Puff Flow vs. Nebula Asteroid 1800 Puffs – Which One to Choose?

Puff Flow vs. Nebula Asteroid 1800 Puffs – Which One to Choose?

New products are released every other day. The old ones get better, and the new ones are just all so exciting to try. It’s easy to get overwhelmed by all the options you have, but if you like to keep it simple, the answer is really simple. Choose from one of the devices we are recommending for you, because we are always giving our best to find only the finest product being sold, and tell you everything about them.

For today we have prepared not one, but two outstanding disposables we believe you will truly love. Both of them are equally good, but surely, there are some slight differences you have to be aware of. But, at the end of the day, everything will come down to your personal preferences.

The devices we are about to discuss are Puff Flow and Nebula Asteroid 1800 Puffs. You may already hear about them because everyone keeps on saying how great they are. But, if you are still unfamiliar with these game-changing gadgets, you have come to the right place because we are about to tell you everything we know about them. And once you are done with reading, you will be able to make up your mind, and pick the one you believe suits you better.


Sleek Devices Ready to Keep You Company 


If there is one thing we hate, is to see that a disposable device is extremely bulky, because then what is its point? But, luckily, both Puff Flow and Nebula Asteroid are super sleek, and having them by your side at all times won't be a problem. So, any time you crave a puff, you can simply take out your chosen disposable from your pocket or purse and use it hassle-free.

Puff Flow comes in multiple plain colors and fits the pam perfectly. It has a super-narrow mouthpiece that will make inhalation extremely easy, but what makes it amazing is a glide switch you can find on this device that has a special purpose. It will allow you to customize and control the airflow. This is very important because that means that it is going to appeal to more vapers. You will be able to make the intake tighter or looser, depending on your liking. So, even if you are just getting into vaping, and are not used to strong hits, this disposable is a way to go.

In the other corner, we have Nebula Asteroid whose look is similar to its opponent. It is also very elegant and has a sleek rubber metallic cylinder design we love a lot. This product is supposed to provide smoothness and vibrancy, and once we tried it out, we can testify that it can actually do that without any doubt. So, choosing it to be your next disposable is always a great idea.


The Battle of Puffs 


When it comes to this category, we cannot choose a clear winner, because both Puff Flow and Nebula Asteroid are ready to deliver approximately 1800 puffs you can enjoy for days. And for products of this caliber, that is more than enough.

Puff Flow has just a slightly bigger tank, that is filled with 6.5 ml of TFN salt nicotine which is always a great choice. Nebula Asteroid comes packed with 6 ml of high-quality salt nicotine. So, choose the option you prefer and enjoy a top-notch vaping experience.

Both devices have the same 5% nicotine level, which is adequate for beginners but long-running vapers as well. You can expect that each puff, from the first until the last one, will be smooth and of the same intensity.


Hassle-Free and Easy-to-Use Devices 


Let's be honest, nobody has time to deal with numerous buttons, and try to figure out what their purpose is. That is why these disposables are exceptional options for all-day, hassle-free vaping. They are beginner friendly and require zero maintenance. So, as soon as you receive them, you can start your new vaping adventure with a simple inhale.

Both devices are designed using an 850 mAh battery that doesn't require charging. So, when you use every single puff, you can simply throw them away and move on to a new device, or maybe you would like to use the same one again, but maybe just try out some new flavors.


Luscious Aromas Waiting for You


Speaking of flavors, we have to inform you what you can expect when it comes to that. If you decide that Puff Flow is the way to go, you can go ahead and choose one of 15 extraordinary aromas. We have tried the majority of them, and we can say that they are made using only high-quality ingredients.

So, let's just name a few of our favorites. The best fruit options are Aloe Grape, Watermelon, and Passionfruit. Surely, there are some stunning mint aromas, and the ones that stood out for us are Banana Ice, Cool Mint, Lemon Ice, Peach Ice, and probably the best out of them all, Guava Ice.

We also strongly recommend trying out an aroma simply called Tobacco, that can 100% satisfy your tobacco cravings.

Nebula Asteroid offers the same amount of aromas, and you can again opt for some tasty fruit ones or a few cooling flavors.

Tropical Fruit, Strawberry Watermelon, Kiwi Strawberry, Bubble Gum, and Pineapple are just a few we enjoyed a lot. Of course, we couldn’t say no to ice flavors, and Lush Ice, Iced Mint, Banana Ice, and Grape Ice are just some we believe that each vaper will love!


All you have to do now is to visit ApVapeShop, the best online vape store that sells only the original and best-quality devices you can find. So, pick the device that sounds better, and make your order today! In case you are not sure which one to opt for, you can always get in touch with us, and we will do everything we can to assist you!
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