Puff Flow Review

Puff Flow Review

The whole world went crazy for these e-cigarettes, and if you are still wondering why, or considering joining the crowd, we suggest you stay with us. Some people choose them for tasty flavors, absence of smoke, or because they are tired of unpleasant smells. The others switch to vaping because it is less harmful than regular cigarettes. Whatever is the reason, the Puff Bar Flow is the choice of many people. 

If you want to quit smoking this might be a good start. Considering that the Puff Flow is easy to use, does not need refilling or battery charging, and it is very practical. Also, it is designed to fit any purse or pocket, so it will never take a lot of space among your stuff. 

Among a wide range of e-cigarettes, what makes Puff Bar Flow so popular? Why should you add this device to your shopping list? We have done a little research to point out the main characteristics of this device, and help you get a clear image of what it can provide to you.

What is a Puff Flow?

This is a pre-filled disposable device with mobility and petite size that does not require maintenance. The airflow can be controlled and modified via switch and when it cannot be replaced. The main idea of Puff Flow is to resemble smoking tobacco, but minus huge health risks. There are so many hazardous components in a tobacco cigarette such as carbon monoxide, lead, tar, acetone and many others, and you can feel relieved because none of them is included in Puff Bar Flow.

Premium Selection

Many people have a philosophy that if they are going to smoke, they will select only the top vaporizers on the market, and that makes sense. Another reason why people love Puff Flow is that it is a high-quality product, for a reasonable price. You cannot go wrong with that.

Easy to Use

There is nothing better than using a product that does not require any effort or time for preservation. You can always have it by your side, and it is ready to use anytime. You cannot refill it or recharge your Puff Flow, so when it runs out of e-liquid just throw it away and get yourself a new one. 

Wide Range of Flavors

There is one negative side when it comes to Puff Bar Flow. So many different flavors available can make true indecision when you are choosing the appropriate one. Whether you prefer sweet or menthol ones, there is something for everyone. You can choose among different types of fruits such as orange, mango, grapefruit, something like guava, or cool mint, and many others.

For passionate smokers, the ideal is tobacco flavor because they have the feeling like they are smoking real cigarettes. Others love experimenting, so it is up to your preferences.

What is the Advantage of Puff Flow over Tobacco Cigarettes?

As you probably know by now, a puff bar is better for your health, and we are all aware of how tobacco cigarettes are harmful to our health. Unlike them, Puff Flow vapes are a much better option to avoid many diseases that can be caused by smoking. Let’s not forget that vaporizers contain nicotine, but much less than regular cigarettes.

Modern Design

Like we have already mentioned, the puff bar is designed that way it can fit anywhere. It is very convenient to carry it with you wherever. Compact and light it resembles a USB flash drive and there are no detachable parts. Each one is disposable and it comes with a pre-filled 5% of e-juice, which is enough to fulfill your needs for nicotine for the entire day. 

Puff Bar Flow Features 

Have you ever heard of nicotine salt liquids? These are complex compounds including salt-based nicotine that are often less harmful to vape, and that makes them very popular. We can say that they are basically the finest nicotine. Nicotine salts are made up of the same precise nicotine that may be found in the tobacco leaf in its natural state. Nic salts result in a richer flavor and pleasurable vaping experience. 

Here are couple more facts:

  • For an accurate cigarette-style throat hit, one Puff Bar Flow contains 50MG salt nic. Also, there are up to 1000+ puffs per disposable, approximately equivalent to 3 packs of cigarettes.  
  • Battery capacity is 600mAh and it means that it is a high-density one despite its compact size.
  • Another important Puff Flow feature is that with draw-activated firing, they are the closest you can get to smoking cigars. The thing is that when you put this disposable vape to your mouth and inhale, it activates and transforms e-liquid into vapor.

So, there you go. In the case that you didn’t know much about the Puff Flow until now, we hope this article was useful for you.

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