STIG Vape - Review and Guide

STIG Vape - Review and Guide

The STIG created a compact, disposable vape device, this takes vaping salt-based nicotine to a higher level. We believe that this minimalistic solution will meet your expectations since it is extremely easy to use and suitable for all those who tend to implement healthier habits.

No matter if you are looking for the best way to quit regular cigarettes, or you enjoy vaping and want to try out another device, STIG is something you shouldn’t miss. If you have trouble deciding whether you want to purchase this vaping device, we hope that this review and guide will help you learn more about it, so let’s move on to some of its main characteristics. 

Why Choose STIG Vape?

The first thing that concerns most users is whether the vaping device is easy or complicated to use, and as you could read above, STIG is very easy to use. It gets activated when the user draws from it, there aren’t any settings to be made or buttons you need to press. Your STIG vape device will be ready to use as soon as you unpack it.

Since it arrives filled with 1.2 mL of salt nicotine blended e-liquid formula, and a pre-charged battery, you don’t have to worry about anything. It doesn’t require any maintenance at all, since you can throw it away as soon as your STIG vape is depleted out of its liquid. Since it is very small and light it looks similar to a USB, and you can even hold a STIG Vape like a regular cigarette. The LED light it includes will become activated whenever the device is in use. 

Despite its battery being small and low wattage, the company says that it will endure for a significant amount of time. It offers around 270 puffs per pod, and the nicotine per volume it transfers is 6% which is equivalent to the entire pack of cigarettes, and each STIG includes 3 disposable devices. Since STIG Vape is quite strong it is an excellent choice for everyone who is making a transition from smoking tobacco cigarettes. 

The Flavors

One of the things that make STIG Vape stand up from the crowd is the quality and variety of its e-juices. From sweet and fruity to creamy ones, you will be able to choose between:

  • Cubano tastes like cream, but don't let that trick you since it is very hard and will hit you like a real Cohiba. It is a combination of vanilla custard and tobacco.

  • Tropical Mango is sweet, but not too much. It tastes like mango combined with pineapple. Since you cannot choose the nicotine content, and every STIG pod has the same strong throat hit, this flavor is an excellent way to make it milder.

  • Lush Ice is another sweet and juicy flavor, and it is great for everyone who likes watermelons since the taste of this fruit overtones, but it will surprise you with a minty finish.

  • Mighty Mint as its name says - this flavor tastes like menthol, and if this is something you like it won’t let you down. 

  • Mango Bomb you might think that this flavor is the same as Tropical Mango, but it is not. If this is your choice, you can expect the taste of sweet mango combined with citrus notes as well as menthol.

What Does VGOD STIG Kit Include?

As we mentioned before, each pack includes three STIG devices, so it equals three packs of cigarettes. Every pod is filled with SaltNic e-liquid that is highly concentrated, and there is only one option - 60mg (6%). 

Although you can choose between different flavors you cannot mix it in one pack, so the pack you purchase will include three pods of the same taste. It is small and easy to pack in a pocket, purse, backpack, or any other place. 

It is fully disposable, so you can simply throw it once it gets out of e-liquid and battery, but we recommend you follow the instructions for recycling the batteries and toss your STIG Vape in an appropriate trash receptacle. 


The STIG Vape is everything you need from a disposable pod device. It is very convenient, simple to use, and has great vapor quality. Keep in mind that the nicotine content is higher than most pre-filled pods. No two flavors are the same, and no matter which one you choose, you will enjoy the vapor of above-average quality. 

Your one-stop-shop for STIG Vape and other devices of this type is AP Vape Shop, where you can simply create your order online. We will give our best to ship your package the same day, and in case you have any questions, you can get in touch with our dedicated staff at any time. Dove into the new vaping experience with STIG Vape.
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