Puff Plus 800 - a Must Try Disposable Vape

Puff Plus 800 - a Must Try Disposable Vape

The disposable market is fierce and leaves no room for mistakes, but the team who stands behind the Puff knows this very well as they never disappoint with their new editions. 

They always stay loyal to the initial design, exceptional e-liquids’ flavor delivery, and flawless tech-specs of their devices yet manage to include minor improvements that empower the newly-launched disposable series and therefore easily pave its way to success. 

This is exactly what they’ve managed to achieve with the new Puff Plus 800 disposable vape which got a warm welcome by numerous vapers around the U.S. If you are someone who gladly tries new editions and is always on a lookout for the next best disposable vaping device, we have prepared an honest review of Puff plus vape which covers every little detail you wish to know before deciding to make a purchase. 

In case you wish to speak to our vaping experts directly, feel free to contact our ApVapeShop team and get first-hand information that you require. 

Standard High-Quality Vaping Experience in a Beautifully Designed Device

It is a fact that beauty is in the eye of a beholder, but Puff did an exceptional job with producing disposables that look both attractive and minimalistic.


The device itself comes with all the basic traits you expect from a premium disposable – it is thin, lightweight, and portable which makes it perfect for those who are constantly on the go. It has a sturdy plastic-made wrapping that ensures a stronger grip, and the matte finish gives it a touch of elegance that any serious vaper will be immediately drawn to. 

Even though the Puff Plus vape comes in different colors that correspond to the flavor, the device itself is not flashy and it doesn’t draw too much attention as the color notes are quite warm and have this organic look. 

Stronger Battery and Larger Tank for a Prolonged Vaping Delight

Thanks to its mighty traits, the Puff Plus vape is one of the longest-lasting disposables on the market. 

It comes with a 550mAh built-in battery and pre-filled 3.5ml e-liquid tank, so you can expect to get over 800 puffs which is the precise thing Puff promised. Therefore, this disposable can last up to 5 days which is pretty impressive considering its modest size and overall simplicity of usage. 

Like with any other disposable, you can simply throw it away in the trash once the device is dead and prepare for trying another exciting flavor that Puff will surely provide for you. 

Ergonomically Designed Mouthpiece and Medium-Tight Airflow for Convenient Vaping

The mouthpiece is slightly narrowed on the edges and a bit shorter than with similar devices which guarantees that it will fit the lips nicely without too much adjustment. It simply happens naturally thanks to its shape and design. 

Airflow is small yet it doesn’t require a lot of force to activate the device as you’ll need just a short inhale to keep the juices flowing. Puff Plus is ideal for MTL vaping and it will produce just enough vapor to let you enjoy the aroma and taste of the given flavor. 

Finally, the device is exceptionally quiet when operating which is a huge plus, and the light indicator at the bottom of the device shows the battery level at any given time. Still, the light is discrete and warm which goes well with the whole subtle vaping experience that adult vapers are looking forward to. 

What Are the Main Advantages of TFN Salt Nicotine in the Puff Plus Vapes?

Nowadays, most of the premium vaping products manufacturers are deciding to include TFN (Tobacco-free Nicotine) in the e-liquids, and we are going to tell you precisely why. 

Firstly, it doesn’t have the common impurities associated with tobacco which made the cigarette smokers transition to vaping in the first place. Secondly, it doesn’t have any smell or taste, so you’ll get a chance to experience an utterly clean and intense flavor which will surely keep you away from cigarettes. After all, vaping should be as enjoyable as possible, and TFN e-liquids are certainly maximizing the overall satisfaction. 

So, if you never had a chance to try a disposable that comes with TFN nicotine salts, you’ll be pleasantly surprised and possibly overwhelmed by the full flavor that comes with this upgraded e-liquid version. 

Puff Plus e-liquid nic salts come with 5% (50mg) of nicotine which will satisfy the cravings without harsh throat kick, so you will be satisfied for longer by taking fewer puffs. This is a great way to preserve the battery strength but also reduce the need for high nicotine intake and simply feel at your best once you comprehend that you are no longer addicted to a certain chemical. At this point, you’ll be able to fully enjoy the entire vaping journey as this is the whole point!

15+ Mouthwatering Flavors 

When it comes to flavor selection, Puff never disappoints. Besides the fruity and icy options, there is a clean Tobacco disposable with a slightly sweet note rounded up by the familiar Virginia tobacco taste. 

Puff is well-known for its juicy fruity variants that come with menthol finishes, so no matter if you like berries, banana, or lemon, there is a matching flavor that you’ll adore. 

For those who prefer refreshing minty bursts, Menthol disposable offers precisely that with the subtle touch of sweetness that will tickle your tongue at every puff. 

Some of our favorite editions include Mango Peach which is a perfect fruity combination ideal for an all-day vaping, Mixed Berries where you can taste each berry nicely wrapped up with the somewhat sour finale, and an all-time ever-green, Blue Razz which is their most popular edition thanks to its sensual blue and red raspberry flavor blend. 

Hopefully, we managed to provide just enough information when it comes to all-in-one new disposable vape, and if you are ready to give it a chance as it surely deserves it, you can find original Puff Plus vapes at our online store and have them delivered at your doorstep in the shortest time possible. 

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