Smok Novo Bar AL6000 Disposable Vape Device vs. Raz CA6000 Puff Disposable Vape Device

Smok Novo Bar AL6000 Disposable Vape Device vs. Raz CA6000 Puff Disposable Vape Device

The majestic world of vapes is getting larger by the day, especially when it comes to disposables. That brings a constant thrill of trying upgraded versions of our favorite devices or even bigger ones when there is a completely new arrival on the market. 

Both Smok and GeekVape that stand behind the Raz disposable series have been in the game for quite some time. Even though Smok has been around for 5 years longer, Geek Vape is the name that you can hear a lot among vapers, so we can say with confidence that these two Chinese vaping giants know what it takes to produce top-quality vaping devices. 

After major success with their pods, durable mods, and vaping accessories, both manufacturers turned to produce vapes which was a smart business move. In the following text, we will present you with the similarities and differences between Smok Novo Bar AL and GeekVape Raz disposable vapes, so if you wish to learn all about them, you can simply stay with us. 

The Design 

Geek Vape is well-known for its minimalistic design, while Smok offers a slightly more vivid experience, and the same rule applies to these two devices. Raz CA6000 puff disposable device looks similar to their mods – it has a bulky build with fine lines and subtle color combinations. A leather grip is a nice add-on that makes the device feel secure and comfortable when in hand, but it also gives it a classier tone. 

Smok Novo Bar AL6000 disposable vape is slightly smaller and it comes with the popular small box handheld design. Its frontal side has more elements – besides the logo, there is a mark of the series as well, and hive or liquid print. The mouthpieces are similar, just the Raz is a bit thicker and has a plastic see-through top. However, they both feel nice on the lips with Raz feeling a little bit more natural due to its shape.


Both devices have two light indicators placed on the downer left side – for the battery and e-liquid. These are quite useful as they clearly suggest the battery and e-liquid status at all times, so you don’t have to experience that burning taste ever. 


Technical specifications are the vital segment of a disposable vape device since they are responsible for its overall performance, and of course, flavor delivery. 

There aren’t many differences between these two devices. They both promise around 6000 puffs and have integrated 650mAh batteries. Also, they are both rechargeable via the type-C charger with the port that’s placed on the bottom of each device. Once the battery indicator gets red, you can simply put the device on the charger, and in about 30 minutes, it’s good to go.

Integrating mesh coils into the disposables became a standard in the industry, so both devices come with the given feature. These coils are the precise reason why the flavor delivery is exceptional with both. If you are a cloud chaser, you can expect better vapor production with the Raz CA6000 puff disposable vape, but stronger aroma with Smok. 

Adjusting the Vaping Experience to Your Preference

Disposables should be super easy to use, and that’s why it’s crucial to include only those upgrades which don’t compromise their usability or require some special maintenance. 

This is why manufacturers came up with a great solution that will let you pick the vaping style you like the most – adjustable airflow control. Both Smok and Raz come with these, and you can easily change between the modes via the sliding button placed at the bottom of the device, just beside the charging port. 

You can select loose or tight draw and mix and match during the vaping which brings in that diversity that we all appreciate. Neither variant will cause any throat irritation in both cases, and we noticed that the tighter draw with Raz provides a slightly more powerful hit. However, there aren’t any significant differences when it comes to this feature. 

A loose draw is a great option for beginners who are still unsure what to expect from vaping, while the tighter ones will provide satisfying prolonged inhalation and rich exhalation. 

Tank Capacity and Flavor Selection

When it comes to tank capacity, Raz comes with a 10mL tank while the Smok Novo has a 13mL one. However, they both promise and deliver the same number of puffs, so you’ll get pretty much experience with both when it comes to the puff number.

Now, the greatest difference between these two devices is in the flavor selection. Raz comes with ten options while the Smok offers 21. Now, this isn’t necessarily a downside of the Raz disposables as you can probably find your favorite flavor within the palette, but Smok surely gives you more room to try out different options. 

Fruity, icy, and fruity-icy blends are predominant with both devices, so if you are a huge fan of tobacco flavors, you will not find it here. Still, Raz offers amazing fruity delights like Hawaii Sunset, Peach Pear, Strawberry Kiwi, and many more. Our favorite is Crushed Berries with the familiar succulent berry taste enriched with the touch of subtle sweetness at the end of the puff. When it comes to minty editions, Alaskan Mint hits hard with the refreshing and clean kick, and the Watermelon Ice is a real treat for those who like a delicious watermelon aroma with a splash of menthol. 

Smok Novo Bar AL6000 disposable vape device offers some exciting editions – Root Beer, Sundown (lemon and lime mix), Fantasy Island (strawberry and coconut), and our top pick must be Lemonade chill with its bracing and zesty lemonade taste with the gentle icy punch at each inhale. 

The Verdict

As you can see, you can’t go wrong with either of the devices since they both offer a premium vaping experience and come with an amazing price under $13. You can order both editions at our certified ApVapeShop today and have them delivered to your address in the shortest time. In case you want to speak to our vaping experts directly, feel free to contact us anytime!

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