Smok Mico Starter Kit - Difference Between Standard or Mesh Coil

Smok Mico Starter Kit - Difference Between Standard or Mesh Coil

There are many different vape devices on the market, and among the most popular ones is the Smok Mico Starter Kit. It is very compact and has wide-range of colorful designs, so you can choose the one you like most. 

Besides that, it includes a powerful 700 mAh battery which will ensure a durable vaping experience. There is also a LED pointer which indicates battery life - green light shows that it is fully charged, orange that you have between 30% and 70% left, and red one that it is time to plug in the charger. 

To start the device, you will need to push the toggle switch up, and the LED indicator will flicker five times. This means that your Smok Mico vaporizer is active. When you push the switch down, the device will turn off, simple as that. 

When it comes to pods, this high-quality vaporizer comes with two - the one with mesh coil, and the other with regular coil. Smok offers a ceramic coil too, but it isn’t included in the starter kit because it is optional. This is something that can be confusing, especially for the vape beginners, and we will give our best to provide clarifications so you can better understand how this device works. 

Mesh Vs. Regular Coils 

While both - regular and mesh coils have the same working principle, the standard one is used for mouth-to-lungs vaping (MTL). Regular coils are usually used for small pod mod vape systems, since they have limited longevity compared to mesh ones, and you can find them in most disposable vapes. 

Mesh coils are large and heat up faster, and since they function differently, there are lower chances that there will be dry or burnt hits compared to regular ones because they spread the heat more evenly on the entire metal sheet. They never get too hot, and as such offer a cooler vaping experience. And if you enjoy huge vape clouds - mesh coils are the perfect choice for you.

Advantages of Mesh Coils

As we mentioned above, the mesh ones last longer than ordinary ones, and provide more intense flavor. This means that the e-juice you choose will taste better which will ensure a premium vaping experience. 

Also, these coils consume less power while heating, so you can be sure that the battery on your Smok Mico device will last longer. The ramp-up time of mesh coils is pretty short, and that is another reason why they are so popular among vapers.

Disadvantages of Mesh Coils

Since the mesh coils are larger than regular ones, and have metal stripes that heat up the surface instead of heating rings which is the case with standard ones, it can warm up a larger surface. This will lead to the increased consumption of vape juice, because with e-liquid you burn the bigger clouds you’ll make. Yes, you will have a better taste of the flavor you choose, but if you decide to use a mesh coil when you receive your Smok Mico Starter Kit, be prepared to use more e-liquid than with regular coils.

Keep in mind that mesh coils are more softer to inhale since there is not much heat production. Some people enjoy the feeling of warm and strong hits, and if you are among them, we suggest you insert a regular coil in your Smok Mico device.

Mesh or Regular Coil - Which One to Choose?


You are probably wondering which type of coil to choose, and to be honest there is no universal answer to this question. Everything is up to you and your preferences. You should consider all the listed characteristics of both types of coils, and select the one that suits your requirements. 

One thing is for sure, you will not make a mistake by ordering a Smok Mico, because it includes mesh and regular coils, so you can test them and see which one fits you better. Also, since this vape device includes a strong lithium ion battery, you will not have to worry whether you will run out of needed puffs in the middle of the day, because it can support both types of coils. Just make sure to have enough e-liquid with you, so you can simply re-fill the pod when it gets empty. 

Where to Purchase Smok Mico Starter Kit?

If you want to avoid health issues, and other possible risks, we always suggest you purchase vape devices from authorized dealers. In case you want to try out the Smok Mico Starter Kit, and test mesh and regular coils, you can order it from AP Vape Shop, a trusted seller.

It will be dispatched to your address the same day in case you create the order before 2PM from Monday to Friday. Still, if you purchase the Smok Mico after 2PM, or during holidays and weekends, be sure that it will be packed and sent to you as soon as possible.

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