweet, you can vape all day long and still feel refreshed. On the other hand, Blue Razz Cotton Carnival is an utterly sweet and exciting flavor combination that comes as close as possible to the cotton candy taste enriched with the alluring blueberry finish.

Ice Cold or Super Sweet? Choose Your Favorite

For those who prefer clean and intense minty flavors, Clear Sapphire might be the best option. It doesn’t have any sweetness which makes it super powerful, but without any throat irritation. Lemon Mint Ice brings in the zesty lemon flavor wrapped up in the gently sweet mint and icy finish. Jewel Mint Ice promises a super frosty inhale with subtly sweet mint notes.

Now, let’s focus on those super sweet flavors – Fruity Bears doesn’t need further explanations since its name leaves no room for mystery. It comes as close to the original gummy bear candy as possible, so if you are up for a super delicious and syrupy ride, we suggest you give it a try. Rainbow Freeze comes with multiple fruit flavors like orange, grapes, apples, and strawberries with a splash of menthol. Finally, we will finish with a real jewel amongst the fruity delights – Watermelon Burst. It comes with a soft chewy candy flavor with the essence of mouth-watering watermelons.

Hopefully, we managed to bring you closer to the exciting world of Pod Pocket 7500 Puff disposable vape flavor selection, so that you can get an idea of which one you might give a try. Our ApVapeShop is a certified Pod Pocket disposable vape dealer, so you can check out our offer, order your favorite one today, and have it delivered to your doorstep in the shortest time.
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