Selection of 3000 Puffs Disposables

Selection of 3000 Puffs Disposables

If you are a fan of disposables that can give you up to 3000 puffs, today is your lucky today. We have gathered the list of the finest 3000 disposable vaping devices in the market you can buy at the moment. All of them are equally good, so it is going to be up to you to pick the one to keep you company in the next few days.

Each one of the devices we are about to present to you is created by trustworthy manufacturers, and vapers from all over the world have been using their products religiously. We are 100% sure that among these gadgets, you will be able to find your new favorite disposable vaping device in your most preferable flavor.

So, here are four 3000 puffs disposables that we use all the time, and we are hoping that you will do the same any time soon!


Air Bar Box & NKD 100 Max 3000 Puff

We will start our list of the day with a true game-changing device, Air Bar Box & NKD Max 3000 puffs, designed by two large vape companies together, which is for sure something we have never seen before.

It is pre-filled with 10ml e-juice designed especially by NKD100 Max and it contains 5% of salt nicotine. This percentage is an ideal option for many vapers, so in case this can satisfy your nicotine craving, don’t skip on this disposable, because it is awesome.

Because the battery is very strong, 1500mAh, it doesn’t require any charging, so this gadget literally requires zero maintenance. It is automatically activated when you inhale, so all you need to do is to unwrap it once it arrives at your address and treat yourself with a very first tasty puff.

This stunning collaboration has a very popular box design, thanks to which it will fit your pocket or bag like a glove. So, in case you have never heard about it before, now is the right time to check it out and give it a puff.


7 Daze Egge 3000 Puffs

7 Daze Egge 3000 was one of the devices we couldn’t wait to put our hands on or better say our lips. We were convinced that its quality won't disappoint us, and luckily we were completely right!

This innovative disposable vaping device is at our disposal in 10 magnificent flavors, and Glacial Mint, Mango Berry, Tropical Passion, and OF Reds Iced are just some of them. They all taste incredible, and their juiciness is something we like the most.

The device is constructed using an internal 400mAh battery, and you can recharge it when it runs off and continue with vaping. It is a draw-activated product, so anyone, even inexperienced vapers, can use it without any struggle at all.

The 7ml e-liquid capacity tank is enough to provide 3000 intense puffs, but because they are super smooth, you will not experience any throat irritation, which is for sure a goal!


Juice Head 3000

Designed to meet the needs of even the most demanding vapers, Juice Head 3000 is one of the best-selling disposables in the market for a reason.

It is made to fit your hand perfectly, and thanks to the super narrow mouthpiece, inhaling each puff is going to be a true satisfaction. The 650mAh battery can be recharged, and you can do that using the MICRO-USB cable you will be getting in the packaging.

What we like the most is the latest mesh coil technology that makes this device longer lasting than some other similar ones, but it also makes it better tasting, which is for sure a huge benefit. Another great feature is anti-leaking technology, so feel free to take Juice Head 3000 with you anywhere you go, because spilling is not an option.

When it comes to tank capacity, it is 8ml, and the percentage of tobacco-free nicotine is 5%. TFN is becoming more and more present in the vape industry, so in case you haven't tried it so far, what are you waiting for? It is superb, and this device can help you to get familiar with it!


Humble 3000 

If you are selecting your disposables based on how they look, then don’t go anywhere, because Humble 3000 is one of the best-looking devices on the market. It has an amazing design, and it seems that the upper black part is dripping on the bottom part, which can be found in various bright colors. It is tube-shaped so holding and using it is so easy.

But, surely that is not the only reason why we have put it on our list! It also has some premium specifications that we don’t come across all the time.

To begin with, it is super beginner-friendly, because it doesn't require any setup, since there are no buttons you have to hassle with. A simple inhale is enough to activate it. Besides that, it is already pre-filled with 7ml of high-quality e-juice, and 5% of TFN salt nicotine. So, if this is your cup of tea, don’t hesitate, and grab one Humble 3000 all for yourself.

Thanks to 1000mAh built-in battery, you will be able to use all 3000 puffs, and you can choose one of the 12 original flavors. Our top picks are Blue Slushee, Donkey Kahn, Fruit Punch, and Black Lemonade. But, during hit waves, we used Sweet Mint, which brought a fresh breeze back into our lives.

As you can see, there is a 3000 puff disposable for everyone. You won't regret choosing any of them, and who knows, maybe you will try out all of them, and find out firsthand if among them there is one that can stand out.

We are happy to inform you that in ApVapeShop you can find every device on our list, but many more as well. There are numerous products by only the top brands, so whenever you need an original and quality device, go ahead and visit this online vape store. It is our favorite, and we cannot wait to become yours as well.
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