Pod Systems vs. Disposables

Pod Systems vs. Disposables

Vaping is becoming more and more popular as days go by, and companies are constantly coming up with new devices that will satisfy the needs of millions of users. In the world of vaping, we are constantly witnessing the huge battle between pod systems and disposables, because the users fight all the time about which devices are better.

If you are about to start your vaping journey and you are conflicted about which device to use, then stay with us until the end. We will talk about both pod systems and disposables, and once you read this text, you will get a better picture of these two products.

Just like every other device, these two have their advantages and disadvantages, and it is just up to you and your personal preferences to choose the one that suits you better. We are here to help you make the final decision, so let us share with you everything we know about pod systems and disposables, the most popular vape devices.

The Main Features of Pod Systems 

Let us briefly talk about what these products are, and what are their main characteristics. We will begin with pod systems, small and compact vape devices you can take with you anywhere you go. These tiny devices are made of two parts, the body, which contains a battery, and a pod where you can find valuable e-liquids. The battery is built-in, which means that you have to recharge it using a USB cable once it goes off.

If you decide to buy a pod system, you can then choose between open and closed types. Shorty, the open type comes with refillable cartridges, so once all your puffs are used, you can just refill the tank and keep on vaping. Logically, the closed type is the complete opposite. So, once your e-liquid is completely used, you can not fill the device, and the only option is to buy a new device.

Pod systems are the favorite choice of so many people who are trying to quit smoking but still want to have their daily dose of nicotine. So, if you don’t want to give up on nicotine, we truly believe that the pod system is just what you need. There are so many different kinds you can buy, so go ahead to your favorite online vape shop and select the one you like. There are devices of all shapes and designs, so don’t rush it, and find the one that is perfect for you. Some of the most popular pod systems on the market are UWELL Caliburn AK2 15W pod system device, UWELL Caliburn G Vape pod system, and Smok Novo X pod system. They are all extraordinary systems, and we are sure you will like each one of them. 

Why Should I Choose Disposables?

On the other hand, we have disposables that once you used the last drop of e-liquid, you can just throw away and continue to another device. They are draw-activated, so as soon as you inhale, the device will activate. This only shows how simple these devices are to use. Unlike pod systems, disposables cannot be charged, so when the battery dies, you will have to say goodbye to the product.

But, just like their rival, disposables are very compact, and they fit your palm perfectly. One of the best things about disposables is the fact that they come in dozens of different flavors. So, no matter if you like fruity flavors, or you are maybe a fan of candies, there is a flavor for everyone. Every great online vape shop should have a wide range of flavors, so finding the one you want is pretty easy.

One more thing about disposables we would like to mention is that nowadays the majority of them use nicotine salts. Because of that, you will have high nicotine hit, but most importantly, you won't get any throat irritation, because nicotine salts are not too harsh. Some of the best-selling disposable devices are Myle Evo, Myle Nano, and Hyde Edge 1500 Puffs, so why not pick one of them. 

What Has a Better Value For Money?

Of course, the price difference exists, and we can say that if you are planning to vape for a bit longer, pod systems are for sure more cost-effective. The main reason for that is that these types of devices can be re-filled, so you can buy a big bottle of e-juice and just fill your tank when needed. Sadly, with disposables, you cannot do that, and the only option is buying a new device that will provide new and delicious puffs.

But, if you don’t want to have to deal with filling in, that can create a slight mess and charging, then disposables are the winner. You just have to order the device you like on an online vape shop, and once you receive it, it is good to go.

When it comes to portability, we have to give a straight-A to both devices, because of their size you can carry them wherever you go. They are also very lightweight, so you will forget that they are in your pocket.

Overall, it is up to you to do the calculation and see what works better for you. We believe that both pod systems and disposables are superb products, so whichever you choose, you will not go wrong. Maybe if you are just starting vaping, you can opt for disposables, see if you like this type of product, and after that maybe you can switch to pod systems sometimes in the future.

Surely, we cannot end this text before talking about the importance of smart buying. There are so many places that offer pod systems and disposables, and we cannot stress enough how important is to find a store that is certified, so you know you will receive the product of the finest quality.

So, go ahead to Ap Vape Shop and secure yourself the best product that the market has to offer. The options are endless, and whether you have decided to purchase a pod system or a disposable device, you will be very happy with the choice. In case you are having a hard time picking the device, because you need some more information, don’t hesitate to ask. At AP Vape Shop you will get all the answers, and after that, you will receive your vape friend as soon as possible. So, buy smart and start your vape adventure stress-free.
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