Review Of Bad Drip Labs Bad Blood E-Juice

Review Of Bad Drip Labs Bad Blood E-Juice

In case you are looking for a new e-juice whose quality is incredible and that tastes spectacular, you have come to the right place. Since we know that among so many different products on the market it can be hard to find the one that suits all your likings, we have decided to help you and present you with only the best items your money can buy.

When it comes to e-liquids, we have tried almost everything. Some of them are great, while some others are a true disaster, and it should be illegal to sell them. But, luckily there is one brand of e-juices that never failed to disappoint us, and that is, without any doubt, the magical Bad Drip Labs. Every single drop that comes from its laboratories is high quality and designed carefully to meet the needs of so many vapers.

Not so long ago, they came out with a new line of products that left us in awe. That is why we are dedicating today’s text to one of the best aromas from the entire range, Bad Drip Labs Bad Blood 60ml. We would highly recommend it to anyone who loves unique flavors and in order to find out what makes it so special, make sure to stay with us until the very end. We have prepared an entire in-depth review for you, so don’t go anywhere.


Exceptional Combination of Flavor Notes

To be quite honest, we are getting bored with trying out the same aromas all the time, and we all want something that will bring our vaping game to completely another level. Because of that, we are always over the moon when we see manufacturers coming out with new and original e-liquids that we have never tasted before.

That is why we love Bad Blood so much. It is a unique blend of blueberries, pomegranate, and vanilla. Even though it is hard to imagine what this combination tastes like, one thing is for sure. It won't leave you indifferent. This mixture is carefully designed to bring out the best from each note, and every hit will taste heavenly.

With each puff, you will feel fresh tarty blueberries, just a dash of pomegranate, and top it off with a recognizable sweet vanilla aroma. Bad Drip Labs Bad Blood 60ml is perfect for anyone who likes a good fruit combination but wants to spice it up a little bit, and make it more original.

So, if your taste buds require some one-of-a-kind aroma that is still sweet but not too overpowering, then look no further. This e-juice will provide you with the finest vaping experience, and we are sure that once you try it out, it will become a permanent part of your collection.


Extra Large Amount of E-Liquid 

Sadly, many brands don’t offer vape juice bottles that are big enough, and that is why we are obligated to repurchase them very often, which sometimes can be a true struggle. Because of that, we were excited to see that Bad Drip Labs products are nicely packed in 60ml bottles, which can award us with up to 10 days of vaping. Of course, depending on how much you vape, that period can be shortened or prolongated, but we are sure that no matter what, you will as well find this amount of e-liquid more than enough.


Choose the Nicotine Level

Another benefit of Bad Drip Labs Bad Blood 60ml is that when making a purchase, you can choose between three nicotine levels, which is pretty impressive. That means that its producers have thought about everyone, including new vapers, but also those long-running ones that crave some more nicotine.

Therefore, you can pick one of the three options. 6mg is here to satisfy the needs of a bit more experienced consumers, and 3mg is perfect for anyone who likes smooth and well-balanced hits. But the best thing is that there is a 0mg option, which is for sure the best one. That means that you can still enjoy some thick vapor and big clouds but without nicotine consumption.

This option is also perfect for anyone who wants to stop smoking and wants to say goodbye to nicotine forever, but still likes to have some delicious puffs from time to time. So, there is something for everyone, and depending on your needs, we are 100% you will find an option that suits you the best. Thanks to Bad Drip Labs, you can customize the way you vape, and make the entire process very interesting.

Eye-Catching Design You Will Simply Love 

Innovation is something we appreciate a lot, so whenever we see that the brand is doing something different, we have to support it. That is the case with the product we are talking about today since its packaging is very cool and it makes vaping more fun.

When ordering this vape juice, you will receive not one, but two bottles. The first one is plastic and on its label, you will find all the information, while inside is hidden the true star of the show – the glass bottle that contains e-juice. It is double-sealed and child-resistant, so you can rest assured that you can take it with you anywhere you want and simply refill your device’s pod whenever there is a need for that.

This product is made in the USA using only high-quality ingredients, specially formulated to provide the best performance. With each inhale, you will taste full aroma and bold flavor notes that are perfect for all-day vaping. It features 75% VG and 25% PG concentration, which will provide superb cloud production.

So, anytime you are ready to try out a new flavor, head over to ApVapeShop and treat yourself to original products. Bad Drip Labs Bad Blood 60ml is waiting for you, and we are sure that with this vape juice by your side you will fall in love with vaping all over again, and remind yourself what makes this adventure so special.
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