POP Disposable vape bar - a Unique Vape Device

POP Disposable vape bar - a Unique Vape Device

Disposables are becoming progressively popular among those who want to quit smoking cigarettes. The greatest thing about them is that they mimic the draw and the throat kick that you get from tobacco smoking, but award you with a wonderful and refreshing aftertaste. 

POP disposable vape is widely popular mainly because of the flavor richness and diversity alongside convenience and portability. The myriad of bold combinations with the powerful nicotine punch is the reason why it is one of the most adored among passionate vapers. 

If you want to learn more about the POP disposable vape bar, we suggest you stay with us and have all of your questions answered. 

Portable Small and Ergonomically Designed

The main characteristic of almost every disposable vape pen is portability. POP took it to another level by creating a device with dimensions of 94.5mm x 16mm x6.5mm, so you can easily carry it around wherever you go. 

Additionally, it fits perfectly into the palm of your hand while the well-hidden mouthpiece is comfortable for all-day vaping. POP disposables are well-known for their unique design that matches the package and the flavor you purchased – what you see is what you get. Moreover, as soon as you open the nicely wrapped-up disposable pen, you’ll be pleasantly surprised with the intense scent. 

Battery Capacity and Enhanced Power Range

With a battery capacity of 280mAh, you’ll be able to produce more than 400 puffs. Compared to other disposables of the same battery power, that’s significantly more draws. The reason for that is a power range between 7-12W and the input voltage of 3.7V which both ensure the prolonged life of the device. If we make a parallel with the regular tobacco, one of the POP’s disposables equals the whole pack of cigarettes. 

Why Does the POP Disposable Vape Taste So Good?

The flavor is the main component of any disposable, and POP clearly focused on perfecting their products when it comes to that. By using the highest-quality ingredients and adding 5% (50mg) of nicotine, each draw will ensure pure enjoyment. 

Each disposable pen contains the 1.2ml salt-nic e-liquid capacity which brings us to the most exciting part – 22 different flavors to choose from. So, no matter what you like, you can be sure to find the flavor of your choice. 

One of their most recognized ones is the legendary Blue Raz which is the perfect blueberry and raspberry symbiosis. For all the mango lovers out there, we strongly suggest you try POP’s Mango which has a rich and complex tropical aroma. The best thing is that POP made sure that their fruit-based flavors don’t have the usual icy aftertaste. 

On the other hand, if you are looking forward to the cooling effect and incredibly fresh kick, Mighty Mint might be what you need. For those who like to experience both fruity and minty, Banana Ice and Pineapple Ice will give you what you are hoping for. 

How to Use POP Disposables Vape?

Disposables are easy to use in general, so you can expect the same from this specific product. Firstly, the nice and colorful package is quite compact. You’ll remove the paper-made box alongside the plastic wrapping in which the device is placed. After you take off the plastic see-through lids from both the mouthpiece and the bottom, you are good to go. The POP disposables are draw-activated and therefore don’t have any buttons and moving parts.


When you notice that the vapor has decreased and the flavor lost its intensity, you can simply throw the disposable pen into the trash and take another one. 

How to Be Sure That You Purchased an Authentic POP Disposable?

As soon as POP launched its product in 2018, its popularity grew. What usually occurs in those situations is that the market can get overflown with fake products. Luckily, there are ways to easily and immediately recognize whether you have the real thing in possession or not. 

For example, each product has a unique authentication code on the box, so that’s the first thing you need to look for. Also, the original authenticator label is scratchable. Make sure that the color gradient of the device matches completely with the box and the plastic wrapping. You don’t have to be a font expert to notice whether the logo consistency is present. If its size and boldness vary, you need to advise the purchaser and share your concern.

Finally, if the e-liquid tastes harsh and the vapor production is poor, the item is probably fake. POP disposables must have a powerful taste which is one of their main assets. 

To avoid all of this, you can simply turn to a certified store, and we at AP vape shop guarantee to provide you with the 100% authentic product that you deserve. 

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