Stay Fresh All Day Long: Mint-Based Aromas You Need to Try Out

Stay Fresh All Day Long: Mint-Based Aromas You Need to Try Out

Warmer days are finally sneaking up on us, and we are getting more and more excited to finally pack our coats and enjoy the nicer weather. And every time we are welcoming a new season, we are more than excited to welcome a new disposable into our lives as well. They can have a huge impact on our day-to-day life, so why not make it as luscious as possible?

Thanks to ApVapeShop, we can fully customize our vaping adventure to suit us perfectly, and get a hold of some game-changing disposables that will help us enjoy summer even more. The key step is to choose not only a top-notch device but to select an incredible aroma as well. And during this time of the year, nothing can beat some spectacular mint-based options. They will keep you fresh all day long, and today, we are bringing some of our favorite ones your way. The options are endless, and selecting any one of them will be the smart move. You will treat your taste buds to an amazing experience, and they deserve nothing less!


Celebrity Versions Of the Icy Aromas 


In the last few months, we have been introduced to a few disposables signed by a very famous celebrity. Just like always, some of them we love, some not so much, and we truly think that it has to put a lot of effort into a product to stand out. One of those that truly managed to amaze us is Tyson 2.0 Iron Mike 15000 Puffs, and yes it was created by one and only Mike Tyson. We have been testing it for quite some time, and now finally, we can say with great certainty that it is really worth checking out.

When it comes to its range of cold aromas, there are several waiting for you to try them out, and we are sure that even the most discerning users will love their quality. The one we use all the time is called Frozen Banana, and it is truly like sipping the most delicious smoothie. If bananas are not your cup of tea, you can give a chance to Frozen Blueberry, Frozen Mango, Frozen Grape, or Frozen Peach. Each one of them tastes like a piece of heaven, so add them to your cart ASAP.


Light Your Road to New Way of Vaping 


Not many brands succeed in surprising us with each new release, but Lost Vape is for sure one of those that is always on our radar. Their creations are completely game-changing, and our latest obsession is Lost Vape Lightrise TB 18K, designed to be an ideal everyday companion. Not only does it taste great, but it looks superb as well, so having it by your side at all times would make your vaping adventure additionally fun. It comes in some super bright colors, perfect for upcoming months. 

We would say that this disposable has some of the finest icy options, and ever since we have tested them, we have been recommending them to everyone. And we have got only positive feedback, which is surely a great sign that a product is remarkable. We would advise starting your odyssey with Sour Apple Ice. It blends different notes perfectly, and they are complementing each other flawlessly. If you are on the hunt for something more plain, but still effective, go for Cool Mint. It is the ultimate minty option, and we have heard nothing but good things about it. Duo Black Ice is made with the intention to refresh you with every single puff, and that is exactly what it will do. 


Different Modes for Different Needs 


The vaping industry is growing rapidly, and we have been introduced to some innovative features that take our vaping experience to a whole new level. We love some disposables that allow us to customize the way we vape, and that is why we adore Mr Fog Switch SW15000 Puff. When using it, you can choose the preferred mode, so you can savor puffs just the way you like them. Eco and boost modes are at your disposal, so depending on your needs and habits, you can select the one you love more.

When talking about aromas, there are 16 fantastic ones made for your pleasure. You will be able to find some unique flavors and vape like a true pro. The one that drew us to this device in the first place is Peach Blue Razz Mango Ice. It is the best mixture of all the fruits we love so much, and on top of all that, there is a slightly minty sensation that makes all the difference.

Since we couldn’t believe how good this flavor was, we decided to check out all the rest of them as well. The fruit mixtures are out of this world, and we are 100% sure each one of you will find at least one that will sweep you off your feet. Strawberry Apricot Ice, Grape Pomegranate Ice, and Blue Raspberry Magic Cotton Ice are just some of the available ones. And trust us, they taste splendid. 


Winter Wonderland at Your Fingertips 


During warmer days we all want to indulge in some aromas that can transform us straight to the winter wonderland with each puff, and Yovo Ultra 18000 Puffs is one of them. It is the proud owner of one of our all-time favorite mint-based aromas, Watermelon Ice. With each inhale you will feel an instant refreshment, so you can use this flavor all day long, and satisfy your cravings whenever they emerge. 

So, there you have it, some premium menthol aromas patiently waiting for you to add them to your cart. So, visit ApVapeShop as soon as possible, find the one that appeals to you the most, and get ready to get excited about every next puff. We are sure you will love using any of these devices, so why wait? Make your order today!

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