Review: HQD Rosy Disposable Vape

Review: HQD Rosy Disposable Vape

HQD is one of the most influential vape devices manufacturers that doesn't fail to surprise its customers with every new product. If you are among those who are a fan of disposable vape devices, then you are at the right place, because we are here to present the HQD Rosy disposable vape device that you have to try.  

With every product, HQD is trying to stand out from the competition, and with Rosy disposable vape device, they have managed to do that one more time. Incredible design, a wide range of flavors, and advanced technology are what make this device popular and better than other similar products in the market.

We are sure that you want to find out more about this device, so we have gathered the most important information in order to give you the most honest review of the HQD Rosy Disposable vape device.


One of a Kind Design

The first thing that everyone notices about HQD Rosy disposable devices is its uniquely shaped design. This rounded, small, and compact device, with a small slit in the middle, is perfect for your everyday use. You can take it with you everywhere because it fits any pocket or purse perfectly.

The mouthpiece is round and it will fit your lips impeccably thanks to its soft edges. The device is available in many colors, and they are all flavor-related. So, pick one of the numerous flavors, and begin your vaping journey with HQD Rosy disposable device.

The big benefit of disposable devices is that they are ready to use as soon as you unwrap them. There is no additional fuss, and all you have to do is to enjoy the puffs that are waiting for you.


Amazing Specifications

First thing first, let's talk about the battery because that is what most vapers are interested in. HQD Rosy disposable device has a battery capacity of 280 mAh, and that means that you will get approximately 400 puffs from a single device, which is pretty impressive.

The already pre-filled tank stores 1.6 ml of liquid of your choice. You can be sure that the taste intensity will be the same from the first to the last puff, and that you will enjoy your vaping experience with HQD Rosy by your side.

Surely, one more thing you have to know before choosing a perfect device is its nicotine level. The e-liquid of this product has a nicotine strength of 5% which makes it perfect for beginners who want to leave cigarette smoking behind and find a better option that will still satisfy their need for nicotine. You will get a nice hit but without any throat irritation.

Of course, HQD Rosy disposable device is perfect for long-running vapers as well. So, no matter how experienced, or inexperienced vape device user you are, the new HQD product is a great choice that will not disappoint.


Delicious Flavors You Can Choose Between

Moving on to the HQD kingdom of flavors. There are 21+ interesting flavors you can choose from, and there is something for everyone, even for very picky users.

Some of the flavors that have caught our attention are Pink Lemonade, Pineapple Mist, and Kiwi Pomegranate. Of course, if you are not a fan of fruity tastes, there are some flavors for you, too. Some of them are Pure Mint, Ice Cola, Mojito, or Black Ice.

If you have always wanted to know what Miami Vice, Hawaiian Pog, or Lychee Rose taste like, well here is your chance. All of these flavors are at your disposal, you just have to choose the one you like the most.

HWD Rosy disposable device is one of the most affordable but at the same time one of the best vape devices, so we recommend you try it.


Say YES to this Great Offer 


Also, you can buy HQD Rosy in Wholesale, so don’t forget to check that out on the Ap Vape Shop site as well. It stocks everything you need. Wholesale is perfect for those who have already tried this device and they ended up loving it. The wholesale box comes with 8 HQD Rosy disposable devices that will last you for a very long time. If your friends use vape devices just like you, you can buy this box and provide them with some puffs as well.


Buy Your Vape Device From Certified Seller

If you think that HQD Rosy disposable vape is just what you need, go ahead and place your order. Of course, make sure to do that only in certified shops, like Ap Vape Shop. We guarantee that you will receive high-quality and premium goods in only a few days.

Maybe you are not sure which flavor to choose, and you need more information about them? Don’t stress about it, because you can always give us a call, and our knowledgeable agent will answer all your questions and help you make the right decision. 

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