Puffco Budsy Water Bottle Pipe Bong Review

Puffco Budsy Water Bottle Pipe Bong Review

Puffco is a well-known vaping accessory manufacturer which has a long tradition of supplying us with premium-quality products that simplify and enrich the vaping experience. 

One of their latest products which is also the first of this kind is a water bottle pipe bong – Puffco Budsy. Made to support your habit in the best way by ensuring you have an enjoyable yet discreet adventure, this product is already one of the favorite solutions for those who are active and constantly on the go. 

Since this one surely deserves all the hype that’s around it, we decided to present you with a detailed review of the all-new Puffco Budsy and give you an opportunity to learn more about this revolutionary product. Therefore, stay with us and prepare yourself for an utterly unique ride that we promise you’ll come out at least to say excited! 

In case you are ready to give it a try and get your original edition at a certified store, you can purchase your Puffco Budsy today for an exclusive price and have it delivered to your address in the shortest time possible. 

Practical Design 

At the first glance, Puffco Budsy looks like a regular water bottle that you can see at any sports store, yet it is actually a pipe bong that comes with all the features that you need for elegant and smooth vaping. 

Even though the bottle is made of transparent plastics, the BPA-free Titan construction makes it safer than similar ones since it doesn’t contain bisphenol A – an industrial chemical widely used in plastics and epoxy resin manufacturing. Besides being safer, it is also shatter-resistant and can easily sustain tumbling and drops. 

The black cap is easy to remove and handle, and what lays underneath is a real treat. Once you remove the cap, there is a ceramic bowl that you can manipulate by holding the silicone bar when it’s hot, and this bowl is the place that stores your dry herb. Under it, there is a well-hidden straw that serves as a mouthpiece that you inhale the vapor from. 

High-Quality Materials and Full Flavor 

Thanks to the solid construction, Puffco Budsy is extremely durable as it can’t be damaged easily, so you can expect it to last as long as you need it. The vapor quality you inhale resembles the actual bong as much as possible primarily because Budsy is made from premium-quality plastics that don’t spread any harmful additives or chemicals. 

Also, the water filtration is impeccable, so you can expect to feel the full flavor and density of the herb since all its impurities like ash, tar, and others are successfully filtered out before the inhalation. 

If you are a beginner and are afraid whether the vapor might be too hot or too strong, you can stop worrying and simply give Budsy a chance. The vapor is as smooth as it gets and well cooled down before it hits your mouth. 

How To Use Puffco Budsy?

Even though the explanation we provided before might seem confusing for some, we assure you that the usage of the Puffco Budsy is completely straightforward. 

After you remove the min lid, you will fill in the bottle to the 420ml line. What comes next is packing the ceramic bowl with your herb, holding the mouthpiece as loosely or tightly as you wish, and taking a draw. Of course, you will need to light the herb prior to inhaling, just as you would do with the regular bong. Since the product is made of plastic, it is highly advisable to use a regular lighter rather than a torch. 

For the optimum experience, you should perform the old-school herb grinding before you put it in the ceramic bowl and get the most out of its flavor and density. 

Super Portable and Easy to Clean

One of the Pufdco Budsy water bottle pipe bong’s main advantages is that it is easy to carry around wherever you go. The main lid is securely attached to the bottle, and all internal components are well hidden, including the herb. It makes it ideal for both crowded concerts and similar events, and long hikes in nature when you simply wish to spend some quality alone time. 

When it comes to cleaning, every component is dishwasher safe and could be maintained this way, or you can wash it yourself by rinsing it thoroughly with water or soap when required. It is best to clean your Budsy after each session to avoid having persistent stains that are later a bit difficult to eliminate. 

Why Is Puffco Budsy So Popular?

Puffco has always been famous for producing elegant, sleek, and practical devices that make our life easier and more enjoyable, but with the Budsy they truly overcame themselves. 

Besides the fact that this is a one-of-a-kind device in the market, it is made with the purpose to simplify your vaping experience and let you enjoy it entirely and completely discreet wherever you are. You simply can’t go wrong with Puffco’s products as they always deliver what is promised. 

It is a fact that vaping an herb instead of smoking is much safer and healthier, so you will do a favor to your lungs and overall well-being by purchasing this product. Also, Puffco Budsy water bottle pipe bong is their most adorable product that goes under incredible 450 dollars, and you can buy it even today at our certified ApVapeShop and have it delivered as soon as possible to your doorstep. Along with Budsy there is also Puffco The Peak Smart Rig at affordable price as well.

We guarantee the authenticity of all vaping devices and products that we have in our regular offer, so you can rest assured that you’ll not be disappointed by receiving a damaged or faulty product. Feel free to give us a call anytime as our customer support agents are standing at your service 24/7, and are eager to help and help you select the best possible vaping product that can support your habit and let you enjoy every second of it to the maximum.

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