Step Into the World of Premium Vape Production With Pod King & Kado Bar PK5000 and Modus & Kado Bar KB10000 By Your Side

Step Into the World of Premium Vape Production With Pod King & Kado Bar PK5000 and Modus & Kado Bar KB10000 By Your Side

Welcome to the world of luscious puffs, innovative features, and incredible vape production. A long time ago we set on a mission to discover top-notch devices that can treat us to an unforgettable vape experience, and ever since we have been doing our best to locate some premium gadgets and present them to all of you!

Today, the spotlight falls on two formidable contenders – the Pod King & Kado Bar PK5000 and the Modus & Kado Bar KB1000. For aficionados seeking an unparalleled vaping experience, these disposables promise a journey into the realms of flavor diversity, stunning design, and cutting-edge technology. 

As we embark on this comprehensive exploration, we'll navigate through their distinctive features, delve into tantalizing flavor offerings, assess their power prowess, appreciate their chic appearances, and unravel the secrets of their coil technology and nicotine strength. 

So, now there is one question that lurks through the air – which of these disposable vapes will be your trusted companion? We will help you make the best decision, so let the discovery begin!

Endless Amount of Puffs and Flavor Extravaganza 

Our first contender, the Pod King & Kado Bar PK5000 emerges with a robust offer of approximately 5000 puffs, ensuring a prolonged and satisfying vaping indulgence, which is something we are all looking forward to.


Flavor enthusiasts will find delight in Pod King's array of 17 mouth-watering flavors, promising an odyssey for taste buds seeking luxury. An exceptional flavor experience awaits you when ordering Pod King's incredible Straw Bon-Bon. It is one of the most unique aromas on the market, and not until you try it out for yourself, will you be able to understand what makes it so special.

On the contrasting frontier, the Modus & Kado Bar KB10000 introduces a compact 10000 puff capacity. Vapers who decide to order this device will encounter a tantalizing selection of 12 flavors waiting for them, with a focus on decadent menthol and fruity options to appease the needs of even the pickiest vapers. Get ready to indulge in the sumptuous delight of one of our favorite aromas, Watermelon Bubble Gum. It's a vaping escapade reminiscent of fairgrounds and delectable carnival treats you will for sure adore!

Battery Dynamics and Charging Innovations that Improve the Way You Vape 

Both the Pod King & Kado Bar PK5000 and Modus & Kado Bar KB10000 houses a resilient 650mAh rechargeable battery, ensuring sustained power for uninterrupted vaping pleasure. So, as soon as their battery starts running out, you can use Type-C charging cables and continue your vaping adventure hassle-free. This ensures that every drop of e-juice is used and enjoyed, providing vapers with an efficient and eco-conscious vaping solution at all times. Not a single puff will go to waste, which is very important. 


Yet, it is worth mentioning that the Modus X Kado Bar steals the spotlight with its intuitive smart power screen display, battery indicator, and e-liquid indicator, offering users valuable insights into their device's status. This feature is extremely useful, and it helps you always keep up with the way you vape. So, make sure to keep this difference in mind when making your order, since it can determine which device suits your lifestyle better.

Aesthetic Appeals and Portability Perfection Tailored to All Your Needs 

In the design arena, Pod King & Kado Bar PK5000 adopts a sleek hand-held palm design, exuding lightweight comfort and portability. This device comes in some extra bright colors, which will make each of your vaping sessions additionally fun. 

On the flip side, Modus & Kado Bar KB10000 opts for a compact box hand-held design, featuring a rounded mouthpiece that suits your lips impeccably. Its pocket-friendly size ensures that enjoying flavorful puffs is effortlessly integrated into your daily life. 

Remarkably, both devices demand zero maintenance, making them not only user-friendly for veterans but also an ideal initiation for newcomers to the vaping scene. Unbox, puff, and initiate an unrivaled vaping journey that will be hard to surpass. So, in case you are new to vaping, make sure to give these devices a try. 

Coil Mastery and Nicotine Zenith You Will Appreciate a Lot 

Both Pod King & Kado Bar PK5000 and Modus & Kado Bar KB10000 deploy advanced mesh coils, promising a seamless vaping production that embraces supreme flavor delivery, extended lifespan, and an absence of spitting or dry hits. The symphony of flavors is unwavering, ensuring a consistent and delectable journey from the first puff to the last. And honestly, what more could we want?

When it comes to nicotine strength, both devices proudly present 50mg/5% salt nicotine, ushering vapers into a world of smooth and satisfying nicotine delivery. After trying out any of these two devices, you will understand a bit better why so many vapers are opting only for disposables that store salt nicotine.

Leak-Free Assurance and Mess-Free Marvels for Seamless Enjoyment 

The incorporation of anti-leak technology in both devices assures vapers of a pristine, mess-free experience. You can finally forget about concerns of leaks or spills, as these disposables empower you to savor the flavorful clouds without any untoward incidents. 

They are the perfect companions for those who value convenience without compromising on quality. So, feel free to put these devices in your pocket or a purse, and continue with your day, knowing that some delicious hits are at your fingertips. 

As you can see, In the grand tapestry of disposable vapes, the choice between Pod King & Kado Bar PK5000 and Modus & Kado Bar KB10000 transcends mere preference – it's a personalized journey into the heart of vaping excellence. Accessible at ApVapeShop, these disposables have earned acclaim, a testament to the satisfaction experienced by vapers who have embraced their allure.

We are 100% sure you will thoroughly enjoy having any of these disposables as part of your collection, so make your order as soon as possible. Why be satisfied with some other mediocre devices, when you can have the very best vaping experience with Kado Bar by your side?

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