Review of Smok Nord 5 80W Pod Mod System Starter Kit

Review of Smok Nord 5 80W Pod Mod System Starter Kit

We are excited to finally recommend the Smok Nord 5 80W pod mod system starter kit as the perfect device for all passionate vapers. It has been a long journey to find a product that meets all of our expectations, but this one truly stands out.

So, we are glad to welcome you to our review of the revolutionary starter kit. In this blog, we will share all of the information we have about it and explain why we believe it is truly spectacular. If you are in the market for a new vape gadget that offers a top-notch vaping journey, this text is for you. Stick around to learn more about this amazing creation and discover whether it is something worth trying out. 


The Sleekest Pod Mod System Starter Kit That Money Can Buy


All of us can agree that one of the biggest downsides of the majority of devices of this kind is that they are usually very bulky and difficult to take with you anywhere you go. But, luckily this item is nothing like that, and it is without any doubt one of the sleekest pod systems we have ever used, which is for sure one of its benefits.

It has zinc-alloy chassis construction, which makes it very durable and secure. It will fit your palm impeccably and, thanks to the narrow mouthpiece, it will suit your lips perfectly, which will allow you to enjoy some well-balanced hits all day long.

This kit comes in multiple colors, so no matter what your taste is, you will 100% find the one you will love. When making your order, you can choose between a few leather series, but there are also some plain versions, such as white dart, blue pink dart, green blue dart, etc. 

We really believe that it would be a true privilege to have this product by your side, not only because it looks spectacular but also because it performs incredibly.


Device Perfect for Both Beginners and Long-Running Vapers 


It can be challenging to find a product that can suit the needs of the majority of vapers since some of them are too simple, or too complicated to use. But, this Smok creation is made to cater to the likings of both people who have never vaped before and those who have been enjoying this activity for a very long time. 

Although it has a couple of adjustment buttons, it will only take a few days to become familiar with them. After that, we are confident you will be pleased with the high-quality vapor it offers. One of the most used features is an intuitive firing button. Its role is to activate the device when pressed. So, overall use of this starter kit is as easy as it can get, and even if you are just starting your vaping adventure, there is nothing to worry about. This product provides a 100% hassle-free experience.



Game-Changing Specifications 


What we like the most about these types of apparatus is that they allow us to customize the way we vape. Not everyone has the same preferences, and that is why it is important to be able to always choose items that different vapers can benefit from.

Smok Nord 5 80W has a sliding airflow control switch that allows the user to adjust the amount of air that flows through the device when inhaling. Increasing the airflow can make it easier to draw air through the product while decreasing it can make the vapor feel denser and more flavorful. This control switch can be useful for people who want to fine-tune the performance of their gadgets so that can suit all their wants.

It has a powerful internal battery with a capacity of 2000mAh that can be recharged using a type-C cable whenever the battery runs out of power. The cable is included in the packaging, so make sure to always use that one, and secure the longevity of your battery.


Numerous Puffs You Can Enjoy All-Day Long 


Whenever we choose our next vape companion, we always make sure to pick the one that can store a lot of e-juice. It is quite a struggle to refill the pod constantly and stay without liquid when you need it the most.

That is why we are pleased to inform you that this device comes with a pretty big pod that can store up to 5ml of precious vape juice. As a rough estimate, 5ml of e-juice may last for several days to a week or more, depending on how much you vape. Don’t forget that pods have to be changed regularly, so it is always best to have a few by your side so you can use them when needed. On ApVapeShop you can purchase replacement pods of the highest quality. 

Besides them, you can also find some replacement coils that also require frequent change. This device features mesh coils that will provide you with the most luscious puffs, and you can rest assured that none of them will have a burnt taste that will all despise. The expanded mesh surface allows for the creation of more clouds and also expands the automation area, resulting in an increased heating rate. With this item by your side, you can always have some smooth and tasty hits, and that is why having throat irritation is not a possibility.

We also mustn’t forget that on this pod mod system, you will spot a very useful OLED display screen. It is used to display information such as the current power output, battery life, and resistance. So, whenever you vape you can see all the important details. 


Safe Purchase is Crucial 


We always like to remind our readers how important it is to always buy your vape devices at certified vape stores. That is why we encourage you to make your purchase on ApVapeShop for your own safety. You will receive your package in a few days at your doorstep, nicely packed and ready to be used as soon as possible.
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